Wigan Player Performances: Results

Scott Parker 8.13
James Tomkins 7.59
Matthew Upson 7.33
Carlton Cole 7.25
Robert Green 7.20
Jack Collison 7.06
Herita Ilunga 7.05
David Di Michele 6.88
Radoslav Kovac 6.88
Mark Noble 6.84
Savio 6.71
Lucas Neill 6.55


56 Responses to Wigan Player Performances: Results

  1. Shropshire Hammer says:

    The marks reflect how I saw the game. A really good battling performance, I was even impressed with Di Michele’s work rate last night. However, the game was ruined by ‘Hapless’ what a joke of a referee! 8 bookings in a game that, apart from Cattermoles reckless challenge, was never a dirty game. Could we really challenge for Europe??? Perhaps I am getting carried away, especially as we have probably lost Jack C for a while and CC for a few games. Nevermind, relegation fears are just about banished. Finally, a well done to all our supporters last night, great support for a mid table, Wednesday night game at a 1/2 empty JJB.

  2. Willardguy says:

    I just can’t believe how well we are doing in such a short space of time. It seems quite surreal. Gianfranco and Steve Clarke are miracle workers. I couldn’t watch the game last night so don’t have a great idea about how we played, however the results don’t lie!! Next up WBA!!! Surely not a bananna skin (there I go reverting to old west ham)?

  3. Roymondo says:

    Well, it’s all opinions I guess, but I think that Jack has become a favourite – and rightly so – but I didn’t feel he had a particularly good game last night. I certainly feel think that Mark Noble was more influential than he was but, there again, there seems to be a few with a downer on Noble at the moment.
    I can’t wait for us to play really well and see how the marks come out. Maybe some 12 out of 10s!
    As well as we scrapped last night I would think that, possession-wise, Wigan must have been a fair way ahead of us. Although they didn’t create too many clear chances they spent a large amount of the game in our half – particularly in the second period – which would indicate two things:
    1. The midfield and front men did not have the possession we would have liked
    2. The back four played really well to keep them at bay.
    As far as expected premiership playing standards are concerned, most of the team had a reasonable game (6) with Scotty and the two centre backs – and maybe Rob Green – probably being above average (7 or 8).

  4. Rob says:

    very good win, parker is in the form of his life and the passion he showed today was a joy to watch.

    i think we all agree the ref ruined the game, but coles goal was sensational, the build up was unbelievable footie, if man u did that it would be regarded goal of the century!

    shame about colly, cant believe it!

  5. danny says:

    a big well done to james tomkins who had a great game along with upson and parker.i hope young jacks injury is not as bad as it looked.apart from coles sending off which was a terrible decision,the ref got a few right.lucas neill was lucky to stay on.is it just me or is michael brown a really disgusting nasty little …. i have always hated him,he never has a fifty fifty challenge,always sneaky kicks usually from behind,he was a scumbag at fulham,spurs and now at wigan.he is on my hit list beware you little p…..anyway we will miss cole cos we have no real cover for him.di micale had a good game.he has a great touch,ie coles goal although a little lightweight but i think he is improving.and lastly a big thank u to zola and clarke for finally bringing football back to upton park.remember just how boring it was under curbishley.happy days.

  6. Colm says:

    I really appreciate the fantastic work zola and clarke have done for our hammers and if I lived in london Id be at every match singing their praises, nothing scares me more than the thought of either of them leaving.

    And wow carlton coles goal was something elce, nobody can call him rubbish after that one!!!

    Sickened about collison but delighted for tomka, hope he stays in the team for the rest of the season, both lads are such exciting prospects!!! Im dying to see what payne and stanislas have to offer. Stanislas looked very solid against chelsea in that FA cup round.

  7. James says:

    I thought Kovac was instrumental in the midfield, Don’t know who it was in here who predicted that he would shine for us, who ever it was he is spot on, hope we sign him!

    Bruce’s comments after the match were fair and I agree that Lucas Niell’s tackle which was due for a red along with Cattermole’s.

    Fantastic three points as we cement 7th position, we have to beat the Brom and take up the opportunity to give those Toffee’s a scare!!


  8. Another away win! We are really starting to play quality football. Long gone a the numerous long high punts down the guts. We are now pushing the ball around with confidence and finding openings. The goal scored today was testement to the way we are playing.
    It seems that Zola and Clarke have given the players new confidence to play an effective passing game that is getting results.

    The future certainly looks bright with Zola and Clarke at the helm. The players want to win and they are now playing with pride.

    Mighty Hammers forever!!!!

  9. Shropshire Hammer says:

    It was also nice to see Zola acknowledging the support at the end of the game. Nice touch, lets hope he is becoming a Hammer at heart. Agree re the Tomkins comments, he was excellent last night. Also Kovac was a totally different player to that we saw at ‘boro. Bring on the Baggies!

  10. eleeNYC says:

    It mean so much when the locker room is in order. Zola genuinely seems to love his players and enjoys being the big brother so to speak. In turn the players are just as fond of him. It’s a fantastic thing to see.

    Colly injury seems not to be as serious


  11. Dutch Hammer says:

    I think a lot of what we see at the back is designed bij Steve Clarke! I think he is a major asset to the team and brings lot’s of experience to the club. I really hope we are able to keep Zola and Clarke at the club next year, the more we win, the more I doubt it to be honest!

    Already worried about the line up and subs against WBA. You guys have any idea?

  12. Dutch Hammer says:

    I think a lot of what we see at the back is designed by Steve Clarke! I think he is a major asset to the team and brings lot’s of experience to the club. I really hope we are able to keep Zola and Clarke at the club next year, the more we win, the more I doubt it to be honest!

    Already worried about the line up and subs against WBA. You guys have any idea?

  13. Quinny says:

    Parker for captain.

  14. chris says:

    39 points,sorry everyone we still need 42!
    lost half our team now, we need a result against WBA or Sunderland,the remainder are hard games!

  15. Hockley Hammer says:

    Don’t worry gang, we still have enough to take care of W.B.A. Green, Neill, Tompkins, Upson, Ilunga, Noble, Kovac, Parker, Savio, DiMichele, Sears Subs:Lastuvka, Lopez, Spector, Tristan, Spence, Stanislas, Hines. Also Collins and L.B.M Should be getting close to fitness.

  16. Jackster101 says:

    collisons injury is not a serious one, and CC at worsdt will only miss one game (2 yellows) but im sure we will appeal and win. parker will miss next game, but we have cover and its against west brom soo, fingers crossed with colly

  17. IronMick says:

    Jackster101, sadly there is no right of appeal in the case of two yellow cards (ridiculous as it seems)! So we will be missing him for 1 or 2 (not positive on that) Which is a worry to say the least. The only saving grace with these injuries is the posibility of seeing some exciting youngsters which always a good reaction with the crowd.
    I believe that we still have enough strengh in depth to deal with WBA. A quick note on Collison – what a revelation he has been this season. As Zola has said he plays like an old pro. He will be missed – hopefully not for too long!

  18. John says:

    Cole, on the Official Site, says he’s banned for two games.
    As the cards were yellows, there’s no appeal is there?
    Initial vibes ar ethat Colly’s injury isn’t as bad as feared, however, even if it’s only 4 weeks then with a couple of weeks to regain fitness it might as well be the rest of the season.

  19. Jackster101 says:

    yep sorry forgot about the yellows, which sucks. yh i thought it was 1 match for yellows though, but the site does say 2. parker im sure is missing which means we will have bare boned midfield, but gives chances to savio, stanislas etc who have talent. collison at least walked out of the ground yesterday.

  20. chris says:

    If we miss cole for WBA and Sunderland i’ll cry!!
    We are so jekell and Hyde its like us to beat Wigan away then screw up against WBA at home.
    Stoke away last but second game,thats real tuff, their gonna be fighting for their lives.
    4 wins down the bottom and you’ve got a good chance of getting out of it.
    Please dont let it read, west Ham relegated injuries cost them dear just couldn’t get that final 3 points.
    Please someone tell me its impossible I cant cope!!!!!!!
    I was so positive until the latest injuries.

  21. Jackster101 says:

    maybe try this for west brom game.

    neil………….tompkins….upson……. ilunga


    stanislas…………noble……………. lopez

    di michele savio

    i know its a risk, but bit of pace on the right wing. and up front with savio (never wastes a pass, and not afraid to shoot). yes lopez is traditionally a left back, but can play on the left side of midfield.

    i hear people moaning about being a weak side atm, just lookn at everton (playing 2 midfielders up front) at least we are not in that position

  22. Jackster101 says:

    can’t believe people are talking about relegation – under clarke it won’t happen. Bloody hell we should be looking forward not back!!!!

  23. Jackster101 says:

    and yes chris its impossible for us to get relegated (ok not impossible). i will personally pay the club 30 mil we lose if we go down, we have a capable team still

  24. IronMick says:

    I’m with you Jackster, Chris – nobody likes to see a man cry;-) I’m keeping the faith – far from relegation I can see us with a real chance of Europe.

  25. Eddie Chappers says:

    A good team performance, surprised to see DiMichele and Noble both under 7 though they seem to be the two players singled out for criticism these days regardless of their performance. I thought Parker played well but shouldn’t have received such a high rating purely due to the fact he almost got himself sent off (twice in fact- first for an appalling tackle, second for petulence)!

    Cole is out for two games (as opposed to three for a straight red), we should be able to cope with the injuries and not lose too much shape as a result, Sears should now get a chance to impress after his shocking performance against Boro. If we can get a couple back (Dyer especially) for the Blackburn game in two and a half weeks time we should be fine. COYI

  26. chris says:

    Ironmick who said I was a man?

  27. Tuckshop says:

    There’s no appeal on the punishment for two yellows, but, if I understand it correctly, we can ask the ref to look at it again, and he has the power to rescind the second yellow. Unlikely but there you go.

    I add my congratulations to the Hammers at the ground. 14,000 for a midweek game between two team vying for a place in the UEFA cup? How many were Hammers? What a mickey mouse club they are, no supporters and they play anti-football. Not exactly gracing the premiership are they?

  28. IronMick says:

    Chris – my bad if you are not. Your name obviously made me presume. I was only pulling your leg anyway.
    Just thought you may have let your imagination run away with you thinking about relegation. It’s important for us as fans to stay positive for many reasons.
    – It conveys into performances when the crowd are up for it.
    – It gives players and in particular youngsters which will no doubt be called upon, the confidence to go out and play football.

  29. Rob says:

    jackster101, that is probably the team i would like to see as well, the pace of savio will give DDM someone to aime for the we have 2 unknown wingers, so wba wont know what to expect.

    how can you possibly be talking bout relegation chris!? did you not see our goal, that shows the confidence we have right now, i cant believe you dont think we are safe! and with cole, one player doesnt make the team, we press forward as a unit and defend as a unit, not as individuals.
    i am looking at the top 6 with optimism if we carry on getting results.

    (jackster101, il pay the club another 30mil if we go down! =D)

  30. E1 says:

    Stanislas prefers the left and likes to come inside he played ther for southend and scored 3 goal in 9 games. I think DDM upfont on his own and bring noble in with savio floating and playing behind and wide or play lopez instead of stanislas. spector can do a good job in the middle as well as payne who is similer to collison but he is only 18.plenty of options in mid field it is up front that we are very light and not much of a thret. This is what happens when a squad has to carry sicknotes Dyer Ashton gabbidon and why zola is working toward and wanting 23 quality reliable outfield players.

  31. Rob says:

    Team for next few games without cole (and assuming colly is now out and i hear parker is out to but not sure why?!)


    Neil Tokins Upson Illunga

    Stanislas Kovac Noble Lopez (needs a chance!)

    Savio DDM

    Straight 4-4-2, but a diamond midfield like we have been playing most of the time

  32. DevoDevo says:

    There are definitely some people that are anti certain players on here. No way were Di Michele (and I’ve been his biggest critic) and Noble worth less than 7.

    James – I said that Kovac would be a big player for us in the pre-match thread. Works very well alongside Parker and gives us more height when defending corners. This was particularly evident after Cole had been sent off.

    I can’t watch the goal enough. If Manyoo had scored it, Lawro and the gang would have had 10 minutes analysing it!

    I’m glad to see that Colly’s injury is not as bad as it appeared initially and we will miss Cole during his suspension.

    Maybe play Zola up front with Di Michele!

  33. the headmaster says:

    Pleased to see that my initial 7s all round was not so far off the mark!

  34. phil says:

    Completely off topic, Tony Carr’s the guest on tonight’s Talksport at the moment.

  35. D. McCailey says:

    I hope I’m not being too overconfident but given WBA’s seeming inability to score, and the solidness of our defence, I can’t see use conceding at home. You never can tell tho!

    As for the midfield and attack, if Parker, Collison and Behrami are all out then we are certainly short in that area. Noble and Kovac will obviously be in the centre no doubt, and on the wings I think it’d be down to two from Lopez, Spector and Savio. I don’t think Zola seems ready to give Stanislas a go from the start yet – although he will be on the bench I would think. Up front – DDM with Cole, unless Cole’s suspension begins then in which case Sears or Savio as I believe Tristan is injured – I would start him if fit as we need a big guy up front I would say, despite him being utter rubbish so far! Hope Dixon won’t be too long getting to fitness!

    I wonder if Faubert will be recalled? It would make sense if we could given Colly and Behrami out for a while.

  36. Jackster101 says:

    rob i just hope West ham don’t go down now, otherwise me and you will be very very skint. i’m, always the optimist when it comes to West Ham, put 20 pound on after the 4-3 defeat against spurs, when all was saying we was doomed, and won 800 pound. made the survival part feel even sweeter. 😀

  37. Jackster101 says:

    agree DevoDevo if it was manure that scored it would be talked about all programme. i remember rooneys goal of the season a couple of seasons agowas a great passing goal, but no where near as good as our goal yesterday. If that goal does not win goal of the season yet alone month then it will be proven that we are a hated team!!

  38. phil says:

    I’m not sure I would recall Faubert under any cicumstances. Let him sit on the sidelines at Madrid and contemplate his situation. Maybe then he would return with some humility and the incentive to earn his place.
    I’m actually quite optimistic about the alternatives. Savio looked good on the right with Lopez on the left. Striking options are more of a concern I think while Cole’s suspended. Maybe Zola can give DDM some finishing lessons like he did with Cole. Very frustrating watching him do some wizardry around the edge of the box only to mistake the corner flag for the goal posts.

  39. E1 says:

    Rob : was’nt that long ago you told me I was mad to think of 50 points and a posible 6th place ? LOL

  40. jon.london colney says:

    errr lennon ov the spudlies lennon reckons totscum are going to get 7th now they won one game!!!! deluded muppets are at it again !!!!

  41. Jackster101 says:

    lennons a laugh aint he! something just come to mind completely off topic about what Alan Curbishley said last year, in a post match interview, about “when we get behind a team we lift them, but when doing badly they let you know” something along them lines. so why are we not using our logic.

    just a thought, but if at half time we are drawing 0-0 or losing instead of booing the players off at half time (which never seems to help) we could just clap, spur them on, get the players geared up for the 2nd half. instead we just make our players feel like a pile of s**t, which don’t help, and we end up watching a load of bull.

    Teams like Portsmouth have the best fans, maybe we should nick that title. We are supporters. the word support means as fans our job is to support them, not hassle them.

  42. Hammer Ray says:

    I loved watching the 2 pundits that appear to dislike us more than anyone else on MOTD having to admit through gritted teeth what a superb goal that was. Of course, they had to get in our nasty tackles first, (which certainly for Lucas was pretty awful), but they still HAD to show it because it was pure class. DDM is either brilliant or awful, but you can see why GZ can appreciate his skills at times…. probably reminds him of someone even better?? Top result, My MOM just too predictable…. Parker… Make him Skip FFS. Kovac as Devo said an asset also and Savio will be great by the looks of it. Many positives despite the injuries and suspensions. Please stop going on about going down! We’re not SPURS! COYI

  43. Roymondo says:

    With 10 days before the next match isn’t there a possibility of LBM being fit again? If he is I’m sure he will play some part with all the players we will be missing. It could be just the chance for him to have a blinder!
    Kovac will be a key player in Parker’s absence and his improving performances over the last three games have been encouraging. As a current Czech international he was always going to be useful and I felt the criticism he got after the Boro cup defeat was a little unjust. It always takes anybody a while to fit in at a new job but he seems to have found out where the coffee machine is and what time the sandwich van arrives so he’s OK now.
    Against WBA I’d play Savio up front with DDM to give us some pace, with a midfield of Spector, Noble, Kovac and Lopez/LBM. It would also seem to be a good opportunity to give one or more of the youngsters a run if the game is going well.

  44. Eddie Chappers says:

    According to the Independent the two recent injuries look a lot less serious than expected- Collison to miss just the WBA game with a strain and Behrami could be out for just a month, lets hope that they are right. Be nice to get Dyer back too, if anyone can keep him fit now its our new medical team!

  45. E1 says:

    I think we need a big fella up front with ddm,savio better wide. Tristan IF avaliable is at the moment our only option (sorry to say) unless LBM is fit enough. Colli could be back for the sunderland game and berhami might make the spurs game.Cole will be back for sunderland as well. So it’s no big panic YET, weve got the players to cope with WBA and Blackburn. Hopefully back to strengh for the last 5 or 6 games. I would like to see everton drop a few more points before we play em, I really think we have a good chance of JUST nicking 6th place.
    COYI !!!!!!!!!!

  46. hammeredCalv says:

    The ever so reliable sky sports are reporting us to be interested in signing Danijel Pranjic ! For once i hope they are right !

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    I see that our friends at the Dail Mail are getting on their ‘holier than thou’ soap box about the dodgy tackles in the Wigan game. It really is a case of using ‘any means’ necessary’ to have a go at the Hammers! Still it conveniently allows them to avoid focusing on the fanastic goal that we scored!

    The build up play and execution of West Ham’s goal against Wigan was truly sublime. It was just like watching Brazil? lol. Only, I do not even recall them executing a move like that!

    It is right up there with Di Canio’s wonder goal against Wimbledon. Does that mean that West Ham have now scored the best two goals in PL history, probably! However, what’s the betting that it is not included in BBC’s goal of the month competition for March. It will more than likely be edged out by two Man Utd tap ins! lol.

    People are belatedly starting to wake up to the fact that something special is happening at West Ham. The fans seem to be coming round to the idea of european qualification this season, which is a strong possibility. The only cloud on the horizon is the ownership issue, which will hopefully be resolved by June.

  48. SJ Chandos says:

    I am not worried at all about the aggression shown at Wigan, I welcome it. It shows that we are not going to pushed around by anyone and we will be physical if necessary, before bringing our skill to bare.

    I feel that Wesnesday’s battling performance, and the reaction of Parker to Cole’s sending off, is an indication of the strong team spirit that we now have. Paul Reaney, the old Leeds Utd full-back, talking about their team spirit on Sky, used West Ham in the late 1960s and 1970s as an example of a side who had great players, but who did not stand up for each other as a team. And it’s true, how many times in the past have Hammers teams been strong armed out of matches. This Hammers squad is a different proposition all together!

    I was talking to a Polish taxi driver last night about our summer target Paul Brozek. Apparently he is not that tall (a bit Cottee like), but he is fast, skill and is a goal poacher. He sounds like a good option at c.£5m and he wants to come to us! Apparently, he has a twin brother, ,Peter who plays in the same Polish club side. Make sure you sign the right one Nani!

  49. Roymondo says:

    I agree SJ, a bit of aggression is what we have often lacked in the past, particularly away from home, oop north, on a cold night.
    In the past, Cole’s sending off would have meant a surefire defeat but the spirit in this team seems 100%. In a strange way the transfer of Bellamy seems to have helped this as, when the chips were down, he was only there for himself. A very good player but a tad selfish methinks.
    This lot seem to be playing for each other, the management and the fans. That’s the way it has to be.

  50. Rob says:

    E1, you were talking about the top 4 when i told you that you were mad! Nice try though 😉

    will be interesting to see what zola does against west brom, who will play up front. they are a dreadful team away from home (lost 11 from 14) so i would try one or two younger players, but keep the defence as solid as possible.

  51. E1 says:

    Rob; Sorry but I said we would only loose four from our remaining games at the time and get 50 points min and challenge for 6th never this season top 4 did say over the next 2 or 3 we could. LOL
    Anyway ain’t it good that we can talk about west ham being anywere in the top 7 ! Happy day’s
    Cheers Rob.

  52. Rob says:

    E1, keep making me smile mate!

  53. DevoDevo says:

    E1 – Tristan is NOT an option! 🙂

    Agree wholeheartedly again with Roymondo. Kovac was obviously at fault for the goals at Boro but improved as the game went on. Remember he had had one pre-season training session before joining us!

    SJ – I thought the same. After Cole’s sending off I doubted whether we would have the mental strength to hold Wigan for nearly an hour. We did so comfortably and professionally.

    I was gutted to go out to Boro as I really fancied us this season for the cup but that and the Spurs performance are the only blips of what has been an outstsanding run of games.

    PS: Brozek is strong, fast, good feet and can head the ball! He reminds me of Rooney and would be a good buy IMO. The fact that players like Pranjic and him are being linked to us is testament to the club’s progress and I include Nani and Duxbury in that.

  54. Falvo says:

    I hope we all realize how instrumental and plain exceptional Parker is. MoM for the past three games at least. Thats according to this site so yknow.

  55. Daveip1966 says:

    Chandos, I think you’re forgetting another wondergoal – Derby at home on Boxing Day a few years ago. Di Canio chipped a corner to Joe Cole on the near corner of the box, who caught it on his knee, then volleyed it over to Sinclair at the far post who who was about five feet off the ground when he scissored it into the top corner. From the Bobby Lower, where I was, it took us a second or two to catch our breath before we could cheer, it was that stunning.

    BTW, if any can find a youtube of it….

  56. Dujon says:

    that is the one you’ve described. I deffinately was not a hammers fan when it happened, but after watching for a i know its the one you’te talking about. it’s that classic.

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