Vote: Blackburn Player Performances

Click HERE to rate the players who played in the Blackburn game. Give them points from 1-10. Only vote for players who actually played at least 15 minutes.

And only vote if you actually SAW the match live or on a stream.

The result will be published tomorrow.


24 Responses to Vote: Blackburn Player Performances

  1. HammersWest says:

    Can’t believe I did that but Neill my man of the match, he certainly saved us repeatedly, Tomka also good, lost the stream for two minutes and didn’t see the goal, but well done Nobes on his 100th West Ham appearance. great to see Dyer back out there, you’ll have to add him to the list Iain. I consider it a point gained, and boy do we miss Cole!!

  2. brooking still the best says:

    I know Dyer might quite not of played 15mins but you will have to start adding his name on the voting list

  3. brooking still the best says:

    Neil was deffo man of the Match! What do you say about that Iain?

  4. Hammered in Singapore says:

    Lucas Neil was Man of the Match by a long way, an excellent performance.
    Tomkins played very well too.
    Noble ran and ran, took his goal really well
    Overall it was good to see a West Ham side not buckle under the onslaught, in years gone by we would have been beaten. Only Michele and Tristan looked off the pace.
    Good to see Dyer back, his pace with Cole upfront could bode well for the last few games. He should have had a penalty – but then Nobles goal had hints of offside to it
    7th place will be a battle all the way down to the wire.

  5. chris says:

    Great point we have done well to get anything with our injuries,did anyone see Dyer limping at the end?
    Noble showed some great passes.
    We should of made an earlier change in the second half,Tristan and Di michele couldn’t hold the ball up ,it was coming straight back,we could of conceded.

    No more Tristan please waste of space.

  6. chris says:

    Cant see us making europe,but I dont want UEFA cup anyway.

  7. DevoDevo says:

    Never saw anything today due to work commitments but Setanta have given Neill 9.5 !

    He does look more comfortable in the centre that’s for sure, sounds like Tomka’s reputation continues to grow as well?

    Good to see Dyer back, unlike chris to be negative, I heard we should have had a pen when he was brought down by Samba. Any thoughts?

  8. USHammer says:

    Neill was top man today but I must give a mention to the much maligned Luis Boa Morte. He left everything on the pitch and played an important role in the goal. He gave us some width. It was a bit difficult for Tristan today having to play lone striker. He did look a little slow but that also had much to do with the role he was required to play today. I agree with many that he has not looked the part but I also believe the talent is still there. Like Cole he may just need an opportunity to get a run together. Unfortunately, we really aren’t in a position to give him that time. We need more proven strikers with current form to hold off the also rans for 7th spot. I thought DiMichelle was somewhat anonymous today. Great to see Dyer on the pitch. He showed he’s still a little something special despite the lay off and he certainly had earned a penalty.

  9. HammersWest says:

    Agree about LBM he worked hard and set up some good plays, made a few blunders too, but the good defo outweighed the bad. Tristan I felt had no service so unfair to judge on today, but DDM was weak and didn’t drop back to help as much as he should.

  10. Kim says:

    I also can’t believe that Neill is my MOM. He just seems far more comfortable in the centre. He has a great footballing brain but no pace so he gets time there. I thought the whole team battled well against a physical side. In answer to Devo Devo’s question – yes we should have had a penaly but then again our goal should have been disallowed so evens I guess!

  11. Johnny Moncs says:

    Neil, Tomkins, Greeno and Kovac were superb.Noble and Parker , good.

    I never thought I see myself saying how much we missed Cole, but he is now so critical to our match play with his ability to hold the ball up,allowing midfielders to push forward and the defence to push up is now so crtical to us , especially away from home. Today we had nothing upfront(sorry Tristan and Di Michele)and the ball repeatedly came back when kicked up field.This put immense pressure on the back line but all the above were superb today, allowing us to hold onto the point.


  12. mokumhammer says:

    Tristan and Di Michele – possibly the worst performance in a whufc shirt in 10 years?

    Neill was fired up – for getting an elbow to head in the first 10 minutes, which he refused forget. Should of been a straight red as well. Linesman (3 metres away) bottled it. Man of the match – by a country mile.

  13. Glad to see a slight mellowing on here, in appreciation of everyone’s efforts. I’m pleased to see people getting off LBM’s back, and I’ll hold my hand up to being critical of Neill and am pleased to hear good reports of his play today. Didn’t see the match.

    My gripe with Neill has always been his carelessness in conceding stupid free-kicks and pens, and arguing with refs. I hope he can iron these things out of his game.

    The thing we all need to appreciate is that things are never black and white and that generally we’re having a good season with much to be optimistic about.

    We won’t be relegated, we won’t qualify for Europe, but who wants to be in the Europa Cup, anyway? Champions League or nothing, I reckon.

    Harry and Martin O’Neil obviously saw it as an irritation.

    I really hope to see Sears and the other youngsters develop and I will say it again… I’d love to him and others come good at our club rather than elsewhere.

    Someone made the point elsewhere that Ferdinand and Joe Cole were flawed here but have developed into World Class players.

    You could add many others to that list.

    Let’s start celebrating what we have, show a bit of patience and faith, and give the guys reasons to be pleased to be playing at Upton Park.

  14. Shropshire Hammer says:

    I have to mark Tomkins on a par with Neil, both were superb. We had to withstand a hell of a lot of pressure, Blackburn are certainly playing the ‘Big Sam’ way (Bolton in disguise?) but to our credit we didn’t buckle. As others have said, even though I didn’t really want him in the starting line up, LBM did work really hard for the team and deserved his ovation when he left the pitch. Kovacs gets bettereach game, although he does occasionally run around like a headless chicken! Noble scored, yes, but he also gave the ball away too many times. Parker was solid, again, but Di Michele & Tristan were a waste of space. Dyer’s contribution was to suddenly give us a pacey outlet up front and he almost won us the game, but a penalty would have been a little harsh. Finally, a fantastic turn out, 2,500 for a ‘nothing’ sort of game, what support we have! COYI

  15. DevoDevo says:

    Good posts, fellas. Graybo is spot on, Neill constantly gets out paced on the flanks but has the brain and experience to combat that in the centre.

    I’m pleased LBM got some kudus as I have constantly fought his corner on here this season. The more he feels appreciated the more you’ll get back from him.

    Tomkins is looking more and more like the next Rio IMO and I look forward to watching his performance tonight.

    Finally, after the last few performances without him, hopefully the last of the idiots will get off CC’c back and realise we now possess the best English target man in the Premiership.

    2 games that at the start of the season we would have lost, we have nicked 2 points. Let’s at least stay above Spurs…….

  16. HammersWest says:

    just saw this while surfing –

  17. Dujon says:

    Oh how much do we miss Cole. I honestly feel Stanislas should have been brought on as a striker, if our second half wasnt up to scratch (i havent watched it yet). He’d be so refreshing with his pace and ball skills, and im sure his accurate kick could at least do something.

  18. Roymondo says:

    I swore that I would never go back to Blackburn again as I hate it there (just irrational prejudice) but off I went anyway. It really is easy to understand why Newcastle fans didn’t take to Allardyce. He’s turned Blackburn into another Bolton. Big boot, long throws, nothing on the deck. It was interesting to see that players he has got who can actually play, like Dunn and Tuncay, don’t make the line-up. I really couldn’t watch that rubbish every week.
    Anyway, they battered us, particularly in the second half and, in the end, it was a good point won. When they scored early in the second half I thought they might go on and get 3 or 4. The fact that they didn’t says a lot about the fighting qualities we now have.
    Our biggest problem was that when we got the ball away it just came back as Tristan and DDM couldn’t hold it up at all and this put extra pressure on the midfield and defence. I thought these two were appallingly useless and showed exactly how much we missed Carlton Cole.
    Green did OK considering he was battered at every corner and cross. Neill and Tomkins were excellent and Kovac had a decent game as well.
    The Dyer penalty shout was a non-runner and Tristan’s free kick towards the end was laughable. We really do need someone who can be effective with free kicks around the edge of the box.
    I also felt that Zola should have changed it earlier. Perhaps taking off one of the Chuckle Brothers up front and replacing them with an extra midfield player would have made us compete better in that area.
    Just before the end they announced the Man of the Match (probably the sponsors choice) which was Ryan Nelson. This award, at Blackburn, obviously goes to the bloke who can kick it higher and longer than anyone else. Says it all, really.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    Just watched Football First, Roymondo and, as usual, can’t argue with anything you have posted.

    No pen. The front two were poor and should be shipped out ASAP. Good to see Dyer back, treat him with cotton wool because he’ll need to get match fit.

  20. chris says:

    Devo I think you got me wrong,at the end dyer was rubbing his amstring,I was concerned,it was not meant to be a negative comment.
    Now cole’s gunna be back and dyer can start plugging away up front I’m very positive.
    with savio,stansilas,cole and dyer we now have lots of pace back in the side.
    I am now worried about my bet that spurs wont finish above us…..negative or cause for concern?????

  21. chris says:

    On a positive……..thank god coles back!!!no more Tristan!!!!……………..sorry

  22. Beautifully worked goal… and what a lovely finish from Noble. Just saw it for the first time

  23. E1 says:

    3pts against sunderland and we can go to shite heart lane with no fear cole will be back for both games and upson could be as well,dyer has another 2 weeks to work on his fittness, so I think 7th place is in the bag. Zola was saying before yesterday’s game that 12 points was what is needed to get into europe 11 to go from 8 games.
    The europa cup will help the club atract quality players and help develope our current squad(those zola wants to keep) with the experience of european football. The Champions league is 2 or 3 seasons away yet, I think, let’s hope so because we are no way ready for it yet .Patience is whats needed now and WE the suppoters need to stay realistic and not,just yet set our sites to high. IT’S BEEN A GOOD SEASON COYI !!!!!!

  24. DevoDevo says:

    chris – just teasing, mate πŸ˜‰

    Regards your Spurs bet, the result at White Hart lane will be the defining factor. Spuds to have a harder run in but Twitcher seems to have got them back in some kind of form. 😦

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