A Date for Your Diary

10.00pm, Monday, March 9, Sky Sports 1
Guests: Frank McAvennie, Phil Parkes and Tony Gale West Ham were title contenders during the 1985-86 season, eventually finishing third, four points behind Champions Liverpool with Frank McAvennie scoring 26 goals.


57 Responses to A Date for Your Diary

  1. Goatygav says:

    Will definitely Sky+ that one. Cheers for letting me know Iain.

  2. Goatygav says:

    & cheers to Delmo for raising it on the last blog.

  3. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    yeah same here, ta iain.

  4. Eddie Chappers says:

    Thanks for the heads up Iain

  5. Tevezgate says:

    What a great season that was… the highlight for me was being at Stamford Bridge to witness the systematic dismantling of Chelsea by four goals to nil 😀


  6. Delmo says:

    No worries Goatygav, the Hammers ladies u-21’s were outside my better half’s work this morning and one of the girls told me this was on Monday and was worth a watch.

  7. Sactown Hammer says:

    too bad we dont get it over here in the states

  8. Simon says:

    Can anyone capture and post for those unwilling/unable to pass their hard earned to Mr Murdoch?

  9. D. McCailey says:

    Do Sky have an Iplayer type service? I too don’t like giving Rupert Murdoch money….

  10. aussie graham says:

    Losing at home to chelski on the monday night 2-1 cost us the title 48 hours earlier we smashed them at the bridge 4-0 what a turnaround.little mark ward was the dynamo.

  11. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Any chance of seeing this on-line…we are starved of this kind of quality, non Big 4 stuff on tv in Australia, you would think there are only 4 teams in the EPL. And another thing…..parochial Aussies still think Neil is a superstar…..if only they knew the truth!

  12. E1 says:

    It’s great to look back and draw on memories, and I will be watching but at the moment I am really looking forward to the rest of the season and beyond,it has been a long time since the future has looked this good and I just can’t get enough of it.
    Some really good stuff going on the last thread
    different outlooks and opinion very interesting.
    It’s still going
    Thanks ALL.
    Thanks also to all for the good wishes regarding my grand daughter she and mum are doing fine and her name is Emma. Emma the ammer Happy day’s all around.

  13. aussie graham says:

    I went to every game home and away that season and if my memory serves me the greedy board sold cottee and mcavennie the next season so instead of buying to win the league the boards ambition was greed and not looking to a strong bright future nothings changed much since then hey oh how we supporters have been hurt!

  14. martin keech says:

    What a fantastic time we had.I went to every home game,the atmosphere was incredible and got better as the season went on. The Newcastle game and the Ipswich game will live with me for ever.

  15. DevoDevo says:

    A fantastic time to be a West Ham supporter. The title was effectively taken away from us by the number of games we were forced to play towards the season’s end. If you were too young to remember this era I implore you to buy the Boys of 86 DVD.

    Sadly, despite qualifying for Europe the antics of the Liverpool fans at heysel meant that we remained excluded from European competition.

    Congrats on your Grandchild, E1.

  16. Tevezgate says:

    Hammers & Zvezda Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 9:36 pm
    Any chance of seeing this on-line…we are starved of this kind of quality, non Big 4 stuff on tv in Australia, you would think there are only 4 teams in the EPL.

    If anyone wants a copy of the Monday night show on Sky, or the Boys Of 86 DVD, please email me at tmay@msn.com, I’ll be glad to help 🙂

  17. paul says:

    Am I right in thinking there was a dispute that season with the BBC and as a result very little was seen on TV.

  18. Cor, what a treat! I associate such documentaries with Christmas because every year, my family buy me West Ham DVDS, towels, mugs, shirts etc.

    On a separate note, a caller was on 5 Live the other night talking about how unhealthy it is to have a ‘Big 4’ in the English game, and the more I think about it, the more I agree. Despite their bitter rivalry, the Big 4 are in cahoots and plan to keep it that way forever. If Everton and Aston Villa can unsettle the Big 4, so can we. We must strive for consistency next season and make Upton Park a fortress (which will require our fans NOT abusing our own players!)

  19. chris says:

    85 86 season the one!!
    the season that sticks the most.

  20. Goatygav says:

    Me too. I join the “Begrudgingly handing hard earned cash to the Rupert Murdoch fund.”

    Much of the aforementioned cash ends up in the pockets of Premier League players.

  21. Goatygav says:

    Memories of ’86 – Mark Ward’s scortching grasscutter of a winner at home to Man Utd. He hit it as he cut in from the right wing in an absolutely pulsating game under the floodlights.

    Alvin Martin going on ITV, with about 4 games left to play, talking about our chances of taking the title. His interview was held with the trophy sitting in the background. Kind of symbolized just how close we came to winning it.

  22. DevoDevo says:

    FA cup results now guarantees UEFA football for 7th, unless I’m mistaken?

  23. onechristiandailly says:

    Looking forward to this. I was on the North bank for the Ipswich game and couldn’t see a thing – and it’s still one of the best games I’ve been to.

  24. Goatygav says:

    Am I right in saying Hull would need to win the cup to prevent that happening?

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    Yep, another peice of the EUFA qualification jigsaw falls in to place.

  26. Mile End Paul says:

    Hi guys – Everton still the in FA Cup and I thought it had to be top 4 for us to win it to be OK in 7th place ?

    I have sat away once in my life at Cjelski (old girlfriend who got the tickets) and it had to be THAT day 4-0 ! Did I sit down – did I hell !!!

  27. SJ Chandos says:

    The Chandos award, this week, for the most off the wall tabloid peices go to three ‘notable’ peices of football journalistic endeavour this week.

    Firstly, the News of the World for Rob Shepherd’s ‘Bad Gud News for the Hammers,’article, which is a brillant example of spinning good news in to a bad news story. One would have thought that the decision of the Icelandic court to grant BG a further three months to restructure his Hansa assets could only be seen in a positive light where West Ham are concerned. Yet no, it is spun as a negative and a threat. The real potential threat would have been if the court had put Hansa into administration, so where’s the story?

    The second is the NoW’s Andy Dunn’s take on the Wigan game. Granted it is not as hysterical and ‘holier than thou’ as the Daily Mail coverage, but the peice still takes a moralistic tone about Neill’s poor tackle. In fact, it seems to insinuate that Neill regularly makes poor challenges, digging up the 2003 leg breaker on carragher. Well, I know Neill divides Hammers fans on here and you might be able to criticise him, on occasions, for some clumsy challenges in and around the box, but nasty tackles? I do not recall him, to my recollection, making a vicious tackle, prior to this, since he joined the club?

    Finally, all Hammers should read Mr Calvin’s article in the Sunday Mirror, entitled ‘Gold Trafford, Calvin’s 2020 vision of a red future.’ Now, Mr Calvin is no friend us our beloved Hammers, he has written a number of sneering peices about our heroes in recent memory. However, the ‘Uber alles United’ tone of this article is amazing. He lays out a 10 point plan of why Man U will dominate English football for the next ten years that includes the academy, legacy, the United way, broad vision, strength in depth, etc. I know that the press are largely ‘Big 4’ cheer leaders, but this is stuff that would even make most of them blush! Oh well, that’s it then, the rest of us might as well not bother for the next decade! lol.

  28. Mile End Paul says:

    SJ, you were missed recently after a little altrecation ( no spell check !) with an idiot but your post above is fantastic – I live in France and do not get the Sunday paper “views” – by the way I use “Sunday paper” in the widest sense – akin to Delsey and the little puppy !

  29. Mile End Paul says:

    Gold Trafford – is this not the West Ham module ????

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    Thank you Paul. If you really want to check out the UK papers you can get them via the BBC football website. They have online links there to all the major UK papers.

    As a postscript to Mr Dunne’s article in the NoW, he lavishes praise on Wenger for ‘speaking out so passionately about the violence we saw last week.’ Funny how he only sees and speaks out about these things when a Arsenal player is not involved. If it is a gooner player involved he never sees it! Funny that.

  31. SJ Chandos says:

    I checked out a bit of alleged West Ham Utd (Thames Ironworks) history today. There is an ornate gate in Grange Road, Canning Town (just before you get to the entrance to the memorial gounds and next to the Grange fish bar)that is painted claret & blue and has a couple of St George crosses flying from it.

    Legend has it that it is a relic from the Thames Ironworks stadium, at the Memorial Grounds, where they played at pre-1905. Apparently it is the only surviving bit of Hills constructed Stadium left. At least that is what I have been told. If you are interested go and have a look, it is a really ornate and intersting peice of gate, that was presumably fashioned at the Ironworks itself.

    As a post-script to that, does anyone remember the shell of one of the stands in the memorial grounds in the early 1980s? In that period I used to cut through the Grounds to get to West Ham Station and I well remember the ruin being there (it was cleared away at some subsequent point thereafter).

  32. E1 says:

    10 games left to go 4 wins 3 draws 3 losses = 15 pts
    Villa,chelsea and liverpool loose
    Spuds,Stoke and Everton Draw
    Wba,Blackburn,Sunderland and Boro Wins
    54 POINTS !!

  33. Basildon Bob says:

    85/86 season was my real first taste of the mighthy Hammers. It will be great to watch.

    PS: Anyone got a tip for the 1st day at Cheltenham? I’ll be there tomorrow

  34. DevoDevo says:

    If that is the original gate, SJ, then it should preserved and have a “listed” label attached to it, before the bulldozers are allowed in to build another soulless housing estate.

    Further to this, did you know that West Ham wore orange in 1902-3?


    Some of the older ones on here might want to order the replica shirt to bring back the memories! 😉

  35. Roshi says:

    Chandos is back, true to form, with a flurry of four posts in almost as many minutes.
    Thank heavens for that, it wasn’t the same without him!

  36. JackHammer says:

    Good man SJ always good posts, I look out for them!

  37. Roymondo says:

    Basildon Bob – I live in Cheltenham and you can imagine how many “expert” tipsters we’ve got roaming the street and pubs this week.
    I have an old friend who occasionally gives me tips and he’s come off more than he hasn’t over the years. He is a serious punter.
    He emailed me yesterday with the following:

    Tues 1.30 (Supreme Novices Hurdle) – Cousin Vinny. Short odds but he reckons it’s his nap for the meeting.

    Others he has mentioned are:
    Wed 3.20 (Champion Chase) – Master Minded
    Last race (Bumper) – Rite of Passage

    Thurs 3.20 (World Hurdle) – Kasbah Bliss

    Fri 1.30 (Triumph Hurdle) – Master of Arts
    3.20 (Gold Cup) – Neptune Collonges

    There are a lot of short odds favourites this year and he reckons most of them justify their favouritism so picking out the longer odds each way bets could be the key to a successful week.

    If anyone follows these tips, I am not to blame if they fall over.

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Thanks, I do not mean to make multiple posts. I come on to make a comment, things occur to me and before I know it I have written the blog equivalent of War and Peace!

    Yes Devo, legend has it that it is the original. I do not know who owns it, but if it is genuine then it does need to be preserved, as you suggest. Speaking of which, what’s happened to the club museum? I read a article some time back, where someone said that BG’s consortium chucked out the model of the Warrior and closed the club museum, I do not know if it is true?

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    If you have seen the papers today you will see that the press are wetting themselves over Eduardo’s strike against Burnley. It looked a bit flukey to me, but credit where is it due I suppose. If meant, it was a very good goal, but definitely not the goal of the season!

    However, do you notice the difference in the nature of the media response as opposed to our far superior goal against Wigan. I might be paranoid, but there is a lot of evidence that the press do not like us one little bit. This is just the latest example.

  40. Basildon Bob says:

    Thanks Roymondo, will have a go on Cousin Vinny. I’m only there for the first day, but had to get a Hotel out by Glouscester Station as you well know it’s pretty busy in Cheltenham itself. I’m prepared for a pretty large cab bill tomorrow!

  41. Roymondo says:

    Bob – Cab should be about £15 in the morning I would think but will probably be more than that in the evening. It’s the cabbies big earning week here.

  42. E1 says:

    Basildon Bob: Don’t be betting to much You have a wife and baby to support LOL But have a good time anyway.
    Check this one out Emma in reverse with an additional R = AMMER Result !!!!!

  43. DevoDevo says:

    Fantastic viewing last night, I could have listened to the boys for hours.

    It was obvious that they still have a great deal of affection for each other and as my username suggests, I wholeheartedly agree with Tony Gale’s opinion of Alan Devonshire who, to this day, remains the most exciting and consistent player I have ever seen in a West Ham shirt.

    It’s a shame that these programmes don’t show any snippets of action as I’m sure some younger viewers would welcome seeing why players like the aforementioned, McAvennie, Parkes, Ward etc. are held in such high esteem.

  44. Paul M says:

    Devo, just watched it on sky+ and agree, wow they really did have some good times eh. We all knew John Lyall was ahead of his time but it hits home when you here people talking about him in such HIGH esteem.

    That’s why we all love West Ham

  45. Roymondo says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the programme and agree with DevoDevo that it was a shame they didn’t show any footage of some of that season’s games. Although there was a block on live matches that year there is still enough film about.

  46. jon.london colney says:

    what a magic watch,sounds like the secret off success is get pissed b4 the game? and then go out on a bender for the rest off the weekend and dont bother training much!!! i was at the newcastle 8-1 game and at chelski 4-0 thrashing,went to wba and the everton game 2 think i got to 38 games that season! loved the story of the icf member coming in to the dressing room to give them a bollocking!! coyi,and why do they only play together for th corporates at the end ov the season? surley they could do a 20 minutes after the last game of the season maybe?ian perhaps start a campaign?

  47. DevoDevo says:

    Paul – I’m currently reading the book of West Ham managers and read the Lyall chapter first, as this was the era I followed the team all over. Incredible how he dealt with players like a 17 year old Paul Ince fighting in a bar. He was truly revered at the club and IMO was let down badly by the board after we finished 3rd. It was after Lyall’s sacking, the Macari era and then the infamous Bond scheme when my interest in following the club waned.

    Apart from a short renaissance when the Golden youngsters were coming through and the arrival of PDC, it is only now under Zola that I am truly excited with the team again.

  48. Kenthammer says:

    I think that’s the fastest hour I’ve ever experienced! The time flew so quickly and the obvious delight the lads took in their reminiscences was there for all to see. Also their great affection and respect for John Lyall, illustrated perfectly by Phil Parkes as he talked of being given a…err..”b*llocking” (sorry Iain but it is a quote!) by JL in his office. No hair dryers a la Fergie, just a controlled criticism and leaving the thought in the player’s head that they were doing wrong. What a man JL was.

    The jibes at Cottee not pulling his defensive weight were funny too. All in all a brilliant programme and it seemed to end too soon. Some clips would have been great but the banter between the boys made up for any of that. Will save this one to DVD from my Sky+!

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, they really should have won it that year and but for the weather and the resulting fixture congestion I think that they would have. I also well remember the dashed expections the following season. One of the most interesting comments was the confirmation that the Board refused to grant Lyall the funds to strengthen the team after performing so well in 1985/86. I think that we only brought in Stewart Robson the following summer and he did not really fit in to the team’s style of play.

    But that old board was always the bane of our ambitions as supporters. They refused to fund a championship challenge in 1965/66, failed to strengthen the ECWC final team in 1976/77, failed to strengthen the 1985/86 team and then failed invest in Redknapp’s team in the late 1990s.

    It is a strange fact that within two years of the ECWC Final in 1976 we were relegated. Even though the next season (1976/77) the Brooking inspired team just avoided relegation with a thrilling 4-2 victory over Man Utd in the last game of the season. Still they did not see the writing on the wall! Similarly, within three years of 1986 we were relegated yet again, as Lyall was forced to sell Goddard, Cottee and McAvennie and replace them with the likes of David Kelly and Leroy Rosenior!!!!

    In short, the board of that era lacked vision, ambition and failed the club. But for them the history of West Ham Utd FC could have been very different in terms of trophies won. Still, no point dwelling in the past I suppose, here’s to a Zola inspired future!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    Another interesting thing from the programme was the lack of reference to Neill Orr. In fact I think he was the only regular that did not get a mention. Yet, he was an unsung heroe that year, playing the holding role in midfield. Week in and week out he just broke up the opposition, won the ball and laid it off for the attacking players like Dev and Wardie.

    All successful teams have those effective, methodical players and Orr was an important part in that team’s cohesion and solidarity.

  51. Keith says:

    I remember the Ipswich game at the end of the season – Terry Butcher doing his dinger about us winning after they’d been in front – I think the whole crowd was on the pitch at the end

  52. E1 says:

    ******************* NEWS FLASH *******************
    Berahmi is out for 6 MONTHS Cruciate Ligament damage
    it is on the official site.
    Bugger !!

  53. jeffreybubbles says:

    in reference to comments about thames iron works.i’ve recently been contacted by a cousin i hav’nt seen since i was 8.anyway said cousin has been studying the family tree,and says our ancestors were labourers at thames iron works.so could be related to original west ham players.(wishful thinking).
    also loved the way tony gale said he thought alan devonshire was world class,as he was my favourite west ham player for years.he would just light up the stadium every time he got the ball.

  54. DevoDevo says:

    SJ – Neil Orr was mentioned right at the start of the programme, though not in detail.

  55. SJ Chandos says:

    Thanks DevoDevo, I must have missed it.

  56. Goatygav says:

    Anyone who missed it – Like Me (DOH!!!!) can catch it again on Thursday at 11.00. Have already Sky+’d it in advance.

  57. Goatygav says:

    Sky Sports 1.

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