Remembering Jonah

March 24, 2008

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite West Ham players from the mid 1990s was Steve Jones. It seems he has hit upon hard times since leaving the game and has recently sold his Charlton Play Off medal on Ebay for £2,751. I’m a bit late in posting this, but I got this email last week from one of my readers alerting me to the sale. I meant to post it at the time to try to boost the price, but I’m afraid I got sidetracked.

EMAIL 1: Hope you are well and have to say as a fellow Hammer and season ticket holder I love your blog, its a cracking read and I love to get involved …Anyway the reason I emailed you was that I think it is always sad to see any ex footballer hit a financial crisis and even more so when it is one of your own. Remember Steve Jones the Billericay boy that came good and signed for us, well over the last year or so I have watched him sell off his own personal collection of Hammers Memrobilia on ebay due to financial problems. It really makes me sad to see this happening and wonder why the football authorities have never set up some kind of scheme to help ex pros that have money probs; any ideas?

Anyway I saw tonight that Steve is now selling off his coverted Play Off winners medal from when he played at Charlton and I wondered if there was any way that you could help him to get more for it by putting it on your blog? here is the link:
If I had £2.5k I’d buy it myself but I haven’t, i find this whole thing really sad and know he’s not the first and will not be the last, it certainly makes you remember that pro’s have a very short shelf life. . Anyway I thought it was of interest and hope that someone with a packet of cash pays big bucks for it so Steve doesn’t have to sell any more of his stuff.

We shouldn’t forget that it is only ten years ago that players weren’t on the kind of money they are today. If Steve Jones was playing for West Ham or Charlton today he’s be on at least £10k a week.


Green in England Squad

March 23, 2008

Robert Green has been called into the England Squad to replace the injured Chris Kirkland. It’s about time too. I couldn’t be more delighted for him.

Everton Match Report

March 22, 2008

Make no mistake, this was a good result. It’s also a game we could easily have won. How wonderful was it to see Freddie Sears and Dean Ashton linking up so well, and Freddie nearly scoring the winner? It would have been no more than he deserved. After a dodgy start to the game I felt we dominated the second half. After Dean Ashton’s free kick which Howard somehow kept out with his leg at the end of the first half, we never really looked back. Defensively we look reasonably solid. The Setanata commentator blamed James Tomkins for the Everton goal, which I felt was a bit harsh. Whatever the truth of it, Tomkins kept his composure for the rest of the game and nearly scored with a header which bounded back off the bar fairly early on.

Interestingly, Mark Noble was very quiet during the first half and lost possession quite a lot. When he started playing, so did the whole team. Dean Ashton is looking sharper and sharper and his goal was sublime. There seemed no way he could score from that position, but for the second game in a row, he did. He should be told by Curbishley that he will play in each game until the end of the season. And Freddie Sears should play along side him as well. I can see a potentially lethal partnership being formed there.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned Boa Morte yet, have I? No, thought not. Best to leave it there. Even the commentator said he thought he couldn’t be arsed.

Green 8
Ferdinand 7
Tomkins 7
McCartney 7
Neill 7
Parker 7
Noble 7
Mullins 6
Boa Morte 5
Ashton 8
Ljungberg 7
Sears 8

Why Spector Must Not Play

March 22, 2008

James Tomkins should be blooded this afternoon for his full debut. The reason? Jonathan Spector arrived on Merseyside at 2am this morning after a 14 hour journey back from the USA following an Olympic qualifying match. Whenever Lucas Neill has arrived after an international he has gone on to have an absolute stinker. Curbishley should avoid playing Jonathan Spector if at all possible.

Everton: I Wish I Could Say I am Optimistic!

March 21, 2008

Against West Ham, Everton have won more matches (13), gained more points (45) and scored more goals (44) than against any other club, according to the Premier League. And that’s why I am not very optimistic about tomorrow! Mind you, they can’t be all that good if they lost to Fulham last week.

I imagine Curbishley will keep the same starting eleven that started against Blackburn. I’d love to see Freddie Sears start, but maybe it is best to keep him on the bench for a bit and let him finish the last twenty minutes or so of each game.

Luis Boa Morte is available for selection again. I shall refrain from further comment.

The England Squad

March 20, 2008

So, there are two questions to be answered today. Will Mark Noble be in the England squad? And the second one is: why isn’t Robert Green in it?

Curbishley is the Key to Nani’s Success

March 17, 2008

So the much heralded appointment of a new technical director at West Ham has finally come to pass. Gianluca Nani is to take on the rule from June 1st according to a club statement today. This is not quite the new venture it appears. In reality it was the role Ron Greenwood took on as General Manager after John Lyall took over in 1974. Alan Curbishley seems to have been fully involved in the appointment and he is the lynchpin here. If he is positive about the role it can work. If he views it has having someone looking over his shoulder all the time, it won’t. It really is as simple as that. I think the Board were looking for a half glass full merchant to provide a bit of optimism in the camp. Curbishley’s hang dog expression does not go down well with some members of the board.

So what do you think Nani will bring to the club? What should his main priorities be?