Kenny Sansom on Glenn Roeder

Last week in my Eastern Daily Press column I mentioned that Kenny Sansom had been less than flattering about Glenn Roeder in his excellent autobiography, which I have just finished reading. One or two of you wanted to know more, so I thought I would give you some extracts. Makes a change from transfer talk, anyway…

I had been privileged to be managed by the best in the business and I’d learnt by example. Now, as second in charge top Glenn Roeder [at Watford], I was about to experience something different. I was to be less than impressed…

There are very few people I take a dislike to… I read an article recently where the journalist sated the obvious: ‘Glenn Roeder’s managerial career has been fraught with difficulties.’ You can say that again, matey. It was written after his appointment to Norwich. The Canaries groaned – apparently none too pleased with his arrival. I don’t blame them…

I can’t say I ever really warmed to Glenn… I often wondered whether this was something personal between us or whether he was generally guarded with everyone. In my opinion he wasn’t a great team player. Others making suggestions or choices seemed to tip him off balance.

During the first half [at a game at Sheffield United] Craig Ramage had given the ball away on several occasions… I was angry. If I’d had my way I’d have ripped the lazy bugger apart during the half time break. But the minute I opened my mouth, Glenn Roeder stepped in and interrupted me. ‘I’m the manager, Ken. I’ll have the first say.’

What was the purpose of my employment? I learned to keep my mouth shut and subsequently lost enthusiasm. .. I’m certain had we worked together as a team we would have finished higher in the league table. No question about it.

I read quite a lot of sports autobiographies and I can truthfully say I really enjoyed Kenny Sansom’s book. It’s available at half price (£8.99) at the moment if you want to BUY IT. It’s got a refreshing honesty so lacking in many football life stories and the writing style is very conversational. Highly recommended.


50 Responses to Kenny Sansom on Glenn Roeder

  1. pjd says:

    sorry mr dale what is yr infatuation with glen roeder,please tell all

  2. Roy says:

    Didn’t Kenny Sansom employ a proof reader for his autobiography?

  3. Iain Dale says:

    PJD, no infatuation. I mentioned I had read the book and a reader asked me what he said about Roeder. Simple as that.

  4. brooking still the best says:

    Didnt need Kenny Samson to tell me Glen Rodent is a mug!

  5. Nick says:

    I ve read the Sansom book. Its spoilt by so many factual errors and I am sure its not been proof read…

    For example it mixes up Charlie Nicholas and Charlie George….

  6. colney says:

    no personality,no ideas, he will struggle to get another job.

  7. Iron Lung says:

    Seems a bit churlish to me. Whether he’s right or wrong (and I think we all know the answer to THAT question), I’d be seriously questioning whether I wanted someone like that working with me. Where is Kenny Sansom working now? And will Roeder get another chance?

  8. colney says:

    sunderland making noises about bidding for collins……..yer right!!!! no chance!

  9. Willardguy says:

    Is this the same Iain Dale who is now on the Simon Mayo show?

  10. Stephen says:

    Zola mentioned how quiet and strange the atmosphere was on Sunday. I am not meaning to be critical of our fans, after all I am one of them, but we are in danger of becoming like the Arsenal.
    Is there anything that can be done? Perhaps all those supporters who sing in the lower centinerary/Dr Martens Lower corner should be put together with those in the Bobby Moore lower!

  11. Roshi says:

    Has any footballer burnt more bridges than Bellamy. Reading the comments from Mail online it seems his reception from the fans at City will not be good….shame.

  12. mokum hammer says:

    whu’s darkest days – under Roeder.

  13. mac says:

    Sansom’s comments indicate Roeder had an inferiority complex and by pulling rank on him was trying to stamp his authority. Can’t blame him really. Having never been blessed with enormous talent as a player, he obviously was under the impression playing top dog was the way forward for him as a manager. That’s fine, it’s just how you do it that counts.

    And nothing wrong with wanting the first say at half-time – that’s almost expected when you’re the manager – but it’s the way you handle it that counts.

    The most successful people in life have a knack of engaging with and getting the best out of those closest to them. This obviously wasn’t the case with Kenny.

  14. Matt says:

    Thanks for this Iain. An interesting read, and illuminating about Roeder’s management style.

    (It was me who asked what Sansom had said about him.)

  15. chris says:

    Iain lets not focus on the past negatives.
    We should focus on now, and the great manager we have in Zola.
    He has stuck by his guns even when we where losing.
    He has persisted with the short passing game and now we are looking good.
    So with all respect lets talk Zola.
    Bet his name attracts a quality striker,lets hope hes given all the 14m if needed.

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    Is that the same Chris that bid us all a fond farewell the other night?

  17. chris says:

    Yes Sj chandos its me!got over my depression quickly,
    Although I was a bit drunk when I posted that.

  18. SJ Chandos says:

    lol. Yeah, I thought you might have had one or two beers. I think you left your caps lock on when you posted! Welcome back, glad you had second thoughts.

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    Well that is some deal that they have struck with City. 14m and a further 4m in various add ons and sell on clauses! That means potentially, City could end up paying 18m for Bellamy!! Still they can afford it.

  20. Roshi says:

    Wow! £18000000 if that’s right “SJ” it really is a blinding bit of business and those responsible for the sale at West Ham should be congratulated. The thing is you just know that it will all end in tears as it always does with Bellamy.

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    I do not think that anyone thinks West Ham are a soft touch any more! Now invest the 14m to strengthen the squad, the priority being a proven striker to partner a revitalised and focused Carlton Cole.

    Lets hope that Zola changes the line up a bit for Hartlepool. I would bring in Tomkins, Mullins, Faubert and Sears. I would also ensure that Kieron Dyer gets a full 45 mins from the bench. I am expecting early, spirited resistance from Hartlepool, but for us to impose our class and run out 3-0 winners! On the 28 January it is Hull City and revenage time! We should never have lost the corresponding fixture and, at the time, I predicted that we would sort them out at Upton Park.

    I want to see us be ruthless and really put these upstarts to the sword! They have finally been found out and we should given them another firm push towards the Championship with a 4-1 victory! That should set us up for the Arsenal match and a good peformance at the Emirates!

  22. colney says:

    heard it was 10 mill up front and spurs wanted to pay over terms.still we will never know the true figure as these undisclosed deals are getting more frequent.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    There are different figures being thrown around. The 12m figure, in a lot of the papers, is probably an under-estimate. They have already rejected bids of 12m from both City and Spurs! So the improved bids have taken it beyond that figure. I have heard that it is 14m plus the various add ons, but I suppose my information could be incorrect!

    Anyway, it is at least 14m and that is a fantastic deal. And it gives us the transfer funds to really strengthen the squad. So, we should see players coming in over the next 14 days or so! The question now is, what are the targets?

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah that’s right Roshi, I am convinced that in footballing terms, at least, Bellamy will regret leaving West Ham. He had found a home, was playing some of his best football in years and could have fired the club in to Europe. He was guaranteed first team football and had a coach and fans that believed in him.

    He has swapped that for uncertainty about Hughes’ continuing tenure as coach, the threat of further multi-million player deals in the summer and the possibility of falling out of favour and becoming a reserve! Still, you make your bed, as the saying goes!

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    I hear that Birmingham City have sent Quashie back to Upton Park. We really do need to move this guy on as quick as possible. If they go for Joe Ledley, as rumoured, then perhaps they could swap him as part of the deal? Or alternatively, perhaps we can include him in a bid for young Mattock at Leicester City?

    Similarly it has all gone quiet about the proposed moves of Davenport and Faubert. Lets hope they happen soon? I suppose we are stuck with Boa Morte now? Still, at least, for better or worse, it gives us cover, of sorts, on the left side of midfield?

  26. IoDHammer says:

    Is there any hope for Boa Morte to turn things around like Cole perhaps?

  27. Goatygav says:

    I hope LBM does turn it round IoDHammer. If he can play as well as he did for Fulham we’ll have a great player and a fantastic addition to the squad. If Dyer can stay fit (fingers – no wait – everything crossed) as well as the above then we’ll have a strong squad all round.

    Wright and Durham are trying to argue that Craig Bellamy had done nothing wrong towards West Ham or us fans on TalkSport right now. As part of his argument Ian Wright said “It’s no secret West Ham are in terrible shape financially.” whilst suggesting that we’re in a position where we are HAVING to sell to get us out of our massive debt problems. Not sure where they’re getting their info from but the club itself is in great shape. True that our major shareholder has issues which may cause him problems but the sale of a player isn’t going to have any bearing on that – is it?

  28. eleeNYC says:

    My only concern today was that they weren’t going to sign the papers fast enough and get the money. Bellars you helped us out a lot and i think you for it. Time to move on.

  29. Roshi says:

    The one person on the radio to take absolutely no notice of is Ian Wright. The guy is in the media for his childlike enthusiasm of everything mundane, in fact his intelligence level is so low it is frightening that Talk Sport allow him airtime to spout the rubbish that he does.

    Nuff said!

  30. chris says:

    Are we really in for Govou?thats what I’ve just heard!

  31. chris says:

    Roshi agreed,talks complete crap!!
    and he knows it!

  32. SJ Chandos says:

    Just watching Yeovil Vs Leicester City to have a look at Joe Mattock. The boy has just come on as a substitute and scored a great goal. He can play anywhere along the left, has a good engine, is strong in the tackle and has great skill. Looks a great prospect. For his goal he received the ball on the left edge of the box, beat one defender, created a little bit of space and struck a bullet shot in the right hand side of the goal!

    As for Ian Wright, who takes him seriously as a commentator? These ex-pros go on television/radio and have articles ghosted for them and talk absolute crap! Good striker, but a good commentator, no definitely not!

  33. SJ Chandos says:

    GoatyGav, they are just repeating the nonsense disseminated by the tabloid press. They are just accepting what they are saying. There is no research there or independent, critical thought. The Sky idiots are just as bad, the ignorance and stupidity shown by the Sky Panel on Saturday was just amazing!

    Just seen the replay of Mattock’s goal, he actually hit it with his weaker right foot! That makes the finish all the more impressive! He is a real possibility.

  34. E1 says:

    Can’t believe the welshman is now saying that the city offer was to good to refuse and he wanted to work with hughes again, what a liar he wanted the spurs move and we (the club) stopped it, that and the fact that the spurs fans did’nt want him, a real tosser !! He will soon be on the bench or treatment table and Kaka don’t want to join and now looks to be staying put ha ha ha ha ha, happy days all we need now is a couple more to leave and 2 or 3 to come in and we are sound both now and for the future a buyer will come in once the teves crap is over and we won’t need to spend stupid money we will have the start of a great squad. Everton have proved you don’t have to spend spend spend to build a winning team. They played well tonight with a team value of 25mill 1 mill more than torres. It can be done just takes time patience and planning. THE FUTURE LOOKS GOOD THE FUTURE IS CLARET AND BLUE.

  35. chris says:

    Bellamy looks like you wont be kaka’s buddy after all!!!!!!!
    At last a man with morals!!!! take aleaf!!!!
    superclub my a–e!!!!!
    Feel let down…………………….What goes around comes around.

  36. Riise says:

    Craig Bellamy is like a seagull. Comes in craps all over the place then fcuk’s off. Hope the welsh twat breaks both legs in his first game for man city and never plays again, tosspot!

  37. djclipz says:

    I really did like bellamy, he is a great talent, but his attitude is ridiculous and im glad he is out the team, he acts like a bit of a baby and i hope he’ll enjoy sittin on the bench come the summer!! and to be honest we paid 7.5 for him and have got 14 back which is really good business all round. I just hope we can use it for an even better replacement. and saviola on loan lol. why not!!!! COYI!!!

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Robinho storms out of City training camp in Tenerife and returns to Brazil! Was it caused by the news of Bellamy’s signing or was he just following his good example! Perhaps he heard that good old Bellers was bringing his golf clubs out to Tenerife?

    As for Kaka, he obviously decided he did not want any part of a club that wanted Bellamy!

    Yeah, you are going to a fantastic set up Craig, you should fit in really well!!!! lol

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    According to The Independent we are signing the Brescia youngster for 10m and taking Osvaldo on loan, pending a 7m summer deal! Apparently they are not buying Joe Ledley, but have an definite interest in Mattock! The wheels are also in motion to secure Illunga’s future with the club.

  40. richo says:

    thank god all the speculation is over and the sook is gone, 14 million is great money and with the way the boys played the other day things are looking good. COYI

  41. Roy says:

    I think that the really good news is that, during the transfer window so far, the club has delivered exactly what it said it would. That we don’t need to sell our best players and won’t. The Bellamy sale was down to the player, not the club and we have held out for good money. They also said that they wanted to unload some fringe players which, so far, has not gone as well as everyone hoped but that is, unfortunately, more down to those players not wanting to take a drop in wages (a legacy of Eggert’s time) than the club’s intentions. Even if we don’t manage to sign a replacement for Bellamy in the next couple of weeks I believe that this has been a positive window in terms of the club going forward and has shown the tabloid press for what it is – an ill-informed bunch of rumour mongers. The only thing left to sort out is the Tevez / Sheff Utd saga and the longer this goes on the less likely it would appear that we will have to fork out as much as was originally thought. I am quietly optimistic.

  42. clack says:

    Thanks for putting those Kenny Sanson quotes up, Iain.

    I remmber the night when it first really hit home that Roeder wasn’t upto the job at WHU.

    Just a few games into his first season, we were struggling, and had an evening game v Southampton at home. There was a lot of pressure on both managers.

    I couldn’t go so listened to the commentary on BBC Five Live, and Roeder sounded as if he ws cracking up before the match. His voice was shaking and he lost it completely with the press, “you’re sticking microphones in my face, all these cameras on me”.

    Later that night, Richard Littlejohn played it back on his evening version of the 606 phone in. It was embarassing. “Glenn all that is just part and parcel of being a manager – if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen then get out of it”, said Littlejohn.

    I think it’s all a bit sad because, by all accounts Roeder’s a well respected coach within the game. But his personality is just not cut for manager. Surely, he must realise this now,. He could still be a good coach somewhere.

    Apparantly he was given the job at WHU after Carrick and Joe Cole were asked for their opinions – that’s ludicrous, asking a couple of kids.

    I remember Di Canio spoke out before the appointment was made, warning the WHU board not to go for Roeder, but to look for someone with more experience.

  43. E1 says:

    Who cares about roeder !!!!!!

  44. colin say's says:

    News flash on the other Post ( FULHAM)

  45. Goatygav says:

    Looks like Bellamy might not be teaming up with Robinho either. What a mess!

    When BG sells I hope he’s true to his word and we get owners who want to continue with “Project Football.”

  46. Paul M says:

    Be fair, Bellars was – just OK not a world beater !!! 12/14mil for him shows superb business acumen and hopefully will allow GZ to bring in a player or 2 of his own.
    A big step forward NOT backwards.
    If WHU were looking at buying Bellars for 14 mill we would ALL be in uproar saying no way is he worth that kind of money. I say Well done to the board.
    As for who comes in (if any !!!) What do you think of Nsreko and Osvaldo, the touted targets ? also Mattock at Leicester has some potential as noted by SJ.
    Last year we looked at Haynes of Ipswich, and what has happened to Barnes at Derby?
    any thoughts?

  47. IoDHammer says:

    Just want to mention that the Independant has 3 interesting articles on West Ham today, one of them discussing Zola’s comments about the january transfer window. I think it’s good, fair reporting and i would love to see that more often in these newspapers and sky!

    Love the mess that is Man C!

  48. Bazhammer says:

    Paul m, refer to the Man Utd vs Derby game to see whats happened to Giles Barnes.
    That free kick was sublime

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