West Brom Preview & Open Thread

Tonight a win is vital if we are to keep up the pressure on sixth placed Everton, who pulled nine points clear of West Ham with their win at the weekend. If form is anything to go by, we should do it, but West Brom have won three of their last five visits to Upton Park, so we shouldn’t be counting any chickens. We’re also going to have a very unfamiliar front two, with Sears and Di Michele most likely playing alongside each other. Best not put in too many high crosses, then!

In midfield Savio may get his first start on the left due to the injuries to Collison and Behrami. However, it appears that Boa Moarte might be fit again, so I wouldn’t put it past Zola to start with him. Kieron Dyer could feature too, although most likely from the subs bench. A more negative formation would be to put Jonathan Spector into midfield alongside Kovac, Noble and Parker.

In defence, the usual four of Tomkins, Upson, Ilunga and Neill will play.


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  1. D. McCailey says:

    If you read the Sun, apparently Sears is starting tonight. If you read the Times, Tristan is.

    Perhaps they both will? Can’t see Zola dropping DDM to the bench given our injury list, but perhaps he might go 4-3-3:
    Neill, Tomkins, Upson, Ilunga
    Parker, Kovac, Noble
    Sears, Tristan, Di Michele.

    Given those 3 strikers couldn’t hit a barn door, perhaps having all 3 on the pitch is the best thing – law of averages and all that!

  2. Clark says:

    Ill be disappointed if savio doesnt start. I think hes done enough to merit a start.

  3. A 4/3/3 formation could be effective normally and while at home against a bottom side but WBA like to push the ball around and build from defence through a credible midfield. I think we need to play with a tight four in the middle and utlise some speed up front therefore Sears might be the best option along with Di Michele, who is due for a goal.

    If we keep tight our defensive qualities should suffice and not concede.

    This will be a tough game but we should have enough quality to snatch a close win.

    Go the Mighty Irons!

  4. SuperMaths says:

    I fancy an away win tbh.

    Albion HAVE to win, whereas it’s a nothing game for the Hammers.

    Interesting to read that the home side are targeting Everton! How times change eh?!!

  5. chris says:

    Dont know?
    Do we have a fit Centre forward?
    4 5 1…..Cant see DDM play lone striker role,sears cant hold ball up.LBM?????
    4 4 2…..DDM and sears?
    Tristan no way!!!! no legs!!
    4 4 3….Hate us in this formation,everyone stays rooted to the same spot.
    To be honest Puzzled really!!!
    Happy to get a point,and get to 40.

  6. aussie graham says:

    Take your hat off to zola and clark with some average players playing so well what if they had proper funds to help us towards the champions league we would be unbeatable but the quetion is what consortium have got the cash to splash michael tabor the horse racing king is a hammer anyone else?

  7. Kim says:

    Hey Chris – I like your idea of us having an extra player by playing 4 4 3. Do you think we will get away with it?!!

    An official statement now out on WHUFC site confirming that an agreement has been reached with them up north over Carlitos. Glad it is over.

    Very nervous about tonight but hoping that Z&C will surprise us. COYI

  8. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    I see a banana skin.

  9. Shropshire Hammer says:

    I think tonight has 0 – 0 written all over it, however WBA do need to try and win the game, a point for them at this stage would not be good enough, so perhaps we could sneak a goal from midfield. Parker maybe? I did laugh when looking through the papers yesterday and saw that Tristan would love to stay, especially as the fans had made him so welcome! Don’t think he reads this blog or any of the others then?

  10. Roymondo says:

    Tristan has been with us for months now and has yet to do anything that would indicate he adds any value to the team. The very few appearances he has made from the bench have all been brief and non-productive. I don’t think that Sears is anywhere near ready yet but would prefer that option to Tristan although, if LBM is fit I would go with him up front with DDM. Not perfect but seems the best option in the circumstances to me.

  11. Mile End Paul says:

    Re the settlement – I do not agree that it is all over. I believe this is an admissaion of guilt by WHU and it could open others to come with their hands out, Warnock, SUFC players, Fulham, Wigan etc. A bad day for football when a decrepit old Spurs fan tells us how many points we would have got without Carlito. Are we now going to sue Liverpool for playing a reserve team against Fulham that year and lost ?

  12. jon.london colney says:

    anyone worried…like i am …that the spudlies are catching on to this winning thing? i would hang myself if they finished above us after all the s..t ive handed out so far.1-1-9 i rekon,lets give them a hammering!!! coyi

  13. Eddie Chappers says:

    Our out of court settlement is in no way an admission of guilt, merely a means to an end- ie. enabling the sale of the club without a potential £45million bill hanging over it putting off potential investors. My heart disagrees with the decision to give the robbing (insert expletive as you please)..s but my head says its a way of a drawing a line under the affair and enabling the club to move on.

    We should have enough to win tonight regardless of injuries- Behrami wasn’t involved against Wigan and we arguably should have won that by more even with 10 men. The defence looks solid with a couple of clean sheets in our last two, the Baggies are low on confidence thougg as mentioned above the only concern is where the goals might come from- I see one for Ilunga from a corner and a Nobes pen, 2-0 to the hammers. COYI!!

  14. jon.london colney says:

    i wish all these web sites would stop speculating on the fee? no one knows yet so 10/20/25 mill,small diference i think? i read somewhere mcmuppet is sticking all the money in his own pocket.how can west ham write they hope they get promoted and play us next season? sick joke or what?

  15. JackHammer says:

    Its going to me as hard a game to win as we’ve had, mainly because the crowd are going to be hoping for a goal fest, and West Brom in total defensive form can hold out for a draw and frustrate the crowd.
    I would go with 5 in midfield with DDM up by himself but with plenty of attack support from any 2 of the 5. LBM could be given a chance too.
    Cole has held his position very well this season and it does show that we are short of goal scorers, but I have to say I am surprised that people in general have lost faith in Sears so much.
    Anyway it will be internet commentary for me, damned Setanta!

  16. chris says:

    jon the spuds will prob finish above us look at their squad!!so what anyway I just want 42 points!Get this season out the way and hope the managment stay.
    Z and clarke have done a great job would love to see what players they would sign nx season…..
    sorry kim type error!!!

  17. Roymondo says:

    I really can’t see what claim Wigan and Fulham could possibly have against us as they were not relegated and are still in the premier league.
    I suppose the Sheff Utd players could have a crack, along with Warnock, but I would be surprised if they did. The evidence to prove they were the architects of their own downfall would be easy to show by way of videos of games they had lost. “I put it to you, Mr Kenny, that if you had saved that shot, and that shot and not dropped that cross you would have acquired several more points and not been relegated. Just how did Carlos Tevez influence your own incompetence?” “err, good point m’lud, I’ll get my coat”.

  18. alanalandevonshire says:

    JackHammer http://www.iraqgoals.com/en/ is normally a pretty good stream.

  19. JackHammer says:

    Thanks Alan Alan will try it out tonight,

  20. romehammer says:

    why all this negative talk!? We have been in worst positions with injuries and pulled through.We are at home to the bottom club who will eventually go own,so i don’t really understand it.Are you guys the same people hoping for european football next year?? Come on support OUR team,and less of this c**p 3-0 tonight…

  21. DevoDevo says:

    Despite our injuries and Cole’s suspension, I think we’ll still have too much for the baggies.


  22. Colm says:

    I agree with romehammer,why is everyone spurting negativity!!! “OH I think Spurs will finish a head of us”,”I just hope we get enough points to be safe”,”A draw tonight will be fine with me”!!! As Devo Devo said we have too much for the Baggies and hes right! And this rubbish about points,we can easily finish the season with 50+ points(only 4 wins),we only lose twice since christmas. And finally,spurs are good on paper but they’re so inconsistant its unbelievible and despite whar Aaron Lennon thinks they wont finish 7th and they wont finish above us!!!

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah Roymondo, I agree and West Ham do not have the same obligation of due care to Wannock and the Blades players that they had to Sheffield Utd under PL rules. Consequently, I am not too worried about their law suits. They are just flying a kite.

    Did anyone see that the club has awarded Tony Carr a testimonial for 36 years of loyal and productive service. We all need to attend the game and show our gratitude to such a great Hammer. It will be akin to the 1975 testimonial given to the greatest scout of them all, Wally St Pier. Carr is up there with him in the history of youth development at the club.

    This is what testiomonials were originally meant for, rewarding great servants to the club. He deserves every penny he gets, that’s hope that they can get an attractive side to play the match. I would not mind seeing West Ham play Celtic or Rangers actually. I think the last time we played Celtic at Upton Park was Bobby Moore’s testimonial! That was a long time ago, actually I think some of the Lisbon Lions were still playing for them!

    It is also a testimony to Ron Greenwood’s/John Lyall’s vision in bringing him into the club in the first place. I wonder what would have happened if the West Ham board had allowed Greenwood to appoint Malcolm Allison to the youth managers position in 1961/62? That would have been interesting!

  24. edi hammer says:

    Re: Statement – we were caught with our pants around our ankles, regardless of the rules being bent by other clubs and we should look at what the management were thinking when we hired those argies. We’ve probably got away lightly. Can’t wait ’til tonight and I’m really looking forward to seeing Savio get a start. I think Parker might get a bit more license to get forward/ support the strikers (he’ll need to!)… COYI!!!!

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    We will beat WBA tonight by at least two clear goals. It will be a unfamiliar forward line, but we should still have too much for them tonight.

  26. D. McCailey says:

    I agree great news about the Tony Carr testimonial. My sister and I went to Primary school with his two sons and I remember he was in charge of the youth set up then – bear in mind I turned 30 this year, that’s a pretty lengthy time in itself!

    As for tonight, I agree at home we should still have too much for the baggies, although I would go for a more conservative 1-0 or perhaps 2-0.

  27. Eddie Chappers says:

    Fair play Colm- couldn’t agree more!! Whilst we have bad memories of bannana skins in times gone by I think Franco and Clarkey are too astute to allow that to happen anymore, testament to that is the fact Zola made a point of saying we had to make sure complacency was not an issue and that the Baggies would be a stern test on the basis of their recent performances. Fingers crossed and lets hope we can all make lots of the noise tonight!!

  28. phil says:

    SJ Chandos – I remember the Booby Moore testimonial against Celtic. I think it ended 3-3. I also remember the 1975 game – just after we won the cup if I recall when the 1975 teanm played the 1964 team.
    Tony Carr really goes back a long way – he used to train our team in one of the local leagues back in the 70’s

  29. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah Phil, the 1964 team vs 1975 and before that there was a game between two West Ham Youth FA Cup winning sides. I still have the programme and ticket stub, sad sack that I am!

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    An interesting comment in Martin Samuels column in the Mail. He indicated that the Lord Griffths chickens might come home to roost, in the Blunts backyard, if Barnsley are relegated this season. There is a suggestion that the FA’s failure to act over the Hulme injury could see Barnsley take Sheffield Utd to a FA Tribunal if they lose their Championship status.

    Presumably Barnsley will base their argument on the impact that Ian Hulme’s absence had upon their ability to avoid relegation. The logic being that if he had been available Barnsley would have collected the x number of extra points necessary to stay up.

    Oh dear what a can of worms has been opened! And such poetic justice for those proven lovers of justice, Sheffield Utd. They my be ringing the bells over the Griffths judgement now, but they could soon be ringing their hands in anxiety! As Samuels says, best not to spend all of that £10-15m at once!

  31. mac says:

    Any team fighting for their lives are a problem.

    1-1 with a late equaliser saving our blushes.

  32. Basildon Bob says:

    I have a little knowledge on law and can only tell you what I know. Forgive me if anyone outthere spots an error, but as i say speaking from a limited knowledge

    The arbitration process is just that, arbitration, it bears no major relevance in a court of law other than both parties agree to abide by the decision. Lord Griffiths based his decision on the balance of probability which if you look at the matter at hand objectively he has a point (not the right point I might add but a point nonetheless)

    If Fulham, Wigwham, Colin and the SUFC players want to take matters further they will have to issue legal proceedings, outside of artbitration process and in a court of law. Whilst civil decisions are mainly based on balance of probabilities, there is a higher burden of proof on the claimant, not just on liability but damages sort as well as, as opposed to the defendant. Given the sums mentioned, this would be a high court matter where a senior judge would preside over the whole affair thus giving us a better standing than that which the FA took.

    That being said, I would hope that our decision to settle outside of the final judgement will finally see an end to this matter.

    Back to the real issue, tonights game. I must admit I am a bit wary of The Albion. We need as strong a lineup as we can put out. I would say. as a 4.3.3


    We need some pace up front, DDM is too slow for me so is Tristan, but having Savio up there as well will give us a better dimension.

  33. Roymondo says:

    Whilst, in some ways, I would love to see Barnsley have a pop at Sheff Utd, in other ways I hope they don’t as this could start a never ending stream of litigation whenever someone gets relegated. And that would be plain stupid and negative for football as a whole. There are always reasons why teams get relegated but if they all started suing the pants of all and sundry the game would descend into farce.

  34. CC says:

    2-0 to the hammers tonight, couldn’t/shouldn’t/won’t be a probelm…. 4 things of interest for me will be:

    1) Sears attitude… he always seems lax to me, but I hope I’m wrong
    2) How many passes LBM gives away (assuming he’s playing)… his normal is about 30% completion, woeful stuff.
    3) How Parker does having to run the midfield without 2 of his regulars alongside him… he’s been dynamite so far, but had the benefit of being in a settled 4…
    4) How Savio plays when in from the start

    Its live on Setanta Ireland, so will be warming up for Paddys day tomorrow wity one or two black (or green) ones…

  35. D&G says:

    I predict a 30yard screamer from football genius Spector to win the game 1-0

  36. Rob says:

    all we have to do tonight is keep it solid at the back to begin then press on and the goal will come. once we score one i have no doubt it will lead the way for a few, and as long as we score first this should be a routine win. i dont want to be to confident but if we want europe we have to win these games at home against poor opposition.

    against stoke we had to grind out a 2-1 win, to be honest id take that again tonight.

    i have a feeling sears will do well tonight, he will feel he has something to prove after being slated for 1 performance which is rather unfair i think.

    tonight = the DDM show!

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    Exactly Raymondo, but that is the logic of the situation that Griffths’ judgement has potentially opened up. If this scenerio does come to pass there will only be one person to blame, the cricket, MCC loving Lord Griffths!

  38. SwedeHammer says:

    I think our midfield will sort it out for us tonight.
    Parker and Nobel will get one each in a 2-0 win.

  39. Goatygav says:

    Excited about Savio’s first start – if it happens. Not too sure how Savio and Di Michele will work but if you’re going to try it then I guess the worst defence in the country at the moment would be just about the best time.

    3 points is a must. I’ll be happy with a 1-0 but hope to see Sears on the scoresheet to boost his confidence a bit.

    2-0 to the Mighty Hammers for me tonight.


  40. Goatygav says:

    Sorry – that should’ve read “Not too sure how Sears and Di Michele will work”

  41. Goatygav says:

    I think Tristan is injured Basildon Bob. Least according to the link alanalandevonshire posted yesterday about the current injury league table http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php

  42. GothenburgHammer says:

    paying up to sheffield units(read money)lol was horrible,hope it ends there and not snowballroll into any club who wanna suck cash from us.nuff said about that. 2nite wba gonna feel the hammer come down on them.. i say 3-0! COYI

  43. C’mon, people… get yer money on a fearful thrashing for the Baggies as our enthusiastic youngsters and second-string forward line get fired up to prove their worth.


    I’ll be at circuit training tonight, in football limbo, so I will dash home for 9.30 to hear the radio reporter reeling off a long list of scorers!!

  44. hammeredCalv says:

    2 nil ! DDM brace !

  45. mokumhammer says:

    This games’s got 0-0 written all over it. I fail to see where a goal from us will come from. Then it’s difficult to predict what whufc will do, seeming to blow hot or cold, without rhyme or reason.

  46. Eric says:

    Anyone know where i can watch online?

  47. E1 says:

    basildon bob : You really should stop going down the pub at lunch times or I will have to tell the Mrs Bob. Next time I see you, you can explain in ENGLISH
    4-3-3for me tonight
    usual back 4
    spector ( to help neil)
    Kovac parker
    ddm tristan savio
    2-0 to the cockney boys!!!!

  48. Tevezgate says:

    Well this is it, Freddie’s big chance… a start against weak opposition and with a less than formidable strike partner, he really needs to show us what he can do. Good to see Savio getting a start too, hopefully we can really serve it up to the baggies tonight 😀

  49. well, I failed the late fitness test (dodgy hip after spectacular fall on ski-ing holiday)… so I’m going to keep an eye on here… anyone else chatting tonight?

    Eric, that iraq address someone gave at the top is usually pretty reliable

  50. well, I failed the late fitness test (dodgy hip after spectacular fall on ski-ing holiday)… so I won’t be going to circuits and I’m going to keep an eye on here… anyone else chatting tonight?

    Eric, that iraq address someone gave at the top is usually pretty reliable

  51. DOH!! system crash and re-posted only to see that first one went through… what a great start to this epic evening (during which Hammers hit 5 at least!


  52. Goatygav says:

    Speaking of system crashes the link’s gone down. Aaarrrgh!!

  53. not missing much, though, are we

  54. D. McCailey says:

    The atdhe.net link has been perfect for me so far.

  55. Goatygav says:

    Over to 5 live for the audio then.

  56. oh crikey… what a combination… John Motson and Steve Claridge in the absence of a decent stream.

    Lucas Neill is a liability

  57. D. McCailey says:

    That was close…

  58. Jolly says:


    as long as you dont mind foreign commentry -this link has been excellent.

  59. Goatygav says:

    West Brom going for it. Hopefully we’ll be able to hit them quickly on the break.

    The lad’s doing well at Footie on a Saturday morning Graybo. Me too in fact. Played my first game for 5 years on Sunday and did ok.

  60. Good for you… nice weather for a comeback… did you play 11-a-side?

  61. Where were you playing… on the Rye?

  62. D. McCailey says:

    Not looking good for Upson – hope it’s nothing too serious…

  63. Another injury!!! cuh

  64. Goatygav says:

    No mate – around somone’s house with a garden big enough for a 2/3rd side pitch. 6 a side so I was knackered.

  65. When are we going to stop giving away stupid free-kicks… prediction that Neill concedes a pen

  66. SwedeHammer says:

    We’re giving the ball away too easy…..aarrggh another injury!! Three in three games, and NOTHING creative forward, does not look good

  67. Oh, Goatygav… you tease… I was full of admiration for a few milliseconds then

  68. The problem is that the less we hold on to the ball the more WBA build their confidence

  69. Tevezgate says:

    poor stuff this, defending way too deep and just inviting them on to us

  70. D. McCailey says:

    Oh dear oh dear DDM….

  71. I think I’m quite relieved I can’t actually watch this… it sounds awful… oh, ok, just seen the Di Michele ‘shot’ … hmmmm

  72. Tell you what, guys… I’ll go and put the kettle on… we’re bound to score while I’m in the kitchen.

  73. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    This is rubbish….we look shite and they look even worse! Live at 7am here in Sydney – nice way to f*** up the whole day for me!

  74. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Even Zola has fallen asleep!

  75. Goatygav says:

    Missing Cole? Nobody to hold and bring others in.

  76. Tevezgate says:

    christ I hope Z&C give them some stick at half time, this is just dismal 😦

  77. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Can’t seem to stay on-side!

  78. Goatygav says:


  79. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Wonder what they will show as half-time highlights…..

  80. music to my ears… ’45 minutes still to come here at Upton Park’

    … n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o …

  81. phil says:

    Well the only 30 seconds of continuous coverage I got in the first half was to see Upson stretchered off. Great. Just tell me Alan Green’s not on duty on the 5 live commentary – please!

  82. You’re safe Phil…

  83. E1 says:

    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sears just aint big or strong enough we are being out numbered in the middle and out muscled up front not looking to good, still time to makes changes and win it at the death,we’ve got nothing at the moment and if we ain’t carefull they are go to do us.
    No WE ARE GOING TO WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COYI !!!!!! COYI !! COYI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Now I’m smiling – the half time highlights were dumped and instead they are showing a DiCanio highlights package – Brilliant!

  85. … I think WHU v WBA is a bit below his royal highness Green.

  86. E1, I said we would score 5 before kick-off and I’ve seen nothing so far to make me change my mind.

    Er, but I read a story about the brain beginning to deteoriate as soon as we hit 27 … and as I’m kicking on towards 53 this could explain my befuddled thought processes.

  87. SwedeHammer says:

    Right in the middle of the game I get an cooking channel!! Someone stuffing a pig with apples..I think I stay on this channel after seeing the rubbish from the first half.

  88. phil says:

    The atdhe link’s come back with a chorus of bubbles – here’s hoping. COYI!

  89. Crikey… the crowd’s fallen asleep.

    Not much better here… Goatygav has gone to bed, E1 has gone back to his book, Zveda has thrown another shrimp on the barbie (G’Day, mate) and Tevezgate has escaped to the pub.

  90. phil says:

    I see DDM’s got his shooting boots on again. When’s he gonna realise he needs a new pair?

  91. Goatygav says:

    zzzzzzzzzzz….. Uhh – did someone have a shot????……zzzzzzzzzzz

  92. SwedeHammer, how about 101 ways to cook Swedes?

    Boiled, boiled and mashed, boiled and mashed with butter… sautéd, frieds, baked, roasted, microwaved bla-bla-bla-bla.

  93. Jolly says:

    DDM is the worst finisher at the club since…..David Kelly!

  94. Not another injury

  95. Goatygav says:

    I was going to say before the game that this is an ideal opportunity for the team to prove they’ve done away with our infamous “Soft Underbelly.”

  96. Goatygav says:

    Glad I didn’t.

  97. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Elbow to the face of Green – and no f***ing card! Can’t believe it!

  98. SwedeHammer says:

    I can’t get a picture back…should I bother?

  99. phil says:

    Should be off – dirty sod!

  100. hammeredCalv says:

    this is awful !!!!!!!

  101. Why is Parker the only one who seems capable of stepping up to take responsibility for trying to change the game.

    When do we ever see any leadership from Neill?

  102. Google Nils Lofgren… he’s the spitting image of GZ

  103. Goatygav says:

    I’ve missed much of the game but Savio looks in that category of “Game Changing Performance.” I could be wrong as I haven’t seen all of it though.

  104. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    They look desperate and we are just as desperate to not suffer another injury! Europe next year…..no way after watching this!

  105. Goatygav says:

    That said he’s just skied that one.

  106. SwedeHammer says:

    thanks Phil!! up and running

  107. Goatygav… he did a lovely little run just then but fired well over the bar. Really flashed at his shot, no composure… but it will come.

  108. Ha ha… even the stupid fans can’t shoot straight. That idiot missed Brunt from 2 yards

  109. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Iain, remember that blog you opened some time ago about the worst West Ham match ever…..well, we have a winner!

  110. Goatygav says:

    Yes mate – saw that.

    Call me woolie but West Brom seem to be VERY up for this. They’ve harried and given us no time to play at all. I’m hoping they’re going to fade and we’ll hit them on the counter.

  111. Zvezda, I seem to remember WBA featuring in that list, too… second only to Boro.

  112. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    I’m off to the loo….I can feel a better passing motion coming on….significantly better than what I’m watching!

  113. Goatygav says:


    FFS – COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!

  114. Language, Timothy

  115. Tessa Sanderson engrossed in the match… texting away.

    Think I will Skype my daughter instead

  116. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Is Luis Boa Morte available for this match? Put him on…at least we can have a bit of a laugh! Anything, please just anything that will even crack a smile!

  117. Goatygav says:

    COME ON JUNIOR!!! Show us what you can do fella!!

    You back yet Zvezda?

  118. D. McCailey says:


  119. Goatygav says:

    Ahh – there you are. All motions ok I hope.

  120. Anyone know how to get rid of that Footy Chat panel on the right? Bunch of morons on there, but I can’t see an x to close the box

  121. D. McCailey says:

    “Disable Chat”?

  122. Goatygav says:

    24’s pretty good. Very dramatic.

  123. D. McCailey says:

    Should be 1 down there…

  124. Goatygav says:

    Heart in mouth there. Greening’s gone very close.

  125. ooh, thanks D McCailey… hadn’t noticed that until I scrolled up

  126. D. McCailey says:

    Might be time for Tristan soon.

  127. Goatygav says:

    1 or 12?

  128. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    If Pele was watching this he would want to disown the phrase – the beautiful game – there is nothing beautiful about this!

  129. you gotta laugh, haven’t you… this is dire

  130. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Ha ha ha ha…they are showing the crowd falling asleep, yawning and wiping sleep out of their eyes!

  131. Goatygav says:

    Have an inkling there’s going to be a goal v shortly.

  132. Goatygav says:

    Seems to be opening up a bit.

  133. late winner for them?

  134. D. McCailey says:

    Lovely cross from Stanislas!

  135. Goatygav says:

    Not sure which way Graybo. Could go either eh?

  136. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Goatygav…close DDM nearly did it. Martin Tyler has just suggested we are clock watching and playing for a point – he might be right!

  137. Still on for my 5-0 prediction though, aren’t we.

  138. SwedeHammer says:

    find myself getting excited when we get a throw in..
    it’s painful

  139. Goatygav says:

    If tonight’s proved one thing it’s that Freddie Sears needs to do some bulking up. If he’s too leight-weight for West Brom then who can he be effective against?.

  140. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    The Brunt is coming off!

  141. Why are we still watching? Masochistic desire to see 90 minutes of dross followed by a 91st minute sucker punch, followed by a 92nd minute equaliser~?

  142. Goatygav says:

    Link’s gone down I think. Anyone else still watching?

  143. yeah.. I’v lost it, too

  144. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    WTF was that!!!!!!

  145. ‘Still quite a popular figure in these parts,’ say John Motson about LBM

    is he having a laugh?

  146. phil says:

    zvesda you have your wish – LBM on

  147. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    LBM was billiant two seasons ago vs Wigan….since then he has done Jack! A draw gets us the magical 40 points, so at least we have something to celebrate….I think????

  148. Stanislav… a bright light on a dull evening?

  149. Goatygav says:

    Go on Junior Stanislas – the only real bright light of a very poor performance so far.

  150. CanveyLad says:

    Ok – so Stanislas is the positive from this game thus far.

    Plus the fact that I can confirm that the top gloss coat has dried, and watching it was entertaining.

    Everything is relative.

    COYI – last few mins.

  151. Goatygav says:


    The first part of the phrase goes “Great minds think alike.”

  152. D. McCailey says:

    I’ve never seen us offside so often.

  153. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    I’m thinking of chucking a sickie at work today on account of what I have just been watching….can I get away with it?

  154. Have Baggies used 10 subs tonight?

  155. Goatygav says:

    Thoroughly justifiable Zvezda.

  156. Goatygav… be afraid… be very afraid

  157. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    3 mins added……why such torture!

  158. 3 more minutes… argghghghghghghgh

  159. Goatygav says:

    Nah – I’ve just checked the room and there’s no cameras.

  160. .. the all-seeing eye

  161. there’s only one cure for this… where did I put that Dixon of Dock Green DVD… I MUST have some thrills tonight.

  162. Zvezda & Hammers says:

    Ok lads…I’m off…..today was just a bad dream!

  163. Well, I wish you all well… g’night, gents.

  164. Goatygav says:

    One point no good to either side really.

    Adios Muchachos.

  165. SwedeHammer says:

    Painful is the word. take care everybody.

  166. D. McCailey says:

    Zzzzz. Wha? Has it finished? *yawns*

    Night all, well at least we’ve hit the magic 40.

  167. Mac says:

    We’re allowed a stinker once in a while aren’t we…?

  168. phil says:

    God how we miss Cole. Is it one more game he misses? On a positive note good to hear LBM cheered.

  169. djclipz says:

    im not sure what was more boring the match or the poker i have been playing for the past hour and a half. Well certainly can’t wait til cole back, but with behrami and colli out we are def missin summin in midfield. It can only get better though

  170. Tevezgate says:

    shocking stuff

  171. aussie graham says:

    That was not the beautiful game as we want it to be how could zola be putting out that crap ticket holders deserve a refund.

  172. DevoDevo says:

    Now we know how much we will miss Cole, Behrami & Collison. Shocking stuff from start to finish.

    Di Michele was an embarrassment, only Green and Tomkins could walk off pleased with their performances.

    It’s becoming quite obvious now that Zola has no plan B and this needs to be addressed ASAP.

  173. slaesh says:

    Why didnt tristan play? Sears and DDM are to similar. We had no second option. We couldnt play it in long and hold up the ball or anything. Both players coming back to get the ball then when they got it, there was no one in the box.

    Im happy we got a point with that preformance, even though we didnt deserve it.

  174. clack says:

    This is the highest WHU have been at this stage of season since promotion, and highest we’ve been at this stage of season for 10 years.

    Yet, it was our lowest crowd since promotion.

    Not attractive opposition admitedly, but if we can’t fill current stadium when team is 7th and pushing for Europe, then just goes to show what a pipedream the 60,000 stadium was – can you imagine how f***ed the club would be if planning permission had gone ahead, and building started on that before Gudmundsson went bust?

    Poor match. Did either side manage a shot on target throughout 90 mins?

    Noble and our midfield rarely get forward and into the box – but then that’s also one of the reasons why we’ve been quite solid defensively in midfield this season I suppose.

    With so many youngsters in team, still trying to play a passing game, the future is still promising in my opinion (providing Gudmundsson is able to sell club ok and we donºt go into admin).

  175. James says:

    We are light weight!! I feel Tristan was worth a shot, Only god knows why he did’nt come on!!

    Di Michele can forget a contract next season, the man has no shooting ability what so ever, Sears is way off the prem standard, In a few years he will be good just not right now, Hate to admit it but we should have started LBM!! Lol

  176. chris says:

    Said I would be happy with a point and I am.
    So many injuries and lack of quality a point was a result believe me!
    stas looked good when he came on, infact more composed than savio who seems to play with a hot potatoe at times,I’m sure he will improve thou.
    Hope upson’s ok otherwise GULP!!

    Sorry still cant see where a goals gunna come from.

  177. chris says:

    Devo there’s no plan B because there’s no players for a plan B.
    With all respect pal.

  178. E1 says:

    Hello ? is it over ? Was it a dream someone tell me we won ! can I come out from behind the sofa ?
    Shit it really happened what a load of ************!
    Ilunga has just had (i hope his worst game)
    I am fed up !

    Nite all.

  179. chris says:

    any news on upson anyone?

  180. CC says:

    Posed 4 questions earlier… and the results weren’t good.

    1) Sears attitude: Saw the full game, kept a close eye on it.. not there, at all. His big chance against sh*t oppo (and they really were sh*t)… and he still didn’t seem to work too hard, baffling..

    2) LBM pass rate: Aamazingly, I was calling for him to come on with half an hour to go… for no other reason than he might kick a few lads.

    3) Parker running midfield without his 2 mates:
    Answer was… average. Could and should have done more to influence the game.

    4) Savio from the start… well he was crap, really can’t see it. He was more LBM than anything.. all legs and no clue what to do with them.

    Worst performance(s) I’ve seen from 2 teams in 20 years…it was attrocious. Can’t wait to see the survey results for this one !!! And…anyone that likes a flutter or two, put your house on Blackburn to beat us Saturday (Thats a realists view, not a pessimistic one…)

  181. Kim says:

    Just back from the game and one of my three muskateers is away so I had a spare season ticket. I took my friend’s son who is a Charlton supporter so was looking forward to seeing some quality football – sorry Tom!

    LBM actually got a great reception – mind you I think a programme seller coming onto the pitch would have too. Anything to liven the game up. On a big plus I think Junior looked the real deal. Composed and precise – he reminds me of Becks with the dead ball play. I wonder if he can take free kicks like him too? If only…

    I am really unhappy with the crowd booing our team at the end of the game. There is never an excuse for it and it is bloody childish!

  182. P says:

    Talk of Europe is, and always was, a joke. We are nowhere near ready for European football. A cold night in some far flung Eastern European country with this current team would be like lambs to the slaughter. We wouldn’t get past the first round.
    The bottom placed team with the worst record in the league for defence, and we couldn’t even break them down. The bottom placed team with the worst record in the league for attacking, and they came closer to scoring than us. The sooner the club is sold the better as we need a serious dip into the transfer market.
    Upson just had a minor calf strain, better safe than sorry. He got off stretcher and walked unaided to dressing room.

  183. Dujon says:

    How can you say it was always a joke. Without injuries we’re more than ready for Europe with out current squad (provided they play well), let alone some improvements in the summer.

  184. Tevezgate says:

    Can’t agree, Dujon. The last thing we need right now (or at the start of next season) is an extended UEFA Cup campaign – we just don’t have the squad required for such a venture. GZ needs to spend some money in summer on a top quality striker (or two) and then condsolidate in the Prem next season. After further strengthening of the squad, we might just then be ready for a tilt at Europe in 2011… right now it’s not even a question imo.

  185. Dujon says:

    Was it Aston Villa who were in the UEFA cup, whilst fielding somewhat of a reserves team as they knew their priorities lied with the EPL.

    I honestly don’t see why doing the same would be bad for the club. Qualifying to Europe through our premier league success, then fielding a 2nd team (if the Westham management were concerned with possible regular first team injuries), then see how far that takes us.

  186. James says:

    I still fancy us for europe P!! Zola just needs to start playing some wing play with what players we have left, going through the middle is not the West Ham way! As witnessed!!

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