Billy Bonds Claret & Blue Army

Wasn’t it great to see Billy Bonds back at Upton Park? Eggert Magnusson had apparently rung him up and asked him to be his special guest at today’s game. Bonds had vowed never to return after his sacking more than a decade ago. The fact that Terence Brown was no longer the chairman presumably had something to do with his decision to accept Magnusson’s reputation. Well, Billy is obviously a good luck charm to us as he watched West Ham put in one of their best displays of the season – and there haven’t been too many of them, as well all know only too well.

The first 45 minutes were a joy to watch. Tevez and Zamora really clicked together, probably for the first time. They both laid off balls to each other beautifully and Tevez in particualr was a constant danger to the Boro defence. Boro never really had a look in and didn;t have a single attack in the first half which threatened Green’s goal. Only in the last ten minutes did they look anything like an attacking force.

I’d like to single out George McCartney and Mark Noble for outstanding performances. McCartney has never looked very safe to me as left back but today he was excellent defensively and was a constant threat going forward. Noble was tenacious in every tackle and precise in every pass. He exemplified West Ham’s renewed fighting spirit, which some of us thought they had lost permanently.

The second half was never going to live up to the first half and West Ham’s dangerous attacks were few and far between. But they defended a lead, and how many times have they done that this season?

Green – 9 Never under threat and always confident
McCartney – 9 Best game yet – excellent defensively and attacking
Collins – 8 Masterful in the air
Ferdinand – 8 Many good defensive headers
Neill – 8 Excellent attacking run in the second half. His best game yet
Bowyer – 8 Really good first half, quieter in the second
Etherington – 7 Good attacking runs and a couple of shots
Noble – 9 Great all round performance. A real terrier
Reo Coker – 7 Several powerful runs, but substituted with 15 mins to go
Tevez 9 A constant danger but too many mazy runs which were going nowhere
Zamora 7 Held the ball up well and took his chance. May have had another

Finally, apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. Normal service will now be resumed!


9 Responses to Billy Bonds Claret & Blue Army

  1. mac says:

    Bonzo. What a man. Cut from very different cloth from many that have pulled on a claret and blue shirt this season. Nice touch from Eggert to invite him.

    So, the big question – can we pull it off? With the games to come it will be nigh on impossible, and the mind drifts back to those games at home where we just didn’t turn up. Still, we seem to play better against stiffer opposition and now now the luck seems to going our way again re deflections et al, let’s hope it stays that way.

  2. Rapidhammer says:

    I think the most positive news is that Curbishley does appear to have breathed hope and belief – he looked 10 years younger at the post match than a few weeks ago. West Ham have got a team now which seems to have self-consciousness and the belief that surviving is still possible.
    If all players are fit they will be up to achieve a good result at their first game at the Emirates – maybe the same as they played the Gooners last time at their final match at the Library! (Arsenal seems to be out of form, they have only won two out of their last nine games.)
    All we need is a miracle!

  3. Galwayman says:

    Wecome back – all we need are seven more miracles……… here’s hoping.

  4. phil fenton says:

    Bonzo could certainly have a successor in Mark Noble – same will to win and agression.
    Tevez and Zamora look like they’ve got a good understanding but the main difference for me these last couple of games has been Collins in defence. Be interesting what Curbs will do next game if Upson is fit.

  5. Gordon McBroon says:

    I may be forced to eat my words in a chewy crust of my hat…

    Humble pie in pork pie !!

    Well done !

  6. herbie1958 says:

    they looked a different team yesterday,why didn’t they play like that months ago !!!!!
    i now live in hope !!!!!!!! come on you irons.

  7. Romford Hammer says:

    It was only my third game at Upton Park this season, and my six-year-old sons first ever game at The Boleyn…maybe he was a lucky charm? My last visit was the Arsenal game, which I thought would prove to be our turning point in the season. Alas, this was not to be, and as a Pardew fan I was disappointed to see him leave; his quality is now being exploited at Chalton, but Curbs may yet prove to have what it takes.

    All I can say about the game is, what about Tevez and Bobby Z? As a big Tevez fan I was elated to at least see him score at Upton Park before what is his inevitable exit at the end of the season. I’ve never been able to make my mind up about Zamora, but thought he was fantastic, especially latching onto Rob Green’s kicks in the first half.

    And what a standing ovation Tevez got on his substitution! I believe the fans truly adore this guy, it’s a shame we can’t have him for a couple more seasons. If we could, I believe he would become a true West Ham legend.

    So, what’s left? Arsenal, Chelski, Man United, amongst others. Piece of cake…!

  8. Robert says:

    Bonzo is a Charlton man through and through.

  9. Hammerithome says:

    Bonzo was a magnificent player and should have got lots of caps for England.
    I have lots of respect for this great man,and everyone should read his book BONZO.

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