Blackburn Player Performance Results

Lucas Neill 8.08
James Tomkins 7.95
Mark Noble 7.20
Robert Green 6.85
Scot Parker 6.75
Herita Ilunga 6.53
Luis Boa Morte 6.41
Radoslav Kovac 6.35
Kieron Dyer 6.25
Jonathan Spector 5.87
Walter Lopez 5.65
David Di Michele 5.00
Diego Tristan 4.80


32 Responses to Blackburn Player Performance Results

  1. Willardguy says:

    I watched the Blackburn v WHU game on a stream. I am very, very, very angry. Diego Tristan!!!!! I have been watching WHU for many, many years and have seen many good and bad strikers. That must have been the worst performance I have ever seen in a west ham shirt (worst than anything CC has dished up). Despite writing the words down I don’t feel I have had a carthartic expereince. I need purging. That was truly an abomination. My hands are shaking, my voice quivering etc, etc.


  2. SJ Chandos says:

    The ratings look about right. I said we needed Noble back to something like his best and we got it today. Some very good, inventive play and a well taken goal. The build up for the goal was excellent; in particular, Tristan’s slide rule pass to play Noble in on goal, very good technique. Similarly, it was heartening to see Dyer back on the pitch and, hopefully, challenging for a starting place.

    Neill excelled in central defence. I said he was effective in that position and he proved it again today. While, Tomkins is shaping up nicely and demonstrating just what a top prospect he is! Boa Morte worked his socks off and all credit to him for his whole hearted contribution.

    We are missing key players and suffering a bit as a result, but you cannot fault the organisation and spirit of the team. In previous seasons we would have lost that game 4-1, but this side is made of sterner stuff. Thank you Mr Clarke! Whilst the Zola flair is still there, as demonstrated by the build up for our goal.

    They are overcoming adversity and grinding out results at the moment, proving how hard they have become to beat in the process. It’s now very tight in and around that 7th spot, but it is still all to play for the Hammers! COYI.

    Interesting to see Mr Bombastic out Warnocking, Neil Warnock. It appears that the result is everyone’s fault but that of his players and himself! The criticism of the officials for missing Boa Morte being marginally offside was unwarranted! I notice that he had nothing to say about the legitimate penalty denied Dyer later in the match. Perhaps he just did not see it, a la Wenger? At least they would that in common if nothing else!

  3. SJ Chandos says:

    There is a lot of skepticism, on the blog, about the whole EUFA/Europa League qualification issue. I understand the case against, but I remain convinced that it remains a desirable objective and an important staging post in the development of ‘project football’ and moving us forward as a club.

    Zola obviously agrees and has been quoted as stating:

    ‘I hope we can have the problem of being in too many competitions next season.’ It will be a nice problem. Playing in Europe is always a fantastic experience and we will do everything we can to get there.’

    Well said that man!

  4. chris says:

    Chandos forget it We have not got a big enough squad for UEFA,plus it means nothing and pays nothing.

  5. Dujon says:

    I myself would enjoy Westham qualifying for Europe, as it simply means we were in the top 7 (most likely) teams in the EPL.

    Like i said before, what’s wrong with making Europe then fielding somewhat of a reserves team.

    Please remember players like Josh Payne, Junior Stanislas and Tomkins used to be in that squad a couple of weeks ago, and westham are nurtuting many new young talents as well. So think about that before you openly say “we wouldn’t even win a game”.

  6. malcontent says:

    Fully agree with Willardguy re Tristan. The way he just stood there when Robinson spillerd the ball was unbelievable.

  7. andyhammer says:

    A little harsh on kovac who was one of our better players.
    Lucas Neill 9
    James Tomkins 9
    Mark Noble 7.5
    Radoslav Kovac 7.5

    he is settling in well and shows how important this signing was by west ham. if he wasn’t bought we would be suffering a lot more

  8. andyhammer says:

    Oh, and why do we keep persisting with di michele. Useless again. Tristan was terrible.
    carlton cole and Savio up front for the rest of the campaign..
    we now have options too with dyer returning and boa morte. Collison should only miss another couple of games too!!

  9. Roymondo says:

    There’s a lot that’s wrong with the Europa Cup (number of clubs, structure etc.) but I have to agree with SJ that if we qualify it is a sign of development. Obviously the longer term aim must be to get into the Champions League but we’re not going to get there in one almighty leap.
    Yes, our squad is too small / thin at the moment for all of those extra games but there are a number of youngsters coming through, some of whom have made regular starting places (Tomkins, Collison), some who have contributed mainly from the bench (Savio, Lopez, Stanislas) and others on the edge (Payne, yesterday). As long as they continue their development and we get the injuries sorted (Ashton, Collins, Dyer, Dixon) the squad suddenly takes on a new look. Add to that one or two coming in during the summer and we’ll be OK. Not wanting to qualify for Europe is a very negative attitude imho.
    At the risk of being boring, I still don’t get some of the player marks that come out. Of yesterday’s starting line-up only DDM and Tristan were below 6 (plus Spector, just) and 6 is “average”. Yet this was a far-below average team performance. Working hard shouldn’t, on its own, justify a good mark. Working hard should be a given. For 20-60 grand a week that’s the least we should expect and they did work hard. There needs to be some quality added to it and there was precious little of that.
    I gave Neill 7, Green Tomkins and Kovac 6 and the rest 5, except the strikers (4 & 3).

  10. Dujon says:

    good post about europe. It is my exact viewpoint that qualifying for UEFA shows club improvement/advancement. It also means Westham is a slightly more attractive team for potential new signings.

  11. aussie graham says:

    dyer looked sensational if only lucas neill was as good every game but he will travel over here play against uzbekistan and go back crap.tomkins is light years ahead at 19 imagine if our side was all fit. tristan is a disgrace spector is crap but look forward to next season.

  12. Dujon says:

    anybody know what’s happening with savio?

    I presume he’ll be right for next game, which is almost 2 weeks away. hopefully Dyer will be fully fit as well then.

  13. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Agree with the pro-europe comments. It does make us a more attractive team to join, it also gives us fans a chance to sample some interesting(?) destinations. As for the marks, I tend to agree, but the two that surprise me are Noble & Kovac. Yes Noble scored a well taken goal, but his overall performance was never a 7+, (he gave the ball away far to many times) whereas Kovac, who in my opinion is getting better each game, probably did deserve a 7+. Also agree re the strikers, surely a 3 / 4 sum these two guys up?

  14. appyhammer says:

    although I did not see the match, a point away from home against a team like blackburn who are scrapping for there lives is a good point. On the subject of europe, we have two vitally important away games against Everton & the spuds where we must take something, and we will only do that if we have forwards who will hustle the defenders when they are in possesion, that counts out di michale & tristian. although they were taken on just for this season, once Dyer gets going, Savio and most importanly Cole (and I didn’t think I would say that last season) we may have a chance. Europe can only be a good thing, It raises the profile of the club, It attracts better players to sign for us, also attracts investment and hopefully a buyer. The downside you need a squad (size & quality) of players who can cope with it. If we do we have to treat the compition with respect unlike Villa and the rubbish from the lane. I say bring it on!!

  15. chris says:

    Noble’s first half was a 7,he showed some great passes.
    Second half the front 2 could’nt hold the ball up so the whole team fell apart!
    Well done the defence I really thought a goal was coming.

  16. MB says:

    Well, we can be succesfull as long as Noble plays well. He is vital for us. Our attackers were poor.

  17. Roymondo says:

    Just been trawling through some reports from yesterday and I am moved to say something that I thought I would never say. The report on our game in the News of the Screws was actually pretty much on the button. Stand up Chris Bascombe – whoever you are – and take the accolade of Football Correspondent of the Day.
    There were also, of course, the usual inane comments from the Angry Brigade. Fat Sam wanted it put on record that the linesman got it wrong in disallowing the Spitter’s two “goals”. Now, from where he was standing, the Pork Butcher could not have had more of a view than his keeper at the other end. If he looked at it on TV he would have seen that they were offside. That means they are disallowed. Who are you trying to kid, Fatso?
    Then there is Taggart. According to the world’s leading authority on football, the ref could have ignored Scholes’ handball as it was headed at him from close in. Look, Fergie, I saw it on the Gary Lineker Show. He put his bloody hands up and stopped the goal going in. Oh, and Rooney didn’t throw the ball at the ref so he shouldn’t have got a second yellow card. Well, who did he throw it at, Redface? Well, er, nobody actually. He just chucked it in a fit of pique which anyone, except people from Surrey and Exeter in replica Manure shirts, would call dissent.
    These people hack me off. Their comments are an insult to the intelligence and eyesight of all of us who watch football. We should be grateful for Zola who never seems to resort to this rubbish.

  18. Roymondo says:

    Iain – would it be possible to have a bit more time to submit our player marks following games? Under normal circumstances I would not have gone online until this morning, by which time it was closed. Having driven back from Blackburn I went straight out for a beer or three but due to the fact that my local was overrun with idiots I went home early and voted. I’m sure that many others who went to the game were not in a position to cast their votes as it’s a long way home from oop north.

  19. Andrew says:

    Was at the game and pretty much agree with the player marks except, as highlighted elsewhere, Kovac deserved more credit for his contribution. As for the 2 italians up front well words almost fail me.
    Di Michele seems to think that his back heal flick is all he needs to do and that normally goes to the opposition. As for Tristan, apart from his pass to Noble for the goal he did nothing but annoy us with his poor play. On more than one occasion he bottled out of 50:50 challenge with defender or goalkeeper that could have bought us something. At least we can lok forward to a refeshed Cole for the next game!! Neil deserved MoM, you could see from the word go that he was clearly up for it against his old team with the booing only helping to spur him on. It was great to see Dyer on for his cameo and he looked sharp. He stayed on the pitch afterwards for a warm down with a trainer and looked as fast as Usain Bolt!! Lets hope he can contribute for the final games of the season. Europe here we come!!

  20. Big_Casino says:

    I only saw snatches of the game via a live stream, but from what all of you are saying, a lot of it is in agreement with some things I’ve been saying for months, namely:

    i) Lucas Neill has had a very solid season. He’s looked fitter, he’s been more consistent, and it’s annoyed me when i’ve read people on this site slating him. He’s a leader of men, and a good captain for this club. Last season his performances were rightly scrutinised as he did have a poor season. He looked off the pace, unfit, was sloppy in his play, and just didn’t look up to it. But i’d say most games this year, he has played well.

    ii) David di Michelle is inept, incompetent and incapable. I know we’re short on strikers because of injuries/suspenions etc, but this guy is a joker and an embarrassment. If this club dares to think about signing him on a permanent deal I will be flamaghasted. Nevermind the Tevez affair, signing DDM would be a bigger catastrophe.

    iii) I know he’s forever injured, but I’ve always said that I don’t think people appreciate how good Kieran Dyer is. Whenever he has been fit he’s been an automatic choice in the England squad under both Sven and McLaren. He’s different gravy. And his brief minutes on the pitch this year have again showed how quality his is. I know I am probably asking for the impossible, but please lord let him stay fit.

  21. Rob says:

    andrew i agree with you about kovac, from what i saw (second half + noble goal) he looked good.

    all the other ratings are about right except tristan who deserved 1 or 2. and also i thought lopez looked alrite when he came on, fairly wuick, energetic. he deserves a chance more than boa. next game with cole back i’d play





  22. Big_Casino says:

    Regarding Europe and the UEFA Cup/Europa League – I personally think it is a worthwhile competition and something I’d very much like to see us qualify for.

    But I think UEFA and the powers that be could do one simple thing to make this competition be taken seriously by all clubs involved, and that is by offering a Champions League place to the winner of the UEFA CUp/Europa League.

    I think the reward of a Champions League spot for winning this competition would almost instantaneously make all teams see it as a more than worthwhile competition, where you would see all clubs involved playing their strongest line-ups.

    And I think a Champions League spot is a more than just reward for winning the competition. When you think teams that finish 3rd and 4th and don’t actually ‘win’ anything, can qualify for the CL, then I think it is more than fair that the team that does actually win the Europa League, rightly gets given a place in the CL the season after.

    What’s other peoples thoughts on this?

  23. DevoDevo says:

    Some interesting thoughts on here, but let me add my two penneth to the Europa debate, although I think it’s probably hypothetical as it’s hard to see us holding 7th without the influence of Behrami & Collison. However, the latest return of Dyer gives some hope offensively. As someone has already said, he is top class.

    Now, onto Europe, I believe it all depends on who buys us and what funds are available. IF we get a buyer who signs up to “The Project” and is prepared to cough up the necessary’s for new players then Europe would indeed be an attractive proposition. With a fully fit squad we have a team to challenge for top 6 next season, the flip side is that with the onset of injuries that the extra games in Europe would inevitably bring could see the team finishing towards the relegation places.

    Zola will need to quickly assess the situation with Ashton & Dixon (will we see him this season?)and ensure we get stronger cover up front if these two no longer have a future in football. We are short of creative cover in midfield and need a younger, faster, right back.

    To conclude, 3 or 4 inspired signings and I say yes to Europe. Anything else and I say no. With the second scenario I would rather see us consolidate our standing in the Premiership and give our youngsters another season to develop.

  24. Dujon says:

    Any news on Savio’s injury? I’d Play him up front with Cole (Cole strikers, Savio behind him), mind you DDM + Cole isnt that bad a partnership, and Zola seems reluctant playing Savio up front, even though he was bought to somewhat replace Bellamy.

  25. Johnny Moncs says:

    and this shows the pitfalls of anything relying on averages, opinions and interpretation and therefore why we have discussion forums like this!
    For me, Tristan was a 1 OR 2 because if that wasnt a pathetic performance shorn of pace,interest and ability from a former international striker, I’m a dutchman.


    Hans van Breukelen

  26. E1 says:

    Devo Devo you said the A word if it continues I will have to report you to the headmaster lol.
    Cole is back next game so we will be pretty much back to were we were up front with the bonus of dyer coming back (subject to how long he can last),so I don’t see we can do much else than run with it. I would like to see Savio wide right and Stanislas wide left then I think maybe DDM may be a bit more productive in the box sniffing out the loose balls.
    Still as I said before it’s been a good season and an improvment on last year,’ with 7th place still there for the taking.

  27. chris says:

    No way cole and dyer up front no excuses!!!!!!!!!

  28. E1 says:

    Is the FACT that dyer, is not yet fully fit a good enough excuse or would you rather see him injured and then you could moan about how much of a waste of money he is again ! Chris you need to give these players a fair crack before you slag em off or expect them to perform miracles. get real mate

  29. D. McCailey says:

    Missed the game live but caught it on MOTD. A draw seemed a fair result.

    Glad we have Cole back, and Dyer as well. Given our squad shortages I’d be inclined to go with Optimistic Chris 😉 and have Cole and Dyer up front. Even if Dyer only lasts 45 minutes, we can always replace him with DDM/Sears/Savio/not Tristan.

  30. OK, in response to the Europa Cup discussions, you guys have persuaded me… it is worth qualifying for all the reasons you have stated, not least the club becomes more attractive to potential signings, it moves the project forward and it gives our lads valuable experience in another sphere… all excellent reasons.

    I fear it’s going to be academic, though, because we could easily be swallowed up and overtaken by other clubs hitting winning streaks. I was pleased with the point at Blackburn and await the final push towards the final phase of the season with great interest instead of the comparable apathy that normally kicks in when we are no longer threatened with relegation.

  31. Basildon Bob says:

    Don’t disagree with the scores. Just my two pennys worth that Tristan did lay the ball to Noble for his goal. I think it is difficult to expect him to come into the squad having played next to no games and produce straight away. Same goes to Dyer, Savio and unlike. All I will say is lets give those coming in to bridge the gap a bit of support.

  32. E1 says:

    This is very strange todays date is 29/03/2010 and I seem to have gone back in time do do do do do do
    it’s all been a horible dream we are not close to relegation doulbe D are not the new owners Happy Day’s !!!!

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