Eggie Writes a Letter

Like many of you, I had a letter from Eggert Magnusson this morning, reassuring us of his plans for next season. As a PR effort it’s a great move and is a welcome change from the previous regime.


5 Responses to Eggie Writes a Letter

  1. Connor says:

    Is this in the west ham mag??

    I dont get this for a few days coz i live in Australia 😦

    Come on you irons.

  2. Matt says:


    Can you post a copy of the letter on this site. I haven’t seen it, and I’m sure there are many others who might be interested too.

    I’m a club member but not a season ticket holder. Was it only season ticket holders who got the letter?

  3. Iain Dale says:

    Oh God – it’s quite long! I will see if I can do it tomorrow. No chance today – it’s at home.

  4. herbie1958 says:

    its nice to feel appreciated,but didn’t we get a nice letter from mr pardew after the cock up in cardiff (c.palace) still its good pr.i only hope the season tickets don’t go up too much next season.

  5. Matt says:

    Cheers Iain,

    If it doesn’t say anything of too much importance and it’s a hassle for you don’t worry about it.

    Was just curious as to what Egghead had to say….

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