Behrami Out for Six Months

The club website has a news item today which says that Valon Behrami will be out for up to six months. This means he is unlikely to be fit for the start of the 2009/10 season. I don’t think any of us should underestimate what a bitter blow this is. Behrami has been a revelation in the last few months and his work alongside Scott Parker has been a major reason for our climb up the table.

Let’s all wish him well and express the hope that he will be back to spur us on to European glory next season!


50 Responses to Behrami Out for Six Months

  1. Wicksy says:

    This has to be a blow to us. i thought Behrami was in the running for player of the season with the performances he has given. I think the states speak for themselves but the guy just has a great engine and never stops trying. Lets push for a european place to help him on his return.

  2. nelly the hammer says:

    Gutted, for him and for us. Has been a revelation for us in last few months and will sorely be missed.
    Definately been my hammer of the season.
    Get well soon Barmy Rahmi

  3. romehammer says:

    Terrible news.For me he’s been our best player this year.His enthusiasm rubs of on the other players during the game.He will have my vote for hammer of the year..

  4. Wembley 1980 says:

    Terrible news BUT !
    Could be a blessing in disquise, I think the big boys would have come in for him in the summer, but they wont now !!!

  5. Big_Casino says:

    Extremely bad but not unexpected news.

    I don’t think any fan can deny he has had a big impact on the team since arriving – and he will be sorely missed for the rest of this season and the start of the next. Lets hope he is only out for 6 months and not longer.

    I see Zavon Hines has been given a year’s extension to his contract. Not seen much of him myself, but one possibly for the bench against WBA with Boa, Tristan and Dyer all seemingly not ready for a return to action yet.

    Savio and Di Michele to start for me. You can say Savio is too light weight to start up front, especially with Di Michele, but we don’t have too many other options. And I also think a lot of people are judging him before he’s even been given a start up front… lets see how he acquits himself when given a start before judging shall we.


  6. DevoDevo says:

    Not good news, but no real surprise. Behrami has proven to be a shrewd purchase and let’s hope he comes back stronger. I think we have just enought to cover for him for the rest of the season but if we lose another, particularly Parker, we’ll struggle.

    What I would like to know is why so many players are getting their studs caught in the ground causing serious injury. Just recently we have had, Behrami, Collison and Arteta to name three. I have an inkling that these pitches are being watered too much. If not, it’s got to be the footwear?

  7. SJ Chandos says:

    That’s bad news. Lets hope he recovers ahead of schedule. With our current medical team there is every expectation that he will.

    Lets also hope that the prognosis on Collison is correct and he is back in two weeks. We really need him. I suppose it could also potentially open up opportunities for Payne and Stanislaus before the end of the season. I also hope that Banjer is brought in to the first team squad for WBA.

  8. Kim says:

    We will miss him loads. Loved him from the pre-season against The Posh when you could see he was like a Jack Russell – annoying, always snapping at the opposition and never giving up. The team spirit that we have now means that the boys will cover for him in his absence. Just for “”””” sake don’t lose Parker.

  9. SJ Chandos says:

    Is Hines back? The last I heard he had been loaned to Oldham, for the rest of the season, to build up his fitness. Perhaps they have recalled him?

  10. Jolly says:

    It’s bad news for Valon but great news for us as it means he can’t be sold during the summer!!!!

  11. the headmaster says:

    Good call Jolly – wouldn’t have thought of that one. You must be a ‘glass half full’ kinda dude!

  12. peter.g says:

    your missed already valon, get well sooner then 6 mths rather then later.

  13. Hammer Ray says:

    Good point about him not being sold. Also, although a very sad loss, the work he put in up until now was more than enough for an entire season! A fantastic engine, and he showed some real passion for the club which has undoubtedly rubbed off on others like Collison especially, but if form continues I think Behrami would have been pipped to Hammer of the year by Parker… but not by much. Rest up Valon, and come back even better if poss! COYI ps. Has Upson disappeared in recent games? Have barely noticed him? Might just be me?

  14. phil says:

    Bad news – who’s gonna help out Lucas Neill until then?!

  15. Goatygav says:

    Ess Heych One Tee!!!!

  16. Goatygav says:

    Bad news.

  17. djclipz says:

    damn, we have had some real bad news on injuries over the last 2 seasons!! That is a real blow, Get Well Soon


  18. bazzahammer says:

    devo devo i totally agree. owen, collison and now behrami have or have had injuries because of studs getting caught on the pitch. i think clubs if not manufactures should take a look at the design of studs more and just flashy colours and “state of the art” materials. and what ever happened to good old fashoined leather boots!

    get well soon behrami!


  19. HammersWest says:

    Good point Jolly, At least he’s in the bag for next year. I agree with you Devo, I’m thinking they water too much, watching a game last week on TV they were watering at half time, that can’t be good, and those modern boots with those “blades” on the bottom have no real support, and seem to either slip or bite into the pitch. I’ve loved Behrami all season, he’ll really be missed this season

  20. Sactown Hammer says:

    Sad news, he was an enjoy to watch when we received the games on tv. Over here in the state, those types of injuries are usually caused by artifical turf. Hope he heals fast.

  21. chris says:

    I think Behrami wheres Blades,you should never where blades they dont turn well unlike a rounded stud.

  22. chris says:

    who’s gunna play right side now,hope its not Noble hes better through the middle.Savio?

  23. E1 says:

    soppy bloody boots they wear today, to light weight and blades are no good in the wet. They seem to be more of a fashion item than protective.
    Needs looking at I think.
    I agree that we have enough in the middle to get us through just a shame he has played so well and to end his season now

  24. colney says:

    just when things start going right again the west ham factor kicks in yet again! all the best valon,you will be missed.

  25. E1 says:

    What are the odds on him being back before Gabbidon and Ashton lol

  26. Roshi says:

    Good shout on the watered pitches Devo, also the boots or rather studs.
    I think I read that Alex Ferguson has banned the blade studs for this very reason.
    I was told the water situation is due to the fact that with the way the pitches are laid now and the materials used, they drain and subsequently dry out very quick, which unless they are well watered means they become almost concrete like.

  27. Roymondo says:

    Good point E1. I reckon he’ll beat them both back as I think there’s some doubt whether we’ll ever see either of them again.
    Behrami has been a great signing. At £5/6m a real bargain at today’s prices. If he hadn’t been injured I’m sure that some of the big clubs would have been sniffing around in the summer and £12-15m would have been bandied around. Even with that level of profit we should still keep him if we are serious about building for the future.
    Some reasonably good news on the financial front with the chairman being given a three month window to sort out his finances. If we can get the Tevez/Sheff Utd issue sorted I reckon we’ll get some offers for the club by the end of the season and, if the right one comes along, it could be onwards and upwards next season. Not because of a cash injection as much as some much needed stability.

  28. iron man says:

    Behrami has bee n brilliant for us all season and will be missed in the last few games. The only positive is that he should still be a West Ham player next season. I wonder if we will see Appiah in claret and blue before the end of the season?

  29. Simon from Gravesend says:

    Thought I’d just point out (before the manufacturer’s of blades start suing!)that in any pics of Valon I can find online where you can see his boots he is clearly wearing studs…

  30. Eddie Chappers says:

    I firmly believe that he will come back stronger and better, especially with our new & improved medical setup.

    Could the increase in the occurence of this type of injury be attributable to a combination of the new style of boots (as mentioned above) but also the new style of pitches- using a plastic membrane holding synthetic grass for the real stuff to grow through, just a thought?

  31. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Bad news for Valon he has been fantastic. Has anyone heard any news about young Jack Collison he is an equally big loss ?

  32. E1 says:

    west ham fan 32: colli should be back for the blackburn game.
    Dixon is ready to start training with the reserve team.

  33. thegeneralmuz says:

    unfortunatly players with the workrate and energy levels of valon and jack will always pick up injuries and talk of dixon is far to early we need to hope and trust that mister can work his magic and rearrange things to get us over the finishing line?in zola (and clarke)we trust??

  34. Hammerswest says:

    Just thinking blades…..sheffield, it all makes sense now. Conspiracy theory

  35. D. McCailey says:

    Bad news about Behrami – but I agree at least he shouldn’t be sold, which is a slight silver lining. Did anyone see us supposedly going in for Appiah? Might do a job til the end of season?

  36. upton spark says:

    Just our luck.We were really buzzing with him in the team and he was getting better and better.Collison out for a while as well is just too much to take.Why is it that we are really unlucky with injuries?
    Apparently we are the most injury prone team in the Prem. Have we run over a black cat or something?
    Let’s hope we can still have a decent end to our season,although it will be a lot harder now.

  37. E1 says:

    Do we really need to bring anybody in this season, apart from berahmi and of course the usual sicknotes we should be back to full strength in a couple of weeks. If Aphia was any good we or someone would have him by now. What we have and a couple more younsters should see us through.IMHO

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    The news on Collison is good and he will be back within the next week or so. Apparently, it was a strain that just needed rest. We should all be grateful for that bit of luck. To lose both him and Berhami, long-term, would be a double body blow.

    We are probably fortunate that WBA are our next opponents. No disrespect to them, but their away record this season is awful. They are leaking goals and finding scoring a real problem. Anything other than 3 points will be a disappointment.

    Zola will probably stick with Parker and Kovac in the centre of midfield and play Noble and Boa Morte wide. I would prefer Nsreko to Boa Morte, but Zola seems to rate Luis and I would expect him to get the nod if fit. Up front we will probably see Di Michele and Sears paired together. It is not an ideal partnership by any means, but smaller, more mobile strikers might just prove successful in exploiting the WBA centre backs lack of finess and pace.

    Nsereko will probably come on from the bench at some point. This match is a ideal opportunity to try him in a more central role, either playing in the hole or just off a striker. We will just have wait to see if it happens? The thing I like about Nsereko is his direct delivery in to the box, pace and ability to run at defenders and open up space for team mates.

    I also reckon that we will have a youthful bench with Stanislaus, Payne and, possibly, Banjer being included. It is probably a bit early for Banjer, but if Tristan is injured we do not have many other options. Hines is fit, but is he currently with the club or out on loan?

    Finally, Dixon has the all clear to start playing for reserves and Zola is looking forward to working with him in training. If all goes well, then perhaps he could be in the first team frame before the end of the season. But they might take a softly, softly approach with him and get him ready for next season.

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    Stephen Appiah was a very good player indeed. If he got back to fitness and form he would definitely improve the squad, but he is a central midfielder. We are reasonably well covered there at the moment.

    Perhaps Zola wants to have another look at him just in case there is any chance he can get back to where he was. At 27 he should be approaching his very best years. I suppose it is just a matter of how much the injury has taken out of him.

  40. SJ Chandos says:

    I wonder to what degree Ashton and Gabbidon’s long running problems are a product of the mismanagement of their conditions by the previous set up. It is interesting that Ashton previously insisted on using a freelance physio to aid his recovery.

    Similarly, the new set up obviously made the decision that Ashton needed another operation to rectify his ankle problem. And they got the top ankle man in to do it, the guy who did Ronaldo’s. I know Ashton’s continued absence has been a hard pill to swallow, but if it cures the problem it will be worth the wait.

  41. SJ Chandos says:

    It’s a pity that the club did not bite the bullet and get another striker in during the January window. The rumoured deal for Eubanks-Blake from Wolves would have been a interesting one.

    The club still have awful lot of work to do, in the summer, offloading the fringe players currently out on loan. They will need to push through deals for Davenport, Quashie, Bowyer, Faubert and Reid; as well as offloading Boa Morte, Tristan, Di Michele, Stokes and, possibly, Lopez. A major re-structuring beckons, certainly with a view to pushing on in the PL and preparing for a potential EUFA cup campaign.

    I know that there is the variable factor of the investment in/ownership of the club. However, if this is resolved by June, then we can look forward to further investment in the playing staff for next season. I guesss the question is who will be in control of the club at the end of the day and will they support the existing policy? Hopefully they will, providing funds to snap up more youth prospects and a couple of established, top drawer recruits.

    Moreover, if in time, they can finance the construction of a new stadium and training facilities that will really assist long-term development of the club. I know that there is an emotional attachment to Upton Park, but I really do not see how we can stay there because of its limited potential for further development?

  42. E1 says:

    SJ: How big a stadium do you think we should have, the East stand development would take us up to 41,000.We don.t want to end up with 60,000 and 10,000 empty seats every week like some other teams.

  43. DevoDevo says:

    A good point, E1. I suspect 41000 would be enough to cope with the demand.

    I’m not a fan of the ‘new’ Upton park, anyway, it doesn’t have the same intimidating atmosphere as the old one when the crwod were literally within touching distance of the pitch.

    In fact, next season, if we don’t get in any wide players I suggest the club narrows the pitch to 30 yards wide! This will give amplr room for more seats and stop the opposition from spreading the play. 😀

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    First of all let me say that it is not my intention to upset fellow fans in raising this issue. I know that UP is dear to many fans and they are passionate about staying there. To be honest, if it was possible to increase the capacity of UP to an acceptable level I would support them.

    I have personally never subscribed to the view that a c.45,000 capacity will suffice. I think that it is clear that clubs with ambition need the extra revenue generated by a 50-60,000 capacity. The new owners knew that and that is why they prioritised a larger stadium for the club. Unfortunately events overtook them, but the business case for it will still be equally as strong for the new owners, especially as they can use the capital receipts for the sale of UP.

    I also think that we have the fan base to consistently fill it. Success breeds success and I think that a successful West Ham would attract the extra fans, including those that currently find it hard to get tickets to attend on a regular basis.

    The problem started in the 1990s when the Taylor report kicked in. I think the club made a series of mistakes. They rejected the business case for a new purpose built stadium, opting to re-develop UP instead. The redevelopment of UP probably cost more than a purpose built stadium at the time.

    Then, having taken this decision, they did not look at some of the more radical options. I think that if they had demolished the ground and turned it around they would have been able to exploit the extra space on the west side and moved away from the restrictions on the east side. Perhaps there was a technical or cost reason why this could not be done, but if so I have never heard it.

    Finally, these mistakes were compounded by scaling down the original plans for both the BMS and CS, reducing the overall capacity of the ground. If you stand back and look at the skyline of the ground you will see that all three new stands (ignoring the obvious example of the east side) are of different designs and heights.

    The top 4 either have or are developing plans to have larger stadia. In addition, the likes of Everton and Spurs have advanced plans for new grounds. My fear is that sticking with a c.40,000 ground will mean that we are at a significnt disadvantage and that we will fall behind these clubs financially and, eventually, not be able to compete with them.

    The club needs a holistic plan for its development and that includes not only the playing side, but also the infrastructure and facilities.

  45. Goatygav says:

    E1 – Bang on Fella. Appiah is extremely injury prone and has found it hard to settle at some clubs. His talent is undoubted but, frankly speaking, we’re a pretty hard bunch to please and I’d see his unenthusiastic response to being linked with us going against him in the end.

    We could be wrong and the new team of physios and medics working with Nani might be able to do something with him but he’s being touted as a short term solution. If we were to buy then our plans for him should be longer term.

    Nice to see the Ground development “Chestnut” re-appear. I’ve been shouted down on this in the past but, when the West Stand was rebuilt further back than the old one and the pitch moved accross, wasn’t the plan to knock down the East Stand and rebuild it with it’s front “Forward” of it’s current position. Thus enlarging it’s capacity without having to re-build it further “Backwards?”

  46. Dujon says:

    If the new owners are in it for the long term, then a new stadium will benefit them greatly. If Westham is just a short term asset for them (hope not), the cost of the stadium probably won’t be attractive to them.

  47. Paul M says:

    Go for a 60K capacity I say.
    1. to keep up with competition (top4 + Everton & Spuds)
    2. Better facilities for fans – priority is parking!!
    3. drop prices make it affordable and it will be full every game.
    4. If we are to push on (Europe) a new stadium is a must.

    I would like to keep some heritage from Upton Park but not sure how we go about that one.

  48. Goatygav says:

    The DLR needs a Boleyn Ground Extension building!

  49. E1 says:

    Paul M:
    Everton capacity 40,157
    Spuds capacity 36,310
    so the East stand extension puts us in front of them both as for the top 4, well lets get there first and to do that the money will be better spent on players IMHO.

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    That’s true at the moment E1, but Tottenham have agreed plans to build a 60,000 stadium next to their current WHL ground and Everton have similar plans for Kirby. So, we will fall behind them in time with a 41,000 capacity UP.

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