Savio or Stanislas?

Who should get the wide berth against Blackburn? Against WBA Savio disappointed, yet for the 25 minutes of his debut appearance Junior Stanislas greatly impressed. He showed skill, dexterity and pace. However, is it really fair to drop Savio after only one appearance?



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  1. bodger says:

    How about both?

    Junior on the left and Savio on the tip of the diamond.
    Boble on the right and Parker deep. Kovac could fill in at centre-back, if Upson is still out.

  2. Johnny Moncs says:

    definately Stan for me!
    looked more comfortable in the wide midfield position
    of the two.Early days for Savio but I dont see him as a wide midfielder which is what the pressing need is at the moment.

  3. Rob says:

    good question, both are young, obviously talented and quick. i’d probably stick with savio as he might produce a moment of majic and score where as i see stanislas a a traditional wideman who would be most effective with a big stricker to get on the end of his crosses

  4. Rob says:

    i mean striker!

  5. djclipz says:

    But to be honest thats exactly what Savio had done until he started!!

    Personally i’d try savio again and bring on stanislas if need be… but oooh i would rather have collison bak right now!

  6. Will says:

    I think stick with Savio and keep his confidence up. Get Tristan up front to give him some help. Sears and DDM did him no favours at all on Monday as they were hiding and he was having to keep it for longer than he would have wanted. Not saying that he played well by any stretch of the imagination but to dump him now may do more harm then good.

  7. Paul M says:

    I say use Lopez or Boa. Keep them both as impact players from the bench

  8. devo says:

    Savio first half Stan the second

  9. Rob says:

    Play both, one on the right one on the left. Both can play each side & just let them both go for it!

    Play Parker & Kovac as a holding midfield & just keep putting the ball out wide!

    We have nothing to lose!!

  10. Neil Warnock says:

    Stan is the real deal and i would love to see him given 90 mins to really prove his worth. If not im speaking with the LMA and im gonna sue the hammers for not playing him as I have a big nose and a tiny willy.

  11. Roy says:

    I desperately want to see Stan get involved with the team as I think he’s a star in the making. All about timing and I’ll leave that to GZ, he knows what he’s doing and how to nurture players.

  12. arjan drissen says:

    both!!we need width and these boys provide it.

  13. Neil Warnock says:

    Thats it im gonna sue as Zola want european football. If my Shitfield united stayed in the league that would have been us as we has Jagielka and all the other big stars like errrrrrr well we had Jakielka. Im sueing the hammers for my european place. Its not fair that my nose is this big i just lie a lot like pinochio. Im a great premiership manager honestly

  14. Jaime says:

    Give it to Stanislas. He showed me more in 20 minutes then Savio did in the 70 beforehand.

  15. Ray Moore says:

    Is Cole still suspended? if cole is playing i would say stan with some of the crosses he was suppling on monday cole might be able to get on the end of them. Tristan might be able to get on to a few of his crosses too, Tristan is not quick on the ground but might be ok in the air.

  16. JACK collison IS god says:


  17. devo says:

    I see that a few clubs are rounding on that northern club according to the daily brain trouser cough

  18. scott says:

    savio didn’t have his best game on monday but he looked more likely than anyone else to produce anything. i think he’s a forward not a midfielder so stick him upfront in stead of sears and have stan in midfield noble kovac and ooo scotty parker as well. has anyone else noticed that we never seem to have 2 natural wingers in our team? it would always be just matty on left, or boa, or savio, or stan etc etc but then nobody on the other side. a natural right winger as well as a new front line would be nice in the summer.

  19. chris says:

    Why not both?
    One on each wing.

  20. chris says:

    My midfield/forwards for blackburn.
    di michele savio
    LBM kovac parker stanislas

  21. SwedeHammer says:

    A thing about DDM is that I find him at times being a superb play maker but a terrible finisher. The last goal (goal of the month) was a great part due to his direct passing and there was moments even during W. Brom. The down side, 86 minutes of the match, he is nowhere to be found. I do think Stanislas is the player to bring out more of that.

  22. djclipz says:

    LOL Neil Warnock

    Yeh the strikers def didn’t help out savio’s cause, he is there to provide and create things but there was no where to send a final ball, hence why cole works well and supports players when he drops or holds up the ball.

    I worry about tristan as the replacement, but we have to do something we were too lightweight up front against west brom and blackburn don’t have a back four of push overs nor a manager that has ever managed to play good football. we need strength and brute force to box them in.

  23. woodford roy says:

    Would like to see Stanislas on the left as he looked sharp and interested when he came on. The main thing is not to play Sears and Di Michele together – they are so lightweight and ineffectual as a pairing. How about Tristan and Savio upfront? Also, if Kovac plays he has to be in a central role – either in midfield or at the back – he doesn’t have the pace to play out wide and went missing in the second half.

  24. chris says:

    stanislas has a quality touch,you could see it,fast feet, an the ball always under control right on his toe.
    I’m really excited about this fella bigtime,
    Play him again and again even If he plays a stinker he will come good in the end.

  25. chris says:

    Tristan no way dont matter how big he is,he cant run!!!!

  26. MrR3NO says:

    Stanislas on the wing with Savio right behind Tristan. If we start like this then we can bring DDM or LBM on later depending how the match unfolds.

    Savio and Stanislas are great talents. Also Blackburn will be without Santa Cruz so why not take a chance on them?

  27. woodford roy says:

    your right about Tristan not running but Di Michele doesn’t rum much either, gives the ball away all the time and has zero physical presence which means that any long balls or 50/50s come straight back and put us on the defensive. I’m only suggesting giving Tristan a go because he will give us a target, albeit a slow lump with poor touch.

  28. Per3z says:

    Hmmm… think Tristan is out… I’m not following the roster for the Reserves, but from the match reports I read, if he did play, he didn’t score much…

    He’s only been involved in a handful of matches ever since signing, and Zola and Clarke surely have a reason for not rating him…

    Isn’t Stanislas a right winger, to my knowledge? I observed that he always cut back to his right leg during the WBA game.

    Savio left, Junior right, and DDM in the centre for a 3 man forward line? Parker, Kovac and Noble in a hardworking tackling midfield… then get Noble and Kovac to do late runs into the box for crosses. From what I’ve seen, Savio is actually a very good crosser of the ball… and Stanislas proved he can hit some too!

    LOL. what’s e bookmakers’ odds for DDM scoring from a header this week?

  29. Per3z says:

    Out = not a good choice =)

  30. Tevezgate says:

    Agreed Chris, surely Tristan must be on the first plane home at the end of the season, utter waste of space. For my money Stan must start on Saturday, the salient point being that he has far more experience of the English game and won’t get rag-dolled the way Savio has been so far.

  31. generalpractice says:

    Play them both out wide either side.
    If we are safe from relegation let’s blood more of the kids. Can’t see us getting much from this one to be honest. After witnessing us on Monday night, the best we can hope for is a draw.

  32. tommo says:

    Has to be Stan the man for me,cannot believe how bad a player savoloy is ,what a waste of money!!,as for that other pumphead Kovac,if u want someone to face your own goal for 90 mins and just keep receiving passes off your centre halfs and then pass the ball out to our full backs i will give Zola and Clarke a call ,cause im your man!,phewwwww thats better lads.

  33. jeffreybubbles says:

    I don’t think Ilunga helped savio much against west brom as he had a rare bad game,so i would try savio again & hope Ilunga has a better game,& supports savio a little bit more,if that makes sense.I’d give LBM a chance up front with DDM,then bring on Tristian on later if nothings happened.Maybe then try Stanislas later also,say for Noble or Savio.

  34. Kim says:

    I agree with the majority of posts – have them both on. It would work better with them just behind Cole but let them get a game under their belt and then they can play behind Cole in the next one.

  35. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    stan’s the man, a natural winger and still on form from his loan spell at the curzel. savio seems more of a striker, eventually, as zola stated. we miss the width that matty etherington could give us on occasion and it would help getting past the back line instead of having to run into a dead end like DDM does time after time. anyone who can break away and put in 5 or 6 decent crosses a game gives us another option and chance of getting something in the net if anyone gets on the end of it.

  36. Chris Davison says:

    Sitting in the Bobby Moore lower i had a good view of Stanislas when he came on. He had some good touches, but is not really good enough to play on the left for me, as he was always looking to get the ball onto his right foot. I would, however consider him on the right, to cover for Behrami. As for the left hand side, we have a bit of a problem. Can we loan back Etherington…….?

  37. upton spark says:

    Cole is still out so I would play Savio up front with a n other and have Stanislas out wide.
    We have a problem with a shortage of decent front men especially when Cole is missing,so it will not hurt to try something on these lines and at least it shows we are a commited team rather than a hesitant one who goes on the defensive when things get tough.

  38. Eric says:

    Look at what the squad is becoming. Stansilas, Illunga, Tompkins, Colly, Savio…
    Fixing up for a fantastic young team slowly but surely.


  39. E1 says:

    BOTH !!!!
    One left, One right, Tristan or lbm up front with ddm
    kovach with parker centre.
    Neil Tomkins Upson or N’Gala and Illunga at the back. 2-1 to the irons happy day’s

  40. D. McCailey says:

    I personally wouldn’t start with either of them as we’re away to Blackburn and I’m not sure either of them would have the physical presence for a ruck, er match like that. Definitely have them both on the bench, although I read on the whufc website that Savio got a knock on the kneecap and will have a fitness test on Friday, as will Upson.

    My starting XI would be:

    Neill Tomkins Upson Ilunga
    Noble Parker Kovac LBM
    DDM Tristan

    If Upson is out, then I’d pull Kovac back to centre back and play Sears up front in a 4-3-3. Use Savio, Stanislas and Dyer from the bench.

    If I had to choose between Savio and Stanislas, I’d go for Stan on this occasion as he showed more last game and Savio’s had a knock.

  41. CC says:

    Gotta be Savio… no doubt about it.

    One of our aims for the remaining games this season (whcih has the capacity to fizzle out if last Mondays game is anything to go by) should be to give him some game time. He’s obviously got ability…but the step up from Serie-B to Premiership will take time, so he needs gametime to develop. Look at how Cole developed this year when Zola did some coaching AND he got minutes on the park. Stanislas may be a good long term prospect, but not now.

    LBM should be used as impact sub (if we want a heap of sliding tackles thrown in with 15 minutes to go). His future obvioulsy isn’t at the club, so we need to use him sparingly and only if really really required…

    So, priority is to develop Savio, then use LBM and Junior as required… with an eye on Junior for the future.. and an eye on LBM out the door.

  42. DevoDevo says:

    I really can’t believe that people are still selecting tristan and DDM in their starting line ups!

    Tristan is a poor joke of his former self and has as much pace as a funeral cortege. Di Michele has tricky tootsies and cute flicks that normally end up going to the opposition. His shooting is abysmal, his passing is rank and we found out on Monday that he can’t head the ball either.

    As for Savio; I don’t share the common view on here that he had a bad game. I lost count of the times he got in good positions only for passes to be overhit to him. He needs time and does his fair of shift work in defence – give him a chance for God’s sake!

    I like Stanislas and would start with him. I don’t think Kovac and parker offer any creativity and for that reason i would select Noble to play the forward role in front of Scotty. Despite having an under par season, Nobes still has an eye for a killer pass.

    The lack of a big front man was really evident against the Baggies and has to be addressed ASAP. Tristan, however is not the solution.

    Has all the makings of another 0-0, especially with Santa Cruz out, I would go with:

    Upson (Kovac)

  43. D&G says:

    From what I have seen so far we have been seriously tucked up regarding the Savio signing and has so far proved my fear that they have bought a player on one competition merit.

    That mistake has been made so many times in the past buying a player that shone in a Euro/World tournament only to find out they are a one trick pony.

    Savio is weak and has absolutely NO end product whatsoever that you would at least see. Yeah so nice one touches and quick but if you don’t know where the goal is and you cant cross what is the point?

    To think this fella might cost us 10million!……

  44. chris says:

    Seems we’re all split over savio.
    He cant be judged on one game thats unfair.
    I’ll only judged after he plays a few games upfront.
    One outing on the left when your right footed is stuff.
    many players have failed at clubs in the wrong places.
    T.Henry inter winger to arsenal striker!

  45. chris says:


  46. GothenburgHammer says:

    i think zola him self should start,all he needs is to get a freekick.bada bing bada boom.goal.

  47. Goatygav says:

    Would love to see them on either flank.

    Kovacs should drop to CB alongside Tomka. Neill defo needs to stay at RB and Ilunga left.

    Loved the suggestions from Bodger and Devo.

    As we have nothing to lose I reckon we should go with Parker Holding and Di Michele more advanced forward. Cole and Tristan (he’s not really had a chance to show what he’s about has he?) up front.

    Of course we couldn’t do this vs Blackburn as Cole is still injured. For that game I’d like to see:-



    Junior Stanislas
    Di Michele

    Have we got any players left for the bench? 😀


  48. HappyHammer4 says:

    For me, Stanislas should start out wide in place of Savio, natural width & ability…. but lets try Savio up top…he’s raw, has pace to burn & would surely frighten any backline….he’s an unknown quanity…even to us hammers! Go on Zola, give it a go!

  49. chris says:

    Tristan Gav no way hes pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  50. chris says:

    I would rather LBM upfront than tristan

  51. phil says:

    I think the main thing is width. It seems the really poor performances have all involved trying to short pass our way through the middle of the opposition. How about Stan on the right, Lopez on the left and Savio as the second striker with DDM (no other choice). I know there’s no-one with much presence but without Cole we have no choice.
    Neill, Tomkins, Upson/Kovac, Ilunga
    Lopez, Parker, Noble, Stanislas
    Savio, Di Michele

  52. chris says:

    Hold on! Ive just Heard Bajner(or however you spell it) is on the bench for blackburn game. Is he the tall 18year old youth player. meant to be mustard so my pal says sitting next to me.

  53. Neil Warnock says:

    I hav a tiny willy and a huge ugly nose. Im sueing west ham for this

  54. Martin of Surbiton says:

    The Independent has a pretty good track record, as acknowledged in these pages, of accurate and even-handed reporting (a) of Premiership games in general and (b) of the various problems that have beset our club recently. On the other hand, they employ Nelly Warlock to write a pathetic diary each week – inconsequential drivel is as good as it gets. It is hard to believe that my fellow Indy readers give a f@@k about William Warlock’s existence, let alone any detail of his pampered life.

    Anyway, it’s encouraging to hear from the great man himself in this blog; I can hardly wait for Saturday to hear you enlarge on the comments you have leaked above regarding your willy and nose.

    If, dear Nelly, you actually put your wallet where your immoderate mouth is and attempt to sue West Ham for compensation resulting from your incompetence, I would welcome contributions from you all to my letter to the Indy Editor. I think he needs to understand what an egregious sh*t he is paying good money to.

    Back to the thread, it cannot get much worse than Monday, so let’s assume Ilunga and others get back to their best, and also we have 40 points and it is inconceivable that we will not get as few as 4 points from 10 more games to make us absolutely secure, so I would definitely go for Savio and Stan but not starting necessarily – Savio can replace LBM for example around half time and Junior S ready to come on to replace any number of people depending how it goes with injuries or yellow cards.

  55. E1 says:

    I thought bajner was injured ? Problem solved if his not.
    Upson or N’Gala or Kovac
    Very young team but hungry and have pace this team would make Villa look slow.

  56. E1 says:

    OOPS ! forgot Ilunga

  57. Goatygav says:

    Agreed mate – he has been pants. Far as I know, though, he’s only had 2 very brief opportunities. He needs to clock up a few more minutes on the pitch ’til I’ll pass judgement.

  58. Goatygav says:

    Can’t believe I’m watching the Man City game going to penalties. How have they thrown away a 2 goal lead against these part timers.

  59. phil says:

    If Man City were to win the UEFA cup I believe they would take the Europa spot from 7th place. Come on you Danes!

  60. phil says:


  61. SJ Chandos says:

    I would play Stanislaus on the right and Lopez on the left for the Blackburn game. With Noble and Parker in central midfield. Up front I would go with Tristan and Sears. I would put Kovac, Nsereko and Di Michele on the bench, along with Banjier, Ngala, Latuvska and Payne.

    At the back, a lot depends on Upson’s availability. If he is not fit I would play Spector, Neill, Tomkins and Illunga in front of Green.

    The non-available of Santa Cruz is a real bonus. We can definitely get a result if we apply ourselves and play like professionals, who have shared a training pitch all week, rather than bunch of unfit strangers pressed into a Sunday morning league pub side, after a heavy drinking session on the Saturday night! I think that pretty accurately sums up the ineptitude of the WBA performance!

    Nsereko is a rough diamond, he needs cutting and polishing to see the final product. I think he has done well so far, especially against Man City. The fact is that only Green, Neill, Tomkins and Stanislaus had good games on Monday. The formation did not work and too many players were way off the form. In those circumstances a draw was a good result, even against WBA.

    We need to get back to the fighting spirit and cohesion that we saw against Wigan. I reckon we will see it and we will beat then 1-2.

  62. chris says:

    sorry chandos cant see us scoring again!
    0-0 draw I’m hoping.

  63. SJ Chandos says:

    Give Tristan an hour, if he is not at the races throw on Banjier for his debut. I also reckon that Nsereko will come on from the bench at some point, especially if we are chasing the game.

    Whatever way, expect a very hard battle. They are fighting for their lives and we need to come with the right attitude and work ethic to succeed.

  64. SJ Chandos says:

    What never scoring again, ever? That’s a bit pessimistic Chris! lol.

    No seriously, I am sure we both hope that the goals start to flow. They should have pulled out all the stops out to sign another striker in January, we are suffering for that now.

  65. bazzahammer says:

    the team we need atm

    1. Green
    2. Spector
    3. Tomkins
    4. Neill
    5. Ilunga
    6. Stanilas
    7. Parker
    8. Noble
    9. Luis Boa Shitty
    10. David Di Michelle
    11. Savio

    (sigh) but you just know all our ideas are not gonna come true! *sob* *sob* 😦

  66. SJ Chandos says:

    Parker is playing the best football of his career at present. We badly need to see Noble get back to something near his best. To achieve that he needs to be played in central midfield alongside Parker, rather than out wide.

    Neill and Tomkins will probably be up against Roberts and McCathy, who are a real handful on their day. However, they can contain their physciality. James Tomkins is really coming on leaps and bounds this season, he has really stepped up to the plate since Collins got injured. While Neill is quite effective filling in at centre half.

    I think that a lot will depend on attitude. If the West Ham of Monday night turn up we will lose, if they show the fight and cohesion of the Wigan match, they have every chance of taking the 3 points.

  67. SJ Chandos says:

    Changing the subject for a moment. What do you reckon on this as a select XI, plus subs, for the Tony Carr Testimonial?

    1. D. James – Portsmouth
    2. G. Johnson – Portsmoth
    3. A. Ferdinand – Sunderland
    4. M. Carrick – Man Utd
    5. J. Terry – Chelsea
    6. R. Ferdinand(Capt) – Man Utd
    7. K. Richarson – Sunderland
    8. F. Lampard – Chelsea
    9. J. Defoe – Spurs
    10. J. Cole – Chelsea
    11. C. Tevez – Man Utd

    12. S. Bywater – Derby County
    13. J. Samuels – Bolton
    14. J. Mascherano – Liverpool
    15. F. Kanute – Sevilla
    16. Y. Benayoun – Liverpool
    17. C. Bellamy – Man City
    18. N. Reo-Coker – Aston Villa

    It might give us a taste of what might have been.

  68. SJ Chandos says:

    I think we might have to draft a few guest players in to our team to give that lot a game!

  69. SJ Chandos says:

    Perhaps they could even tempt Di canio and Zola to get their boots on again for 30 minutes? They would probably still be the two best players on the pitch!

  70. SJ Chandos says:

    The select XI to be managed by Harry Redknapp, just to add a bit more spice! lol.

  71. SJ Chandos says:

    Lord Griffths thy name is ‘legal anarchy.’ PL/FA act now to stop this madness before it destroys the governance of the game in England!

  72. Per3z says:

    Savio seems to have the tendency to cut inside/ drift all over the field, where he has more space. From my opinion he was quality when he came on the last few times off the bench. He made 2 goals right? One from the corner, and the mancity one. (and he does corner better than Noble, surely)

    He seems like the Henry/Zola type of striker then? Or the Benayoun/JoeCole type of midfielder. I like the energy he gave us everytime he came on (someone check that we didn’t have Savie Nserenko coming up for the WBA game instead?) He looks potential. (remember joe cole also used to run around headlessly and try fanciful stuff a bit too much?)

    Question for everyone here: do you think retaining DDM after this season will be a good choice? (please take into account the obvious need for both the big and small strikers position strengthened or backup-ed)

  73. Dujon says:

    I say both. Savio as a Striker and Junior in midfield.

    I would like that as i believe Savio can score goals for us, even so early in his career (of soccer and westham). Having Savio and Stan on the wings however would be an awesome partnership i reckon. The centre mids would have a young exciting and extremely quick player on either side of them.

  74. personally i think savio is playing out of position, if savio started in di michele’s position i’m sure we would get the best out of him. ad then JR. wide left. think its time to let rip on blckburn to open up a points gap. team should be:

    NEILL (C)

  75. Roymondo says:

    I think that Zola will be conservative in his line-up for Blackburn and play a single striker with a five man midfield. Assuming Upson is fit the back 5 picks itself. He could play a midfield of Spector, Noble, Parker, Kovac and LBM with DDM up front on his own wandering around ineffectively.
    I don’t necessarily agree with this line-up but Zola seems to rate DDM above Sears and Tristan and I reckon he will see this game as one not to play the youngsters. A full debut for Stan against Sunderland next week maybe. With Savio starting as well? Possibly. But for this one I think he’ll stick with experience.

  76. Roymondo says:

    But if Upson is not fit, however, he’ll probably move Neill into the centre, Spector to right back and bring Devonshire into midfield. This will create a place on the bench for Di Canio with Hurst and Brooking missing out again.

  77. DDM up front on his own is not going to work. To say that he has rare moments of skill/talent is an understatement. He always has a surprised look on his face when his shot ends up at the corner flag – but he doesn’t fool me. Bring back Cottee & McAvennie ….

  78. Shropshire Hammer says:

    To give DDM some credit, he did work hard on his own at Wigan after CC was sent off, however, I still feel Savio behind Tristan, with Parker and Noble in the middle, Stan & Lopez either side. Sorry. I just can’t pick LBM for a starting place, but give him and DDM a place on the bench. Anyway, I am looking forward to the game regardless, as off travelling after this one. If ‘Auckland’ Hammer comes back on this site, let me know off any places in Auckalnd where I can catch some games? COYI

  79. Dujon says:

    I honestly think we need Savio up front to give us some pace and flare. DDM can provide some nice touches which he has shown against hull and that genious one against wigan.

  80. Storm says:

    Savio was brought in as a foward, can we start playing him there please!! he just dosent look right on the wing, although he can swing in a mean ball from time to time. Savio and Di michele up front for me.

  81. Kenthammer says:

    Might be academic as Savio may be carrying a knock. If he’s fit I’d start him up with Di Mick and slot Stan in on the left. If DDM has 55-60mins without joy, replace with Tristan or Bajner.

  82. Serbia 4 Hammers says:

    Stanislas all the way…we all know that west ham academy is way better than brescia…and he loves West Ham…and for me…from what i’ve saw,way better dribler and crosser…DI MICHELE OUT!!!!!

  83. Serbia 4 Hammers says:

    And Sears was very good against wba…he’s gonna be CLASS…like Cass…heheheh !! From Serbia!!!

  84. MB says:


    Stanislas – Parker – Noble

    Ilunga – Upson – Tomkins – Neill


  85. Rob says:

    i cant believe people jusdge savio on that game. and stanislas for that matter he could be good on the left we never know straight away. here is what i would do tomorrow:


    Niel (C)




    this is assuming upson is out, and also dyer could be in contention he has trained this week.

  86. chris says:

    Savio di michele
    Lbm parker noble stansilas
    ilunga kovac tomkins neil

    Hope he plays this team Not Ideal but….
    Not a fan of right footers on the left never have been unless their 2 footed.
    LBM not ideal but He will put his boot in like blackburn are gunna do.Hes due at least 1 good game. remember that last game of the season!
    I like pace up front and out wide so…….

  87. chris says:

    Almost agree with you rob except spector.
    Ok as a right back when he can slide in, but at centre half he pushes the forwards in the back to much,giving away to many free kicks.

  88. D&G says:

    I will say 1 billion more times if I have to SAVIO IS NOT A GOAL SCORER!

    He is a winger who cant score or cross or pass and has cost us over 7million quid for the pleasure. People going on about him being young and all that.

    Yeah if he is from our youth but when you shell out that amount of money at his age you expect something special, I haven’t seen anything special from him!

  89. chris says:

    D G …Calm down mate hes only played one game.
    Lets judge after a few.
    Man utd fans Were seething when say shelled out money on Jap Stam.

  90. D&G says:

    No I am fed up with us continually getting tucked up with poor signings. As a club they never learn!

    Someone seriously saw us coming regarding this kid same goes for Di Mechele who’s wages we are paying (whatever it may be) is a sin.

    Let me also add:-

    Neill (not worth the vast sum we are paying)
    etc etc etc yep I can keep rolling them off if you want.

  91. E1 says:

    D&G : you forgot ashton and dyer, savio is a better prospect than either of em, he is more likley to play more than 5 games given the chance. So far he has not done to bad and is still bedding in he did’nt get player of the tournement in the U19’s euro’s for nothing. Purhaps you should cast your mind back to some of the other youngsters that have come through like Rio made a lot of mistakes carrick gave the ball away more often than not joe cole could be pushed off the ball with ease,savio needs time and some of us should learn that support is what is needed to help develope confidence.
    IMHO you and many others expectations for this season are to high we will finish higher than last season we have a good manager who has brought some of our young players through and is contiuing to do so, as well as bringing some useful players.We had a decent cup run albeit and bad finnish but yes overall we have had a bloody good season and it ain’t over yet we could still get into europe if we don’t there’s always next season to improve further..

  92. SJ Chandos says:

    Yep that’s absolutely right E1, people only see the Rio Ferdinands and Joey Coles as they are now, the finished products. Ferdinand was very prone to lapses in concentration in his early years; whilst Joey Cole initially looked very lightweight and had a shot on him like a 12 year old!

    We really do need to cut the youngsters some slack. I am confident that Nsereko, like Freddie Sears will become very important players for us. Zola is playing the long game with these youngsters, I think he actually surprised that Nsereko has shown as much as he has this season.

    I hear the Terry Dixon has gone down with a calf strain. He is another one that needs our patience. Apparently the knee is fine, but his lack of fitness means that he is picking up niggles in training. I think he will more than likely now be ready next season, rather then this one. The last thing we want to see is Dixon rushed in to the first team and him picking up another, more serious injury as a result!

  93. SJ Chandos says:

    The club website makes good reading that bodes well for the future. Noble, Tomkins, Sears, Spence and Hall all gaining representative England honours at
    U-21, U-20, U-19 and U16 levels.

    This provides a clear indication of the talent that is on the rise at Upton Park. And we should all be proud and excited about the future.

  94. E1 says:

    SJ: Thanks for asking My grand daughter is doing fine and so is mum,who I might add is already nagging me about her next trip to upton park lol.
    I am getting a bit fed up with all the negatives on here lately and I am finding it quite hard to find much to say in way of a response.
    Still I can get some comfort from the fact that I but money on us finishing in the top 8 with 50 points at the begining of the season at 50/1
    As I always say HAPPY DAY’S !!

  95. Dujon says:

    D & G. WOW.

    Savio set up Collison’s goal with a shot/cross. and to say he can’t shoot. Have you seen some of his videos? Some fantastic shots there. I believe he will become vital for Westham. I reckon he will perform excellently against blackburn, if not then deffinately in the next few games.

    He’s added spark when we’ve been needing it (from cameo appearances), and i along with many others fail to believe how you could judge him so harshly.

  96. SJ Chandos says:

    E1, I am glad to hear all is well with the new addition to your family and, of course, your daughter.

    That’s some bet that you have got riding there. I think that you have a very good chance of it coming in, so keep your chin up. Honestly, who on here (optimist or pessimist) would not want that betting slip in their back pocket going in to the last nine games?

    The debate on here has swung from the deep, dark dispair of the Tottenham defeat in December to the high of the manner of the victory over Hull City. It has been a bit of an up and down season, but overall there has been real progress. And that is something of which we must not lose sight.

    Zola has the team playing with real style, our youth system is producing pure gold, players abilities are being significantly developed (i.e. Carlton Cole), the senior management of the club (i.e. the Board) have vision and a back bone at long last; and the projected meltdown/fire sale of players has not happened (much to the press’s chargin!).

    I am sure that the season will end on an high. I also have expectations that there will be investment in the club soon that will allow Zola to start fashioning his squad. If injuries ruin our EUFA challenge then, as you have pointed out, we brush ourselves down, review and build on the progress achieved, and go for it again in 2009/10.

    As for negative vibes, I think it good that the opposite point of view is aired. It keeps our feet on the ground, even if it sometimes leaves us with our heads in our hands! lol.

  97. SJ Chandos says:

    ‘Negative vibes,’ shades of Donald Sutherland’s hippy Sherman tank driver in that old Clint Eastwood WW2/heist movie, the title of which escapes me at this late hour! Time to call it a night, methinks!

  98. SJ Chandos says:

    Two things strike me about Warnock’s peice. Firstly, the role of the hacks in creating/manipulating these news stories. Do newspapers create news or just report it, yeah right!

    It is obvious from this that he is no where near issuing a writ. And the same goes for the Blades’ rubbish (ex)players!

    Secondly, the irony of his ‘if you break the rules you will get punished, eventually’ statement. Well actually no Neill, not always, the Blades broke the very same rules in he cases of both Kabba & Spring and got away from it very nicely, thank you! The hypocrisy makes you sick.

  99. colin says:

    S J CHANDOS The firm was called Murphy’s Gold

  100. E1 says:

    Colin : Sorry mate the film was Kelly’s Hero’s

  101. E1 says:

    Anyone wanting to watch the game today ATDHE.NET are showing it.
    My prediction for today a hard fought match not unlike the wigan game, but with a real REF.
    0-1 to the irons !! 43 pts. HAPPY DAY’s.
    We could do with pompey hull and sunderland winning and creating a bit more of a gap between us and 8th. The spuds would slip down a bit as well as they are playing chelski Man u should do fulham

  102. colin says:

    lm a twit!!! cause it was, also hope your right about the score.The way we played the other night ,l don’t think we had a goal in us.

  103. Dujon says:

    I’m positive if Savio players striker he will have a few very good chances, hopefully some of them going in. come on westham !

  104. mokumhammer says:

    Dujon – Savio is not a striker.

    Instead of using the money we got from the sale of Bellamy, to use on a replacement striker, we wasted it on another (poor) midfielder. Stanislas will step up a gear & replace him next season, & we’ll be lumbered with him – 9 million – we were seriously tucked up

  105. Justin says:

    I thought Boa Morte gave us more balance when he came on the other night….I never thought I’d say this, but I think he should play today……

  106. big dave says:

    savio up top for useless sears and stanislas on the wing.

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