What WAS Carlton Cole Thinking Of?

September 25, 2008

I have zero tolerance towards drink driving, and it’s not just because I don’t drink myself. For Carlton Cole to be found over the limit at 4.30am, driving through Westminster is a disgrace, and he needs to be made an example of, both by the courts and by his new manager. Zola will be horrified and see it as a personal insult. Cole is an athlete and should behave like one.

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Olympic Stadium Talks Back On

September 24, 2008

BBC Sports Editor reveals that West Ham are about to enter preliminary discussions about taking over the Olympic Stadium in 2012. Earlier talks between the club and Ken Livingstone, when he was, had foundered despite the club offering £100 million to take it over. That, apparently, wasn’t enough for Red Ken. The other stumbling block was the plan to scale back its capacity to 25,000. The new idea is to have a 50,000 capacity.

Anyway, read the full article HERE and leave a comment with your views. I have an open mind. I love Upton Park, but I do think if we have ambitions to enter the big time we need a bigger capacity for the big games.

Martin Samuel: Hero to Hammers Everywhere

September 24, 2008

THIS article by Martin Samuel in The Times today is one of the finest pieces of sports journalism I have read in a long while. It single handedly demolishes the kangaroo court which found us guilty yesterday.

The Watford Aftermath

September 24, 2008

Not really a great day for the Hammers, yesterday, was it? And when you think I had to drive to Watford from Manchester listening to Gordon Brown most of the way down the M6, you’ll realise why I was in a pretty foul mood by the time I left Vicarage Road. Best not to blog, I thought.

On the face it, we put out a reasonably strong team last night, even if we were without three of our first choice strikers. And it was really the non performance of Di Michele and Freddie Sears that meant we never looked likely to score. They were both a huge disappointment, Sears in particular. It is difficult to remember either of them getting anywhere near an on target shot on goal.

I was very impressed by our new goalkeeper. Well, I was until he flapped at the cross which Mullins then steered into the net. The back line was also very shaky against a very nimble Watford attack force. Neill looked good for half an hour and then went to pieces. Evem Upson had some dodgy moments. Walter Lopez, however, was everywhere and I would make him man of the match – if indeed, you could justify having a man of the match. He’s not a particularly tough tackler, and he started off quite nervously, but as the game wore on he got better, although I think it was his handball that led to the cross which led to their goal.

Boa Morte as as useless as ever, although he did actually manage a shot on target. Which was nice.

The highlight of the evening was the Watford directors’ box seats, which were so padded, there was little room left for legroom. Actually the real highlight of the evening was having dinner before the match with Ray Clemence. Naturally I spent the whole meal pushing the case for Robert Green. Unfortunately Clemence was at the West Brom game, where it seems Mr Green had a bit of a nightmare.

Also in the director’s box was one Terry Brown. He sat with Duxbury, Mike Lee etc at the pre match meal and to all intents and purposes looked as if he was still part of the club. It was a bit weird really. I was going to talk to him, but in the end decided discretion was the better part of valour.

However, I did have a chat with a couple of other people and I think you can rest assured they are not taking the Sheffield United thing lying down. I won’t betray private conversations but the language used was fairly robust.

The Nightmare Begins

September 23, 2008

So, the nightmare is coming true. It looks as if we will be fined £30 million over the Sheffield United/Tevez saga. It’s difficult to take in the implications of this. Will the fine have to be paid in one go? Has it been properly budgeted for? Has the lack of transfer activity this year been entirely due to money being put aside, just in case? Certainly, we seem to have had a net balance of about £11 million over the summer.

I’m slightly in shock over this so haven’t quite got into rant and rave mode yet. But give me time.

I’m now about to head down to Watford. I say, down, as I am driving down from Manchester where I have been spending a day at the Labour Party Conference. For the first time in my life I will be sitting in the director’s box (note to self: change out of usual jeans) courtesy of the lead investor in my company, who just happens to own 42% of Watford. Not quite sure of directors’ box etiquette if we score though…

Spurs Go Top

September 22, 2008

Bring Back Jeremy Nicholas!

September 20, 2008

The only negative from today’s game was yet again the awfulness of the pre match announcer. Can you believe that he actually forgot to welcome Gianfranco Zola to the club and allow us to applaud our new hero? Unbelievably crass.

And he keeps playing Bubbles at completely the wrong time. There is an art to whipping up an Upton Park crowd, and this guy, who ever he is, hasn’t got a clue. Jeremy Nicholas lives and breathes West Ham. he is one of us. And he’s an entertainer who can feel the pulse of the crowd.

Bring him back!