Is Eider Hungry?

Am I alone in wondering about the wisdom of signing Eidur Gudjohnsen? It’s quite clear he doesn’t really want to come, and is content to earn his £50,000 a week despite not having a sniff at being in Barcelona’s first team. The way I see it, they’re almost pushing himn out of the door. There’s absolutely no doubting his ability, but does he have the hunger? Looks like we will soon find out, now that Eggert Magnusson has confirmed we are in talks.


21 Responses to Is Eider Hungry?

  1. west ham johnny says:

    there’s no doubt he’s a great finisher but what wages would he want. at the end of the day we need a goal poacher, left back and a midfielder. there aint many left backs floating about only nicky shorey, matty taylor and ian harte wherever he is now, he was great at leeds mind you so was bowyer. just hope curbs does something quickley and dont leave it till the final day like we did with benni mccarthy. i think we need a central midfielder to play along with parker, as much as i love noble he aint gonna get us a top 8-10 finish. play gabbidon at the back with upson ferdinands missing his villa buddies and send spector back to the states.

  2. Paul says:

    So with all respect what are your reasons for this opinion, have you spoken to west ham? have you spoken to ediur’s father/agent or Barcelona FC maybe you have spoken to him? It would seen this is based on newspaper and internet reports, maybe you have spoken to him?

    Would you want to leave one of the best clubs in europe to go to west ham? ( especially if he is using The sun and other uk rags to base his opinion on? If he does come I truly believe he will be the difference, I dont care if he gets paid huge ammounts, I LOVE WHUFC like you dont know but they are hardly appealing after last season. Anyone would be slightly dubious, lets take our so called captian who said he felt whufc would not fulfil his ambition of champions league, and there are others there at the moment who are not sure about whufc.

    Lets just see what happens at least they are not comming out saying they are in advanced talks with Yakoboo, ten million someone is having a serious bubble bath with that one, solano there’s another, i would rather have an unsure Gud than the previous cr~~p!

    Lets not shoot it down in flames untill we all know what is really happening!!! We dont have to much to shout about and i can feel a alan curbishly is SO NOT THE MAN FOR THE job rant comming on.

  3. Stewart Gibson says:

    Although I think EG would be a good signing for us, I have to say Iain that I totally agree with what you are saying. My biggest doubt on EG is, if he should sign for us would he not be demanding first team football? If this is the case who would be left on the bench?
    Would he be “sitting” in the hole with Bells & Deanno playing off him, or would he be employed as an out and out striker? This in my opinion can only lead to one scenario, that being either Bells or Deanno are not getting regular games. Bobby Zamora would be out in the cold I think, so would he start looking elsewhere? I think this would be a big loss to us, maybe just me being negative but although a very good addition, where is he going to play?

    I would not like to see Bells get tee’d off either, purely because personally I think the guy will prove to be one of our biggest assets this season, and his attitude and “hunger” can only be good for the team this year.

  4. kent-iron says:

    the problem is all clubs no that the hammers will pay these inflated prices, after saturdays mess, i hope they sort it out soon ! it looked to me the same as last season without carlos.

  5. Iron in the blood says:

    It appears that Eidur would rather step into an ocean wave breaking on the beach then into a WHU boot.

    Two weeks ago I thought Eidur would have made a good signing. But now it appears that Eidur would rather stay at home, so he can receive the hefty cheque that Barca slips through his beachfront mail slot each week. I’m fine with that. Save our money and purchase a few motivated hungry players instead.

    But, we do need players. Saturday was abysmal! The only time we played well was when Mullins and Etherington came on. Then to move a player (that was at one point marked by three Man City players) to the back, to make room for Ashton was a bit daft – as even Curbs now admits. I love Noble. But a few too many errant passes for my liking. He should have been the one to receive the hook.

  6. Hayden says:

    Unless a player WANTS to be here… pointless. We need someone who will play with passion for the club – Lucas Neill is who springs to mind. Everyone said “oh he’s gone there for the money” – but no. That’s why I think firstly we should throw everything into getting Nicky Shorey and Giles Barnes. Two players who I’m certain would be proud to put on the claret and blue and give their all. Any information on these two targets Iain? I am assuming now that neither of them are going to happen..

  7. crazyhorse says:

    personally i think we should just all wait and see what happens,because newspapers have linked us with so many players that we could have set up two teams,so lets not take the 100k storyline to heart just yet.if eg comes to us thats great,but if i was curbs i would get his finger out of his here and find a left back asap

  8. arthur says:

    I think we should go for him – to show our real intent, I would play him in the hole behind Deanno and bells with Parker holding. I am sure we could push noble wide if needed and Freddy can easily swap wings. If we dont go for him then we must find a creative midfielder and a left back (sorry george) and I would look for another striker as back up and release Cole

  9. E1 says:

    We need to strengthen the defence and get a mid field play maker someone who can open up the opposition with a killer pass. deano and bell will be ok given a run together and some decent service , we need clean sheets the rest will come in time.

  10. brummers72 says:

    I think West Ham should be embargoed from signing any players.

  11. crazyhorse says:

    i agree arthur we need atleast 3 players in the positions you mention.If we dont we will have a difficult season ahead,reinforcement is top priority

  12. Brooking knows best says:

    Well said Paul & Crazyhorse, lets wait and see who we get, I’m sure there will be those who will moan at whoever we get. If Gudjohnson was to wear the claret and blue, we all should be well happy, not question it! I fear there that some fans who have unrealistic targets on who West Ham can get. We are not in the champions league, We never have been and last year we nearly got relegated. Lets give full suport to Curbs and Eggy for what they are trying to do. We can not run before we can walk ,I believe is the current phrase being used and it’s very true. Progress this year and other players will be interested next season.
    I dont know, one bad result and poeople lose faith, Curbishleys claret and blue army!

  13. MOORO says:

    There’s a real feeling of doom and gloom from all the Hammers websites tonight….only one game gone!…..still a very long way to go yet!
    And the transfer window doesn’t close for another 2 weeks. We have again picked up pre season injuries which won’t help. The new sigings have to bed into the team properly and this takes time, so come on people…..keep the faith!

  14. David King says:

    Sorry Mooro, but its a bit difficult to keep the faith after the comings and goings over the close season. Some lucky escapes (Bent) and some uninspired buys (Quashi, Davenport) and some players of questionable attitude ( work it out for yourself) not to mention other players like Faubert, who I got the impression really wanted to play for Rangers. Eidur move is taking too long to happen so there is obviousy SOME reasonable expectation that he is in no particular hurry to come here. Added is the news in one of yesterdays murky tabloids that the Dyer move looks back on maybe you can see where all the doom and gloom is coming from. Its got nothing to do with “only” one game on. Looks like its gonna be another long winter to me. Hope I am so wrong and look forward to be proved so.

  15. Iron Lung says:

    The spark of the first year back after promotion is what’s missing. Too many players feeling entitled to their place and doing nothing to justify their continued selection. When they came up from the Championship, they had that in abundance. Iain’s post is spot on – no matter the rest, where’s the hunger? We need players who have something to prove – about deserving their place in the side, not about how much cash they can trouser for the minimal amount of effort. In our manic addiction to buying these “names” (Dyer?! Yakubu?!) we risk losing the core of the club that a team could be built around to reliably finish in the 5th-10th bracket every year. And yes, I for one would be happy with that. Players like Collins (the real reason we stayed up?) are the ones we should be relying upon. Half that team on Saturday was a disgrace. Alright. But the other hald, and the ones that didn’t feature, that’s where we need to get behind.

  16. appyhammer says:

    we need players with an air of confidence & a will to win that will rub off on other players does eg have this?? but we need a left back but bresicano from palermo looks a good player that would bolster the midfield

  17. EastHammer says:

    I remember when we sacked Pards and me and my mates were debating our next manager. The first time in years i wanted to go against the grain of keeping it ‘in house’ and i was the only one who wanted eriksson. These days its all about attracting top players. Top players not only go for good clubs, but they go for managers with reputations and erikssons club record is up there. All our signings so far say they came becuase of Eggy, none of them came because of Curbishley, and the ones who left did so because of him and the ones who declined to sign did so because of him. Curbishley has no reputation – how will he improve the likes of Noble, Ashton etc? Gudjohnson would be here a long time ago if we had a class manager. We have a great base to be a top 6 club but we are missing a motivator. We were shockingly bad against city. I will never lose faith, but the fact is we will not get anywhere under curbishley.


  18. Nick P says:

    East Hammer, you were not the only one who said we should go for Eriksson, I know we are in a minority but I also think he would still be the best choice, hopefully we can sign him in the January transfer window if not before the end of this one ! Or even better take Mourinho or Wenger ! I like you am concerned about the morale in the team, Tevez and his agent Kia both publicly said last season they could not signa new contract while Curbs was the manager and said that he does not make anyone feel welcome at the club. You are right that players have turned us down due to Curbishley, if I am honest I don’t think he will be here long unless he changes his dour approach and gets the team playing with the verve mostly injected last season by Tevez’s never say die approach.

    Back on topic /rant off, I agree completely with Iain regarding Eidur, he does not want to be here, he has(d) a gambling problem that allegedly left him near broke, if so is he mentally fit to play at the highest level ? Although he has a lot of ability for about 2 – 3 seasons that ability hasn’t warranted a first team place at Chelsea or Barca and when he has played he hasn’t set the world alight… hopefully the move will fall through like the one for Dyer. Also hopefully we will get Solano who although old at least has vision and creativity like Yossi who didn’t even make the bench for Liverpool did he ?

  19. EastHammer says:

    Nick. Cheers.

    I think we missed a trick with Eriksson. Big time. My brother was telling me last night that Konchesky has come out against Curbishley also. He is very old school and not progressive as a manager. You need to learn and develop because the game has changed. He thinks he is still managing Charlton form 10 years ago.

  20. ny hammer says:

    way to go brummers

    2-1 and u screwed it up. against a 10 man sunderland.
    birmingham are SECOND RATE tosh.

    as for gudjohnsen, if the player does not want to come here , why chase him? waste of time and resources.

  21. brummers72 says:

    at least we dont incubate players for Man Utd to get a work permit and still demand a transfer fee – for the money you guys spent you should not be losing 2-0 to a team of strangers – btw who got sent off for Sunderland?

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