Megson May Do the Dirty on Davenport

You’ve got to feel sorry for Calum Davenport. Gary Megson is now playing silly buggers. Having agreed a £3 million fee with West Ham for Davenport, he now says they may be looking elsewhere. Here’s what Megson had to say…

“We’ve got an agreement with West Ham but we’re also looking at other players in that position. We’ve also got another player that we’re close to coming to an agreement with, so it’s decision time. We may get accused of messing somebody about but we’ve got to do what’s right for the football club. It still may happen that Calum joins Bolton but we’ll need another 24 hours before we decide what we’re going to do.”

I always thought Megson was a complete scumbag. Now I know I was right.


31 Responses to Megson May Do the Dirty on Davenport

  1. D&G says:

    No he is smart. Why would he want a West Ham reject? Same goes for numerous players we have squandered money on over the years.

    Times are hard so clubs have to make sure they get the right players in. Fare play to them for sitting back and making sure they are making the right decision unlike our Curb’s who squandered tons of money on crap!

  2. FrannyZola says:

    We should make it clear that Davenport is still on the market for other clubs so Bolton stop Wandering and hurry up about it.

    His recent form has been good so I feel other clubs would be interested and I think the club should make this clear.

  3. Gary says:

    we should tell magson to get lost.

  4. James says:

    Good I don’t want Davenport to leave, he has been solid at the back for us recently!!

    Now as for Bowyer, I could’nt kick him any harder, get out!! What a waste of space!!

  5. bloody Limey says:

    Perhaps we should burn Bolton to the ground and have Megson Stoned to death???

  6. Hayden says:

    Still upset that we’re selling Davenport – he’s looked solid since he came back. I’d prefer for us to get rid of Gabbidon but who’s going to want the invisible man? SO loyal too!

    I take it no other clubs are interested or we would tell Bolton to jog on? As I say – shame he’ll be going… I wonder how much truth there is in the media articles surrounding him and Zola – probably not much as usual. I never thought Davenport was the sort to throw a strop and tell his boss to f&@% off but you never know!

  7. IronMick says:

    Bloody Limey

    That sounds totally proportionate – what are you Israel 😉
    To fair I think Megson is a poor excuse of a human, however is Zola did the same thing we would all be singing his praises for his `sensibility in the current climate`.
    Do feel sorry for Calum though – I would be happy to keep him!

    cest le vie

  8. SJ Chandos says:

    It is probably a ploy t force the fee down. Tell Megson it is £3m or he can forget it. There is no honour in football anymore. It’s a long, long time since Ron Greenwood stuck to the deal to sign Bobby Fergurson from Kilmarnock, after being offered Gordon Banks at a cheaper price, because he had given his word to the Scotish club!

  9. Afcam says:


  10. colney says:

    mr dale the posts are coming thick and fast,i cant keep up !!!!!its like london busses!! or mr coles goals?

  11. Iain Dale says:

    Exciting, isn’t it? But it won’t last of course!

  12. E1 says:

    At this rate Zola may get is wish and have a strong squad of 25 and we will be watching SEXY football, can’t wait !

  13. Goatygav says:

    I’m wondering about the wisdom of putting in an offer, if that’s what happened, and then placing provisos on the offer thereafter. That kind of movement of goalposts call a person’s integrity in to question.

  14. Upton Spark says:

    In my oppinion Megson’s a w@nker anyway. I wouldn’t sign for him in any case,but I’m not Davenport.
    Let’s hope he finds a club soon if that is what he wants. Alway’s liked him as a player,who sometimes got it wrong,but invariably got it wright.

  15. jpt says:

    Any players coming IN by any chance?

  16. E1 says:

    we have to get all the selling done before zola can buy he will have his targets linned up but will need to know how much he’s got to spend first.

  17. Roshi says:

    Can anyone confirm that I heard right on LBC that the Premier league are going to re-investigate the Tevez affair!

    If so,what the hell is going on!

  18. Goatygav says:

    Hi Roshi

    Have a look back a couple of blogs mate.

  19. brooking still the best says:

    Dont reckon we will buy anyone! Do you still think we have got the £11 mil we made in the summer available? No, I think not!

  20. Roshi says:

    Flipping eck! your right Goatygav. Iain’s gone journo mad today i can’t keep up with him!

  21. DevoDevo says:

    Iain – did you get my mail re Brooking?

  22. HammersWest says:

    Just had a thought, hope santa cruz goes to citeh, maybe they’d leave Bellars alone then. They can’t need two more strikers!

  23. Goatygav says:

    Caught me on the hop too mate. I was wondering why just me and Matt Ryan were discussing it on the previous “Fourth Player to Leave” blog.

  24. IronMick says:

    Lee Bowyer to leave for Birmingham according to the ever reliable Skysports.
    I’m guessing most people will be pleased about that one.
    I won’t be sheading any tears but would def give him a good reception if he returns to Upton Park.

  25. claire says:

    Davenport hasn’t had it easy at West Ham – been out on loan twice IIRC. I think he’ll be a loss, he uses his height well and has pace too. Also, he’s got gorgeous legs and has been my eye candy for some time….

  26. djclipz says:

    anyone read the story about davenport losing it at zola when he was dropped for the stoke game?? summin like “well i ent f*****g playing then, im not sittin on the bench!!”. Cant remember where i read it and it does sound a little unbelievable as to how it would leak if it was between the manager and the players, but u never kno!!! Ive been impressed with him this season, but at the end of the day he isn’t a top half of the prem defender, especially not top 6 if we are to live up to our aims so cashing is probably the best option, especially with tomkins now bak as backup!!!

  27. Chris says:

    Saw it djclipz, if he really said that, who the hell is going to hire him? Thats if the story is true, which im sure it has an element of. He’s been good in some of the games i’ve seen him in, but i think its more that Upson made him look good. Hardly going to be remembered methinks.

  28. Andrew says:

    according to Zola (quoted on on Davenport

    “It’s down to him. He’s had an offer from a club and now it’s down to him to consider whether it’s good enough for him or not.”

    So maybe it’s Davenport who is dragging heels and Megson’s comments are directed towards the player

  29. Paul M says:

    Latest player we are interested in is S. African international Bryce Moon. Playing at Panithinikos at the moment, again at only 22 Zola is looking at youth.
    He plays right back or right wing and is lightening quick, might be worth a gamble as Rupert the bear and Neil are poor options. Being a current international too, he can’tr be all that bad !! then again Neil plays for the Aussies !!!

  30. Biffo the bear says:

    Maybe Calum has told him ‘I’m not sittin on the f**kin bench’ and he’s changed his mind?
    Hope the Bryce Moon thing works out just so the announcer can say ‘after all these years of coming in and out of the ground….Mr Moon has scored a goal!’

    Must admit I’m very disappointed with my fellow Bear Julien let’s see if we can out him and get the Moon boy in. Oh anyone any idea how much we have to give Hull to take LBM?

    If everyone chips in for petrol I’ll drive him up there.

  31. brooking still the best says:

    DevoDevo, whats you emailing Ian about mate?

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