Tevez Wants to Stay

According to a well placed source at the club, Carlos Tevez want to stay at West Ham even if we go down. Whether the club will be willing to pay his wages is another matter…

The man’s a hero to the fans. Anyone care to contribute to a whip round?!


32 Responses to Tevez Wants to Stay

  1. Connor says:

    I will be fucking stoked if Tevez stays, he’s a legend.. my favourite player.. i reckon he’s almost as good as Cristiano Ronaldo (Wanker)..

    Where did you find this out?? It better be true =)

  2. ronny67 says:

    Like connor i think Tevez i s a true legend i will go “F…….ing Menthal “if he stays,

  3. sammy*b says:

    is this a real ‘well placed source’…. please say it is.

  4. Iain Dale says:

    Yes it is. Someone very close to Curbishley… I really can’t say who it is for fear of them getting into trouble.

  5. sammy*b says:

    fair enough iain. did they tell you this first-hand??? could you divulge any more info?? i understand you wouldnt want to name this person though.

  6. Metal Hammer says:

    Is the fact that this was posted on April 1st relevant?

  7. Iain Dale says:

    I really can’t say more. My fear is that even if he wants to stay the decision is not necessarily in his hands.

  8. Iain Dale says:

    Metal Hammer. No, it isn’t!!!! Promise. Would I do that to you?!

  9. sammy*b says:

    can you just quote exactly what wa said???? pretty please?? ill vote conservative!

  10. Metal Hammer says:

    OK mate, I’ll take your word for it and keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  11. sammy*b says:

    good call about it not being in his hands though! i hope kia doesnt treat him like a slave, and just respect his wishes.

  12. Hammers Dad says:

    If this is true and he does stay, I’ll buy everyone on here a drink *

    *One drink (of tap water) and a straw each

  13. mac says:

    Tevez and West Ham are just a perfect, natural fit, just the way Di Canio was. He’s so typifies everything I want from a West Ham player: endless guts, patience, loads of skill and prepared to fight to the end. Hammer of Year for sure, if it’s still being run… But sadly won’t be around if we do go down. He’s too much of a cash cow for whoever owns him.

  14. […] Tevez Wants to Stay According to a well placed source at the club, Carlos Tevez want to stay at West Ham even if we go down. Whether the […] […]

  15. EasyFlower says:

    He’s a real people’s hero. Great!

  16. Danny says:

    That is great but after we get out of this mess we have to get some talent in as i think we only buy old players we need more players like Tevez here if we ever want to aim high for next season

  17. HEz51 says:

    I may be totally biased, but I reckon one more season with West Ham -whichever division we are in – would do him some good. The bloke clearly has taken a long time to settle and needs time to learn the language. The last thing he needs now is to move to another club, particularly as that’s most likely to mean moving to another country again.

  18. naramig says:

    Man, take good care of Carlitos. Here in Brazil we, the Corinthians’ fans, really miss him. Good luck to West Ham and to Carlitos.

  19. whufcspoon says:

    Carlos is a legend we all love him, for him to stay would be great!

  20. rydlp15 says:

    I love TEVEZ because he is a real leader, what he needs is another like him to make that team champion, I tell you he can move mountains. I have seen him since his team in Brazil Corinthias won a championship. Bless him and plenty of luck for West Ham directors that struggle so much to accomodate to all the changes of the “Premiership”. There is still time.

  21. Icelandic Hammer says:

    IF we stay up, buying Tevez from Kia would certainly help a lot in attracting top talent.

    “Would you like to train and play with Carlos Tevez?”

  22. Howard R says:

    According to the Beeb, Liverpool are “lining up a stunning summer swoop” for Tevez!

    It would be the final humiliation for a dreadful season.

  23. Oggyflute says:

    Would be great if he does stay, and if we stay up, I feel he surely will. He seem’s to be getting the feel of the place, as well as the pace of the English game. I would think that Eggie would go all out for a swift return if disaster happens. Failure in getting back in the first attempt, would probably see an all too familiar fire sale though.

  24. Neil says:

    It depends on Kia. I’d like him to stay but both Tevez and West Ham don’t havethe final say over his future.

  25. Hayden says:

    Do we know if Tevez staying at WHU is likely AT ALL .. I mean.. if HE wants to, and West Ham want him too.. then what are the chances that he could?! Surely it’s bad for business taking a player away from where he wants to be?

  26. nacho says:

    i sure hope Tevez stays. One of the few premiership strikers that runs the whole field to get back the ball he lost. So much commitment and guts. West ham and Tevez are like Twin brothers. A working class bloke who never forgets his roots.

  27. Alex says. says:

    I hope west ham will buy carlos tevez whatever the price is i just don`t know why west ham wont buy him if we do it will stop big clubs just like chelsea if we go down Tevez will skill them up easy .Also if a player wants to stay let him ,clubes like chelsea or liverpool if carlos tevez goes to any of them and they win big cup i tell you your be very
    gutered or on the other hand they could just bust up his carrer.SO PLEASE ALAN CURB.. BUY TEVEZ FOR HIM AND THE WEST HAM SUPPUORTS FEELINGS.

  28. natanzuelo says:

    Hey! I don’t know how did I get into this blog, but I’m Argentinean, and it’s cool to see how people’s talking about Carlitos 😛

    Great site buddy!


  29. sar says:

    Carlos has to be the player of the EPL for the last 2 months of the season…………..each of his 7 goals were worth more then what WHU has paid…..will be great if he stays with hammers……….but for next season hammers will require somebody to partener him upfront…….
    It was great to see him single handedly destroying Manu………love that spirit to fight

  30. Nicoto says:

    Hello, I am Argentine and fan of BOCA (the best equipment of the world), Tevez will be in some months the best player than it has had the English league. I so that I say them, very know it either and demonstrated all the potential that knew to have in BOCA, has not arrived nor at 20%. what happens is that the league of its country is very different from ours and costs to adapt, but carlitos this doing very or. Belivemehas still not seen anything. PS: Tevez is fan of BOCA never forget its, He takes it in the blood.

  31. niall says:

    tavezs better shay or d mmc will shit in his gardan

  32. Hammerithome says:

    Oh please Niall. at least throw in a toilet roll!

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