WBA Player Performance Ratings

Robert Green 6.96
James Tomkins 6.69
Scott Parker 6.27
Junior Stanislas 6.27
Radoslav Kovac 6.13
Lucas Neill 6.02
Matthew Upson 5.78
Jonathan Spector 5.17
Freddie Sears 5.14
Herita Ilunga 4.91
Savio 4.88
Mark Noble 4.50
David Di Michele 4.27


98 Responses to WBA Player Performance Ratings

  1. Eric says:

    Just couldn’t feed it through. I would like to see Savio paired with Cole.
    Missed Stansilas as my video stream decided to ban me. grrr…

    Is Warnock crazy? No judge can possibly allow this. The FA should nip it in the bud.

  2. Big Casino says:

    I think Sears is being treated harshly…. and I think Kovac and Di Michele have both been flattered by their respective ratings…..

    Anyone read this yet:


    When is it ever going to end??… We’ll have Sheff Utd fans sueing us for the break down of their marriages next, because of course, getting relegated because of your team’s own ineptitude and then having your marriage fall apart must somehow surely be to do with Carlos Tevez playing for West Ham….

  3. MB says:

    Well, first I must apologise my English, but I come from Finland. I watched the game and it made me feel sad. Savio is not a winger, he should play in the middle or up front as a striker. He is quite creative but he always try to dribble his way past defender. Some times a short simple pass would be much more effectice.

    I’m also wondering why on earth did Noble play in the right side? I suppose he’s the only one in the current squad who is capable to pass real killer balls. Yesterday he was useless. Parker and Kovac are not so attacking players as Noble and they can’t pass the ball so well (when it comes on attacking).

    I never thought that I will say this, but now I do: We need Cole. Sears – Di Michele is a very rapid pair, but they cannot challenge opposite defenders effectively in the air. And because there were no Noble in the middle supplying Sears or DM to feet the result was clear: We were not dangerous. It’s always easy to supply Cole. He’s good header and he’s also quite fast. And he’s much better finisher than DM.

  4. brookings bonce says:

    I just read it… good read mate!
    And I also think Simon Jordan should sack Warnock for being a prat!!!
    Would he want his manager dragging this on any further? Thought warnock got a job to do at palce??? He’s acting like he’s stil at sheff utd.


  5. Warnock is crazy… it’s widely recognised. He is also a greedy, money-grabbing opportunist…. and that’s being polite.

    Eric, re your comment about the stream… what risks do we run when we watch a stream, and what would be the reason for being banned?

  6. djclipz says:

    we’re turning into America, just sue anything possible

  7. Goatygav says:

    If Warnock deserved to be in the Premier League then he would have a job as a Premier League manager. End of!

    It sounds like he’s given himself enough rope to hang himself with.

    How long ’til the club’s sold then folks? I’d guess appx 2-3 weeks. I sincerely hope I’m wrong and that BG can continue to support “Project Football.”

  8. hammeredCalv says:

    the can of worms just get bigger ! Grifith you are a total dick head who has just ruined football for life ! it will now be fought in courtrooms around the country and not on the pitch !

  9. hammeredCalv says:

    typical greedy money grabber Bates ! as shifty as they come !

  10. hammeredCalv says:

    apparently it wont change hands until the summer !

  11. Alan says:

    If Warnock and his former players (I am finding it extremely difficult not to breach your no swearing rule Iain) want to sue anyone surely it should be Sheff utd. West Ham have agreed to compensate them for the lose of income/prize money which they would have received had they won enough games to stay in the premier league. Out of those earnings Sheff utd would have had to pay higher wages etc so as I see it Sheff utd should now be liable to compensate their team and reward them for failing to avoid relegation. If there is to be anymore court action maybe we as fans should be suing sheff utd as we are having to pay premier ticket prices when by their reckoning we should be in the championship and therefore paying less to watch WHU.

  12. Excellent self control, Alan, and well put… it just beggars belief that this has gone on so long and has not even been put to bed now.

    Please let Warnock be laughed out of court, preferably the country.

  13. David the Yank says:

    How about some football?

    On that form, relegation isn’t out of the question. WBA is a low-to-mid championship side, and the hammers were awful. I am shocked at the high scores you all gave Parker. I don’t think you are reading the scale correctly. He had clearly been the Hammer of the Year, and I have given him very high marks in recent matches, but he looked absolutely sick out there. Yes, I saw the stats, and he completed most of his passes, but there was simply no imagination.

    Was Steve Clarke’s game plan: hey, let’s have 7 “attacking” players all in a 10 meter square area on the left flank? I was screaming at my television, “switch field. SWITCH THE FIELD”. Anyone at Upton Park (since Setanta just zoomed in on that left flank the entire second half): was any West Ham player wide on the right?

    I repeat my prior claim that di Michele would not hit water if he fell out of a boat.

    And for all of you screaming for Sears all season, do you now know why he is on the bench???

    I am very very nervous. This could be the quickest fall from Europa to relegation battle.

    With Upson & Cole injured, do West Ham have any player over 5’6″ tall? When Kovac took that free kick from 40 yards out, and played it back to Tompkins who played it back to Green, I said to myself, there is not a Premier League team who would not have put that ball in the box. But with a bunch of midget targets, what choice do West Ham have?

    We are looking at some nil-four scores shortly, I’m afraid.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong, but that was the worst “premier” league match I have ever watched…

  14. David the Yank… sorry, but we are not going to get relegated. I would happily stake the sausages from tonight’s tea on that. I’m that sure.

  15. Freddie Sears IS going to be a good player, IMHO. If not with us, then with someone else… I’d rather it were with us… sorry for not popping that in the previous post.

  16. djclipz says:

    also how are west brom a mid to low championship side when they won it last year, i doubt they’d be that bad if they were put back in there now

  17. Kim says:

    Do you think I can sue for the trauma caused by watching last night’s game? I really loathe Griffiths – stupid imbecile. There is only one revenge – we must find a way to wipe the floor with Spurs over Easter.

    Sorry Iain – I didn’t vote. I didn’t have the heart really. Still wish the boo boys would stop. It ain’t gonna make them any better!

  18. Roymondo says:

    David the Yank – it’s almost mathematically impossible for us to get relegated now. 40 points is usually enough to guarantee survival (although we did, of course, buck that trend a few years ago) and with many of the teams below us having to play each other, and take points off of each other, there is no way that 11 of them can overtake us.
    Many people are getting far too worked up about one poor game and disappointing result. With the players we had missing it was always going to be difficult. I don’t think there has been a season when we didn’t have a game like this (or several) in all the years I’ve been following West Ham – and that’s far too many to tell you all.
    Where we are, and the football we’ve played, this season has exceeded any reasonable fans expectations. Did anyone really believe we would be 7th at this stage? Eh? No, I thought not.
    Have a nice evening.

  19. jon.london colney says:

    sky sports now,west ham released statement say bugger off!!!

  20. jon.london colney says:

    Asked if he had a vendetta, Warnock said: “Not really, no. I would love to manage them.


  21. IronMick says:

    David the Yank – I think you should chill out a bit mate. It was a poor performance yes, but it was one game for crying out loud! Every team has the odd off day – however we kept a clean sheet, gained a point, and sitting in a European place (potentially) with less than 10 games left, will only be without cole for one more game, and might even have Dyer back – ok that last one was toung in cheek but you see my point!

    Just read the Statement on the website and have to say that I thought it was written brilliantly.

  22. D&G says:

    I said to a few friends that once we agreed to give compensation then every bugger including other clubs is going to smell money.

    It’s started with Warnock and if like Sheff U he is persistent then who knows might give the rest of the clowns the impetus to ruin football forever.

  23. jon.london colney says:

    ken bates wants to claim for lost payments to leeds now !!! ffs this has opened up a huge can ov worms !

  24. Kim says:

    There is one thing that nobody has explained to me. I assume that when you are in the league and PL you sign up to abide by their ruling on issues of dispute. Why did the PL not say to Sheffield United when they started this that they were free to do what they liked but would not be allowed back into the PL if they did not accept their ruling. I may be being naive but…

  25. phil says:

    Thanks David the Yank. I used to think I was an incurable pessimist – now I feel like the epitome of positive thinking!
    Typical Warnock though. If he loses a game it’s always the ref’s fault. When he gets relegated it must be West Ham’s fault, or the premier league’s, anyone’s but his. He left Sheffield Utd thinking premiership clubs would be falling over themselves to sign him. When will he realise that like most of his players, he’s just not premiership quality.

  26. Eric says:


    A bunch of us suddenly got banned watching the stream. I think it was a glitch.
    I surely didn’t do anything or write a comment that would cause that.

  27. 10no6 says:

    I am unhappy with the Premier League I think they could have done more to stand up for us and as a consequence stood up for their judgement and management of the league.

    I agree with Kim Say’s right from the off the Premier should have said we assessed the case and have now set a precedence if you don’t like it then clear off cos we are the ruling body and you all signed up to that when you joined.

  28. Oskar Butcher says:

    DDM was awful.
    Someone should have been in the damn box

  29. 10no6 says:

    Just read the official statement – got to say sorry West Ham but you have already had allowed that bunch of t…ers to have a wider detrimental impact on the game when you agreed to the arbitration with the FA and you didn’t simply say go away to Sh**field Utd the PL fined us and if you don’t like it sue us in a court with an impartial judge ( as i believe the blunts already got told they didn’t have a case in a proper court)

  30. the headmaster says:

    David the Yank – is that cockney rhyming, old son, on your handle?
    Quite the most stupid contribution I have seen in a long while.
    Graybo – the sausages are safe, mate

  31. phil says:

    Apparently Simon Jordan is planning to sue West Ham now. The whole Tevez saga forced Warnock to spend time with his solicitors rather than concentrate on the Barnsley game tonight. This resulted in Palace losing out on the 3 points they would ‘certainly have got if it wasn’t for Tevez’ according to their expert witness, the clairvoyant Mr Harris.

  32. Gav Hammer says:

    I hope that Barnsley sue Sheffield United as their ‘Star player’ Iain Hume has been unable to play since the horrific elbow which led to a fractured skull by a sheffield united player. Surely this is more of an offence than a clerical error.

    Their lawyers should now claim that he could have won every game if he played & then been promoted to the premier league. . . If Tevez is worth 3 points per game, why isn’t Iain Hume …

  33. Gav Hammer says:

    trust me goaty gav … you do not want this board to keep running the project football.

    I went to an evening with west ham legends and Tony Gale told a story of how he was asked to attend a meeting in the west ham boardroom …

    There was 5 names on a board in front of him … John Collins, Donadoni, Zola, Bilic & one other which I can’t remember.

    BG & the other board members asked Tony Gale to pick who our next manager should be & to make a case for each of them. So if anyone should be thanked for bringing in Zola .. its super Tony Gale …

  34. martin keech says:

    I dont think Dave the Yanks contribution was that bad. I know it may have been a little pessimistic but that is what supporting West Ham can do to you. Nothing is imposible when it comes to the mighty Hammers. West brom are a better side than mid table Championship but that was a frightening performance by us. Having said that, I have felt like this several times this season but to our credit we have bounced straight back with a great result. I hope the sausages where eaten.

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    ‘Legal Anarchy’ indeed! That is a great statement by the club, which correctly points out the far reaching, adverse implications of lord Griffth’s mad ruling.

    The FA/PL need to be very clear, they have one window of opportunity to contain it. They need to conclude that there is no evidence to substantiate Griffths’ statement that third party influence continued after the original Tribunal. In particular, any ‘oral cuddles,’ which may or may not have occurred, were informal and were not contractual. This would at least be consistent and be in line with the positions adopted on Howard, Kabba and Spring.

    This would cut the ground from under Warnock and the Sheffield Utd squad. I do not believe the High Court will rule in their favour anyway, but the authorities should take this action to ensure that the situation is contained. It needs Triesman’s FA to realise that this is not an issue to play politics with and that the good governance of the English game supersedes their ambition to curtail the power of the PL.

    The FA and PL also need to sort out the relationship between their respective arbitration processes. If the FA process is a second stage appeal then formalise it, but also amend the constitution to allow an ultimate, and final binding, appeal to CAS. This would clear up the confusion and ensure that the FA, PL and CAS processes are aligned. Establish some good governance and sanity outcome of this madness!

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    The position of Gordon Taylor at the PFA is quite interesting as well. He has suggested that Warnock and the players claims should be against Sheffield Utd and be paid out of the compensation agreed with the Hammers!

    This makes good sense actually, but unfortunately for the Blades they were advised not to include the players claims in their formal estimates! So, that could be 3-4m out of their initial £10m! Perhaps they can negotiate a payment plan with their ex-manager and players/ex-players?

    Warnock needs to learn to accept personal responsibility for his failure as a PL Manager. It really is not good enough to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings. If it ever got to court, perhaps West Ham’s legal team should use the post Wigan match Sky interview with Blades Director Sean Bean. Who did he directly blame for the defeat and relegation? Tevez, West Ham or Scudamore? No, one Mr Neil Warnock!

    As for Bates’potential action on behalf of Leeds Utd, is it even worth discussing it? What an absolute joke!

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    Is there an indicator of the strength of Warnock and the players claims in the legal advice not to include it in Shefiield Utd’s formal claim for losses? The Blades legal team must have felt that it would an easy target for the Hammers solicitors and accountants and weaken their claim?

    Perhaps its exclusion was based on the fact that the constitutional obligation of due care existed between the clubs and did not cover employees? Lets hope so.

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Some contributors have criticised the optimists on the blog. Well, as others have stated, there is real grounds for optimism and that is not negated by one very poor performance. 7th is still possible, if we fail to hold on to it then it will be a direct consequence of the unfortunate injuries to Berhami, Collison and possibly Upson; as well as the failure to sign another striker in January.

    Indeed, if Ashton and Dyer had been available I think this squad could have gone top 6. Yes I know, cue for the usual suspects to condemn both players to the knackers yard, but I personally remain hopefully they will come back.

    I have no problem with fellow fans being pessimistic, as long as they do not seek to impose their analysis and conclusions on others. ‘Hope’ is fundamental to the human psyche, without it there is no motivation to go on. So, optimists of the world unite, you nothing to lose but depressed resignation to the worst case scenerio!

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    NB: And that was meant as a constructive playful defence of optimisim and positive mental attitudes, not a destructive critique of fellow contributors who do not agree with me. An opinion shared with due respect, as always.

  40. SJ Chandos says:

    God, I read like one of those American life coach gurus!! Time to call it a night, methinks! Keep the faith, COYI

  41. chris says:

    Why are Warnock and players thinking of sueing,surly thats whats the 20mil is for? lost income etc!
    Surly they must go to their board and ask for some of it,you cant ask us for it thats mad!!!

    all this because someone ruled on what might have been,
    Now everyone’s jumping on the what might have been!
    Its like that bloody film,about putting people away before they have committed a crime.
    If Tevez had not played we would not of stayed up.
    say that the other striker had scored more.

  42. Per3z says:

    Think Tevez’s impact on us that season was simply phenomenal… much of our play revolved around him, and as such, if he did not play, we almost certainly wouldn’t have escaped.

    On the other hand, i agree that these lawsuits are totally absurd. Could we sue them for suing us over trivial, unreasonable claims, and thus delaying our transfer and budget planning and potential sale of club, which could potentially result in lost of hundreds of millions? Not to mention the reputation damage we have suffered because these idiotic whiners.

    As I see it… we have more chances of winning this one than Sheff or Warnock has of winning the compensation lawsuit in a fair, just court.

  43. Goatygav says:

    Per3z – We lost game after game after game when he first came in to the team. His influence started much later on.

    Sheff Utd have settled. They’re not going to court.

    Warnock hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    I suspect Bates and Leeds, however, may be able to take it to the courts. We’ll see.

  44. Brian Sains says:

    I think that David Di Michele is showing that he really IS NOT good enough for the prem league. I actually don’t think Carlton Cole is either. Freddie Sears may come good, so to Savio, but we really do miss a fit and proper Ashton. Lets hope he gets fit in the summer.

  45. By the way, I played safe for that bet with Dave the Yank … I put the meat on the top shelf in the kitchen and, guess what… the steaks were too high.



    (Yes, yes, I know I said sausages, but the ‘joke’ doesn’t work if you say the bangers were too high. Shall I go and stand in the corner now, Headmaster?).

  46. Dujon says:

    Carlton Cole is good enough to be in the premier league. Honestly i’ll be worried for any game this season that Carlton Cole doesn’t play in.

  47. IronMick says:

    Brain Sains – I respect your opinion regarding C. Cole but to say he is not good enough for the premier league is totally absurd – surely the performance on Monday showed just how much we miss him.
    One of the most respected coaches in the world (Capello) deems him good enough for international football so I just cannot get my head around your thinking.
    Viva C. Cole

  48. martin keech says:

    SJ Chandos, I agree with what you said, once I had worked it out.

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    What if the settlement with Sheffield Utd does actually achieve closure (providig the FA/PL investigation goes the right way)? What if the lawyers advise Warnock, the players, Leeds Utd, etc, that their best chance for compensation is by taking action against the Blades, not West Ham? Afterall, West Ham have no obligations to them, any obligation is between the Blades and their current/ex-employees.

    I see that Bates has said that any action he takes will be against the Blades, as the settlement takes the Hammers out of the equation. Similarly, Gordon Taylor of the PFA has also indicated that the compensation issue is between the players and Sheffield Utd.

    We could see the focus of further action move towards Sheffield Utd, with the litigators seeking to get their hands on a slice of the £15-25m compo from the Hammers. The problem for the Blades is that they did not include player compensation in their claim. Oh dear! What an ironic form of justice that would be!

    Perhaps West Ham have been smarter then we give them credit for in making this settlement? Just maybe?

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    I see that the players lawyers are making statements, but not issuing no writs. That’s because their case is problematic and they are attempting to use the threat of litigation to lever a voluntary settlement. It could also be because they know that any litigation would be against their club/former club, rather than the Hammers. Not so bad for former players, but very difficult for current players I would have thought.

  51. 10no6 says:

    Please please please let’s see the former blunt players and Weeds United’s Master Bates sue Sh**field United I would absolutely laugh so hard that I think I would just go kaboooom! Eveybody in the room say Aye

  52. IoDHammer says:

    Ken Bates is a dick.

  53. chris says:

    Can someone please tell me!!!!
    Regarding The tevez saga.

    Was Terry brown and his Board in charge at the time.

  54. SwedeHammer says:

    I have been quite the optimist all through the years but the fact still remains. We have lost some of the most vital part of our successful machine, Our midfield has collapsed due to injuries.
    With a superior midfield we can be a winning team even with DMM on top. But we don’t at this point.
    Stats from Monday, showed semi-success in passes…Most of the those passes went backwards!! How many did Green receive?? I don’t think we have to worry about relegation this year..but neither not too many 3-pointers. And by the way, send Warnock over to LA, I’ll show him a friendly place called Compton..and leave his ass there!!

  55. hammeredCalv says:

    chris – no is your answer !

  56. Roymondo says:

    I thought it was still the Terry Brown regime in place when we signed Tevez and Mascherano. Surely the Eggman arrived after them. Or is my senility catching up on me.
    One thing for sure is that Paul Aldridge was CEO and Duxberry was the Legal Director.

  57. SJ Chandos says:

    I can only guess what Compton is SwedeHammer? A inner city ghetto or correctional institution maybe?

  58. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, Brown was in charged when Tevez and Mascherano were signed. GB and Eggy inherited the situation from the tail end of his regime. They can only be held responsible for the club’s conduct after the sale, which includes the first Tribunal and complying with the PL instruction to rip up the third party agreements.

    I wonder, do any new owners have to continue to abid by the Icelandic consortium’s agreement with Brown (i.e. free match seats, etc) or can they discontinue the arrangement once they take over? If a certain ex-player is involved in the new consortium I bet he will check that one out! That would surely be a case of what goes around, comes around!

  59. Gav Hammer says:

    yes it was BROWN in charge at the time … defo 1!!

  60. IronMick says:

    SJ Chandos –
    Listen to an NWA record, it will give you a delightful insight into Compton 😉

  61. SJ Chandos says:

    I think that we all need to be patient with Nsereko. He needs a lot more work before he is going to be anywhere near the finish article. He showed on Monday that those U-tube clips of tremedous skill on the ball, applied to very poor finishing were not mis-leading.

    However, I think that eventually he will play as a striker, using his skill and pace to destroy defences. However, before that happens he needs to learn the skills of a striker (i.e. positional play, creating space, running off the ball, etc) and, in particular finishing.

    In fact, he will be perfect playing as one of three strikers in a 4-3-3, particularly because of his ability to go out wide and give the system some width. Alternately, perhaps he could play in the hole or as the point of a midfield diamond?

    I have always been a fan of Stanislaus and I think he proved his ability on Monday. His potency at dead ball situations his fanastic and that will give a whole new dimesion to the team. Some other prospects to keep an eye on are Balint Banijer, Bondz Ngala, Daniel Kerns and Oliver Lee. But a potential superstar in the making is a young striker called Hall. He is only 15 or 16 and he has featured for the U18s already. Apparently he is some prospect. As E1 would say, happy days!

  62. SJ Chandos says:

    Ok IronMick, NWA it is! That should be a new experience, I am more of an Elton John fan myself! lol.

  63. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Monday’s game was awful. However, we do seem to play better away from UP, so I for one am hopeful that we will get a result at Blackburn this Saturday. However, I can’t believe I am going to say this, I would start with Tristan up front, with Savio playing behind him. We also need a little width on the right, Noble is obviously not the right choice for this role, so how about Lopez? I thought he did ok when he come on against Wigan. Europe? I doubt it, but relegation, no way.

  64. SJ Chandos says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mentioned a 17 year old Spanish central defender called Sanchez. Apparently he was a Barcalona trainee before we got him and he looks a real top class prospect as well.

  65. hammeredCalv says:

    the disputed part of the contract was drawn up under eggy !!

  66. the headmaster says:

    I’m hearing that the burger stall outside Sheff Utd’s ground wants to sue WHU for loss of earnings.

    He figures that if Bates can figure that if Sheff are due compo, then so is he….then so is he – if you catch my drift

  67. phil says:

    Maybe the offal company that supplied the burger stall can sue too…

  68. E1 says:

    I think I am going to take some time out I can’t be bothered with the teves shit anymore or the bad perfomance against WBA.
    All to negative for me this has been a great season and I am sure we all would have taken a top 1/2 finish when the season started so why all the moaning? AND someone mentioned sicknote no hope Ashton !!! He will save us NOT.
    SJ Keep the posative vibes going HAPPY DAYS!!!!

  69. Hammerswest says:

    Graybo, over here in the USofA we don’t need steaks, but bangers are worth their weight in gold. I was drooling at the thought!!

  70. budgie says:

    I would urge anyone to take a look at the brilliant article on “Just Like My Dreams” called Sham 46.

  71. the headmaster says:

    http://jlmd.blogspot.com/ is what the budgie is referring to folks.
    It’s great stuff, not that any of the press hacks will gve it credance!
    make a cup of tea before you start to read it tho – brief it aint!

  72. phil says:

    A good read. I must admit that the thought of all the vultures aiming their claims in the direction of Bramell Lane makes me smile a little. I’d like to see McCabe’s face if writs land at his door from all and sundry wanting a slice of their new found wealth.
    I actually feel sorry for Sheff Utd fans though. Much as I dislike what Duxbury put us through, I’ll be forever grateful they’re not as deplorable as the Sheff Utd owner…and ex-manager…and players. Imagine trying to support that lot.

  73. SJ Chandos says:

    Come on, cheer up E1. You will be buzzing again after Saturday when we do Blackburn Rovers at their place!

  74. SJ Chandos says:

    By the way, I forgot to ask you how the new grandchild’s doing? Chip off the old E1 block?

    It looks like its Tristan leading the line at Ewood Park. Its a case of TINA I am afraid, but its got to be better than continuing with the Sear-Di Michele mis-match. I reckon Stanislaus has got a good chance of retaining his place wide left. At the back, a lot depends whether Upson is fit? If not, then Neill will probably move to centre-half, with Spector coming in at right-back.

    It is a disgrace that Olssen got away with the elbowing of Green. What authority or respect has the FA really got? How come years ago Julian Dicks was tried retrospectively by the FA over the John Spence incident, which was nowhere as deliberate as this. Yet, now they do not want to know. Probably because Sky and Andy Gray were not stirring the shit over the incident.

  75. Roymondo says:

    The best bits of the article on Just Like My Dreams are Warnock saying that he would still be a Premiership manager if West Ham hadn’t played Tevez – no,matey, you resigned and, if you were any good another top side would have taken you on by now. There’s been enough managerial changes since then – and Curbishley’s quotes:
    “It’s fundamentally flawed, I think, the argument that Carlos Tevez kept West Ham up,” he said. “When you think about what goes on in a whole season for the judgment to say that Tevez kept us up, or was the main reason we stayed up, is wrong. Cast your mind back, Tevez didn’t score for 20 games. In the run in in the last nine games we used 13 players which we never had the opportunity to do before because of injuries. People forget we scored a winning goal at Blackburn that didn’t cross the line – so are they going to sue the linesman and the referee?

    We kept a lot of clean sheets. I don’t think any West Ham fans will ever forget the game at Arsenal when Rob Green made about a dozen saves. Bobby Zamora scored two winning goals at home to Everton and away to Arsenal. Bobby Zamora had been out injured and came in for the run-in and was nice and fresh. James Collins came in and was nice and fresh. We brought Mark Noble in and suddenly we had a different team. We managed to keep it together in terms of consistent team selection. It was a fantastic run-in and I always felt the side were good enough to stay up. It was a great escape and it wasn’t down to just one person.”
    This is spot on.

  76. Dujon says:

    SJ Chandos, I believe you are referring to Sergio Sanchez, who currently isn’t even 16 and 6 months. Just looked up the stat he was born Sep 1992. And yes he was ex barcelona

  77. chris says:

    Chandos I like your take on Savio.
    He needs to learn positioning,finishing,movement,etc…
    Anything else!!!!!
    Guess we will see the best of him around 2013,
    Thats about 4 years worth of money before any return.
    not bad!

    with all due respect.

  78. Goatygav says:

    The most comprehensive report I’ve read on “The Tevez Affair.” It was great to get a better understanding of the decision process behind Lord Griffiths’ decision and Trilby makes some excellent comments about Page 46 of Lord Griffiths’ summary as well as the “Chitty on Contracts (29th ed), Vol 1, paragraph 26-038 under the heading ‘Two Causes'” that Lord Griffiths applied to his decision.

  79. Goatygav says:

    Gotta say, Chris, that’s a bit of a cynical take. He’s already made a massive contribution to the 3 points we gained from Man City. I’m sure he will help us put many more points on the board before 2013.

  80. chris says:

    Gav he did contribute at man city, but for 9m I was hoping for more of a finished product to be honest,considering our lack of Goals up front.
    I agree with chandos thou,I also think he will end up somewhere up front.

  81. Brian Sains says:

    Ok guys, i take back comments re Carlton Cole. What i should have said is that i don’t believe he is good enough to take us forward to the next level, which a fit Ashton probably could. We did miss Cole monday, but we were not actually creating chances either, which is what Cole thrives on. I’ll think more next time i write, sorry guys.

  82. Per3z says:

    I think Cole is as good as anyone we’ve seen in the last 4-5 seasons? Possibly a fit Ashton and Zamora were the two other targetmen strikers we had, and I don’t see them winning headers, closing defenders down, using their upper body strength as well as Cole… I’ll be the first to admit that I always thought Cole was championship material… but his performances now show real progress.

    More work on his finishing perhaps? Cole and Savio could maybe get some extra personal tutoring from Zola regarding ball placement and first touch. (Tap on the legend’s skills efore he loses touch!!!)

    And Savio looked good everytime he came on… Think the WBA performance was a one-off… seriously, give it to WBA… they pressed really well in my opinion. The commentators were mentioning that if Cole had been around, we could bypass that tight pressing midfield by lofting balls up to him. So actually, Cole is an a source of chances too!

  83. Roymondo says:

    I agree, Per3z, Cole is as much a source of chances as he is a goalscorer. He holds the ball up and brings others into play. If he had a real “poacher” playing up front with him – someone in the Tony Cottee mould – we would really see how good he is.

  84. D. McCailey says:

    For me Ashton and Cole are our first choice strike pairing – I am a big fan of Ashton once he’s fully fit – he started off this season tremendously well and looked like he’d finally got back to his old self. Cole for me has had a good season and Zola has definitely got the best out of him; I still think he can develop further but do worry that he is a ‘confidence player’.

    As for Savio, there’s no doubt there is potential there. You don’t get voted player of a tournament for no reason. Don’t forget he’s firstly very young and inexperienced, secondly acclimatising to a new country and style of play, and thirdly making a step up from second division football in Italy to the Premier League. The price tag isn’t his fault.

    I personally wouldn’t start him up front as he’s too lightweight like Sears, and I think he needs a season or two really. But, I’d still rather have spent 5(+4) million on him than – well, who else? Darren Bent? Another bit part player from a Premiership club? Let’s face it, if we wanted top notch strikers we’d have to cough up well in excess of 10, 15 million.

    I’m still extremely optimistic about the future. If we lose all our games and finish 4th from bottom, I’ll still be optimistic. Simply because we are a young squad on the up with a young manager and not ageing and on the way down!

    Yeah, we’re down to ‘the bare bones’ and the next few games will be a bit of a struggle, but come on lads, let’s see the bigger picture!

  85. Hockley Hammer says:

    Has anyone got any updates on the fitness of Collins, Dyer or Terry Dixon.

  86. Dujon says:

    Likewise SJ, I have always been a fan of Stanislas, especially when Collison described him as the new guy to watch out for.

    And once again i’m also a fan of this Hall fellow. Robert Hall i think it is. When i heard he scored a great goal to give the U/18s a win I thought that was a great achievement. If only i could get a video of this goal, i would really like to see it.

  87. Completely off-topic, but check out this story in the Daily Fail, and tell me the pic is not Mark Lawrenson…


  88. Oh ha-ha… whoops silly me!! It IS Mark Lawrenson… Red-faced I retire to the kitchen for a cuppa. 😦

  89. IronMick says:

    Hockley Hammer –
    The Physio Room website has return dates for Collins and Dyer as 21stMarch.
    However I would doubt we would see either player start this weekend. We have Tompkins at the back whi I’m my opinion has done great, to the extent that I havn’t really missed ginge. For this reason I doubt he would be risked. Dyer has been out forever so I last 10 minute sub is prob the best we could wish for.
    As for Dixon, I can’t find anysort of date but I know he is progressing well and hopes to make an appearance this season, so I presume he is still a little bit away.

  90. Roymondo says:

    I think that Dixon is a fair way off yet. Only a couple of weeks ago Zola was saying that he had yet to see him play! I don’t think he’s played a competitive game at all yet so it’s next season at the earliest I would think.

  91. chris says:

    1 month ago I took a £200 bet with my spurs inlaw that we would finish above them.
    Should I worry?

  92. chris says:

    Agree with others here stansilas looks a real player!!!
    He should start next,No excuses!!!!

  93. chris says:

    Ashton Cole/dixon
    stanislas parker collinson Dyer
    ilunga upson collins ?

    Am I dreaming?

  94. IronMick says:

    I think your £200 is just about safe mate. We will have Cole back after this weekend which will be vital.
    Not sure what that team is supposed to be – best starting 11 barring injuries I guess but where is Behrami?
    I’m a real fan of Stanislas but lets not forget he has only played a few games and is bound to have a few off days, as we saw the other night with Savio.
    I also hope he takes over from Noble in the free kick/corner department becuase I think that is one of the weakest parts of our game.

  95. Goatygav says:

    I agree with most of the posters on here (Per3z, Roymondo, D McCailey, IronMick) about Cole. He’s grown in stature massively and contributes: –

    ~as a release when we’re under pressure
    ~as a hold up player & in posession retention
    ~chips in with goals (more lately)
    ~Physical Presence from Set Pieces
    ~Bringing other players in
    ~For his knock downs/ons for his strike partner
    ~Spinning his defender with his back to goal

    I could go on. Added to that he’s shown his quality vs some of the best defences in the country. eg. Man Utd (gave Ferdinand and Vidic a hell of a time) & Liverpool.

    He’s growing in stature and confidence all the time. Not only Zola and SC have noticed – Fabio Capello clearly rated him too.

    So if all of our strikers were fit I’d have Ashton and Cole up front all day long.

  96. chris says:

    Ironmick I think Behrami could be our future right back.
    Hes a workhorse type player,I dont think hes that classey on the ball to be first choice in our future midfield.
    I know Stan only played 20 mins against WBA,but he had that quality touch,it was evident.

  97. chris says:

    Gav….Agreed cole is improving.

  98. Goatygav says:

    Yes mate. Never thought I’d hear myself saying it. He’s proved me wrong….. bigtime!

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